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When I am in the UAE I complain a lot...  Posted on 08/12/2009
... I complain too much about little things like Etisalat or the bureaucracy of renewing my car or visa or the annoyance of crossing a land border but when I have been away for too long, I so miss it. I am asking myself if this is normal,...
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800.000 km in 45 months  Posted on 05/24/2008
My favorite taxi driver just left for home. The last time I was in his car, I realized for the first time the mileage on his car, it was just above 800.000 km in a 2003 Corolla. Every year, he spent 9 months in Al Ain, the other 3 either...
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John Pilger: Lest we forget (Remembrance Day)  Posted on 11/18/2007
I dont know if you are reading the posts on alainexpats, but there was a somewhat strange discussion over Remembrance Day. Basically one guy asked for Remembrance Day service and someone else replied with their idea of what Remembrance Day...
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Thanks Etisalat...  Posted on 11/18/2007
There is something I could not achieve for weeks. Now Etisalat and Egyptian TV have done it. I have been trying to explain to my students the benefits of a competitive environment. I tried for weeks to explain that monopolies like Etisalat...
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What else I love about Al Ain...  Posted on 08/28/2007
... the climate. I had to go to Dubai during the day and I had a hard time coping with the humidity. Last night I was actually sitting outside drinking coffee in my garden, that was nice, very nice and not too hot. In Dubai I guess this...
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Ah well...  Posted on 08/16/2007
So much has been going on for the last - almost a year - and I still dont know what to make of the concept of blogging - too many a things occupying myself. Quite frankly, I have been worried about causing controversy if I would write my...
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I stopped getting angry...  Posted on 12/07/2006
There is - and I am very happy about this - still nothing that upsets me around here. At least nothing that comes anywhere close to seriously upsetting me or making me angry. The only thing that sometimes upsets me is reading newspapers...
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What would a foreign language do to my culture?  Posted on 11/01/2006
The few glimpses into local culture I got so far were highly interesting, great, surprisingly westernised but still to a resonable extent along the lines of "when I was a little boy I dreamed about Arabia". Now I came across a...
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Two more things I love about Al Ain...  Posted on 10/05/2006
As I will certainly be forgiven by readers on the miserable side of expat life (I am still in the honeymoon period as you know :-)), I might as well add two more things I love about Al Ain, one of which is the park on the bottom of Jebel...
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