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Going Like Sixty

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added on 30/11/2012 by: goinglikesixty
Suitably old but mysteriously advanced boomer guy has a unique view of life. I write mostly attempted humor that boomers , or those who know one, can identify with, usually irreverently. I expanded the scope a little to give readers a taste of what retiring abroad is like: especially in Costa Rica.
 tags: baby boomer, costa rica, humor, pop culture, retire abroad

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Animated Gif Monday – Jif Dog Gif  Posted on 06/08/2014
I know somebody that is gonna LOVE this animated gif of a German Shepard licking Jif off “his fingers” Hat tip to Boomspeak.com Heres some old fun postsGeeky Animated Gif Monday –...
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Cone of Shame Classic – Licker Prevention  Posted on 06/07/2014
Clever and often-needed use for the Cone of Shame – even though it’s a cartoon, I am often tempted to see if it would work. Got a Cone of Shame (Elizabethan Collar) Classic? Send it to DogsWithCones@gmail.com ...
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Animated Gif Monday – Kid Disappears In Puddle  Posted on 06/02/2014
Heres some old fun postsGeeky Animated Gif MondayGeeky Animated Gif Monday – Flapping FlyerGeeky Animated Gif MondayGeeky Animated Gif Monday – Labor Day at the Beach?Geeky Animated Gif MondayThe post Animated Gif Monday...
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May 2014 Rain Report for Guacimo de Atenas  Posted on 06/01/2014
Bulbous was right. Retired guys watch rain guages and then compare the totals. Here’s my report… 5 inches of rain fell in May at Sedolsoder… we had a ten day stretch of no rain at all. On some other days we had just...
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Cone of Shame Classic – Flower Pot Dog  Posted on 05/31/2014
Here’s a classic Cone of Shame photo that is making the rounds on Facebook. Got a Cone of Shame (Elizabethan Collar) Classic? Send it to DogsWithCones@gmail.com Heres some old fun postsCone of...
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Boomers Love Google Car With No Steering Wheel.  Posted on 05/29/2014
Google is innovating car design and recently showed off their efforts to the general public. Mostly they choose boomers to take the first ride in a car with no steering wheel. The boomer reactions were as expected: “There’s no...
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Cone of Shame Classic  Posted on 05/28/2014
I thought it was time to expose the web to the Cone of Shame / Elizabethan Collar Classic photos that my partner and I accumulated during the short run of the internet sensation… DogsWithCones.com. Here is my all-time favorite (so...
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Animated Gif Monday – Beach Flyover  Posted on 05/26/2014
Heres some old fun postsGeeky Animated Gif Monday – Labor Day at the Beach?Animated Gif Monday – It’s Hot, Let’s Go…Geeky Animated Gif Monday – The Endless BeachGeeky Animated Gif MondayGeeky Animated...
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  • louise71594
    louise71594 04 August 2013 00:21:49


    Congratulations on your move to CR. How has it been for you and your wife since settling into your new? My husband and I are thinking about visiting CR sometime in 2014, actually he may be going ahead of me (he is semi-retired) for about a few weeks to attend a spanish language school. How is life in Costa Rica? What are you most surprised about or what has been the most challenging for you since moving there? How is the cost of living, insurance, culture, etc? Looking forward to your feedback!

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