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On unfriending, being a commie, and “magic”  Posted on 10/20/2014
I have facebook friends that have political and religious views that are vastly different from my own.  Usually, their posts are somewhat benign, and I can just shake my head or roll my eyes and move along.  A month or two ago, I...
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Memories from my youth  Posted on 09/24/2014
It’s funny how random memories from childhood will hit you. I remember having a slumber party and being amazed at how fast one of my friends could pee. The time she went into the bathroom to the time she came out, 37 seconds. Odd...
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Wanna see my nipple?  Posted on 09/11/2014
I have a photo of each of my nipples at their worst. I’m not going to post them online, of course.  But if you go to this link - that’s pretty much what my bad nipple looked like. Yeah, really. Luckily, my...
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Can I finish a post?  Posted on 09/10/2014
Baby J has been napping for shit lately (20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours or so), so I’ve had less time than normal.  He’s been sleeping great at night, though (generally 7 hours, though we’ve gotten an 8 and a 9 hour...
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Randomness  Posted on 08/26/2014
This is how it works – if I don’t put up a blog post in a week, I get spam comments.  “Great site, so much information…”  blah blah blah.  My goal right now is to blog once a week, but...
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I’ve done something right  Posted on 08/14/2014
It’s 8am and Baby J is sleeping. I keep thinking I should take advantage of this time and get something accomplished, like, say, clean the bathroom. But I’ve already sorted laundry, started a load, made the bed, cleaned and...
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Best Photo Ever  Posted on 08/08/2014
We have this photo from our wedding: That’s not the “Best Photo Ever,” although I love it – it’s one of my favorite photos from our wedding.  I was pooped, and sat down on the couch, and Stephen came over...
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Breastfeeding sucks  Posted on 07/25/2014
TMI warning – talk of boobs and nipples and other things, I’m sure.  Might be some graphic language.  Read at your own risk. Baby J and I had some breastfeeding issues early on.  I had some minor...
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Baby J’s Birth Story  Posted on 07/12/2014
I think it goes without saying, but here’s your official TMI alert. I can’t complain too much about my labor. I think it was fairly easy and quick, all things considered. A week before my due date, I woke up about 1:20am...
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