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Baby J’s Birth Story  Posted on 07/12/2014
I think it goes without saying, but here’s your official TMI alert. I can’t complain too much about my labor. I think it was fairly easy and quick, all things considered. A week before my due date, I woke up about 1:20am...
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a month on  Posted on 07/11/2014
I think it goes without saying that it’s been a difficult month. I spent five days in the hospital, followed by five days of home health visits three times a day (more on all that later), while trying to also deal with a newborn....
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I’m a mom  Posted on 06/20/2014
The title of this post should not be read as an announcement – instead, it should be read with a note of wonder, confusion, disbelief, and awe.  I spent most of my pregnancy thinking how surreal it was to be pregnant, and now I...
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6 June  Posted on 06/06/2014
Today is the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy.  We were lucky enough to tour the Normandy coast on June 6th two years ago, stopping at Arromanches, Longues-sur-Mer, and the American Normandy Cemetery at Omaha Beach....
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Hormones? Or Homesick?  Posted on 06/05/2014
I have these friends (a married couple) back home that I’m very close to.  I’ll call them The Ls.  We’ve spent so much time together we know what each other is thinking (all three of us), and she and I have been...
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We’re moving!  Posted on 06/04/2014
I have news!  With the baby coming, we’ve been trying to get into a larger apartment.  We’re currently in a two bedroom apartment (photos from when we moved in here), but we use the second bedroom as an office...
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The Illusion of Modesty (TMI alert)  Posted on 06/03/2014
TMI alert – Seriously, you have officially been warned.  This post deals with going to the gynecologist.  Stop reading now if you can’t handle it. A visit to the gynecologist in Finland (and France from what I hear,...
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Thoughts on blogging  Posted on 06/02/2014
Blogging, to me, has always been a very personal experience.  I’ve always looked at it as journal, but one that I may not share my innermost thoughts with.  Instead, I’ve always tried to share thoughts and experiences...
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What are you searching for?  Posted on 06/01/2014
I find it interesting to see what search terms people use to find my blog.  I don’t have a lot – most of my blog readers come straight here to read, as opposed to searching for something and finding it here.  But I...
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Jenga Cat  Posted on 05/31/2014
And that’s all I’ve got in me today, folks. Baby J update – 15 Days to go!  I’m blogging every day until I give birth, so you’ll know when the baby is born!
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