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Baby Lifestyle Shoot: 14 Weeks  Posted on 07/20/2015
Last month, I was randomly over at Jeremy and Sheena's house one afternoon, just hanging out with the family of three. There was nothing "special" going on, but something told me to take my camera along.I used to do this all...
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June: Xtreme Wet Fete  Posted on 07/10/2015
Back when we first moved to the island, it seemed like we couldn't pack enough activities into our lives. Almost any suggestion for a dive, a BBQ, an exercise class, a beach day, or a party was met with a "Yes!" from us....
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Florida Mayhem  Posted on 06/29/2015
In May, we made the short trip to Florida to visit family. It had been almost 18 months since my entire family had been together for more than a day, so we were overdue for a photo op that included all of these faces.In fact, we were so...
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May: West Coasting  Posted on 06/16/2015
I had to go to Vegas last month for a work conference. (Tough assignment, I know.) When I realized that the conference would start on a Tuesday, I looked squarely at the weekend prior and thought, "Now it would be downright silly to...
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mango mania  Posted on 06/08/2015
I'm fairly certain that the biggest health risk that I'm facing at the moment is related to the fact that it's mango season in Cayman.I have mixed feelings this time of year. June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season,...
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April: Part 2 - Fire Dancing and Couchsurfing  Posted on 05/26/2015
All kinds of wonderful people are born in April. My mother, for one. Our super-pal Rich. Our other super-pal Matt. Thomas Jefferson. Me, as you all know. And also three of my Cayman girlfriends, two of whom share a birthday! As soon as...
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April: Part 1 - Birthday in DC  Posted on 05/19/2015
April has always been birthday month. My birthday is right at the beginning of April, just as the weather is starting to thaw out from a long Pennsylvania winter, and the song birds start to build their nests, and the buds are coming out...
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January: Bubbles and Snowflakes  Posted on 04/16/2015
January is long gone, but we had a couple first-time-ever experiences that need some blog exposure, so I hope you'll enjoy the social hilarity and the natural beauty documented in the two following features:1. Bubble SoccerQuestion:...
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A Newborn Shoot  Posted on 04/12/2015
One month ago was the much-anticipated birth of Jeremy and Sheena's firstborn daughter. We were so excited to meet the newborn, and we are all so thankful that Baby R and her parents are healthy and happy as they start their new lives...
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celebrating new life  Posted on 03/24/2015
As the oldest of four children, I still remember the day my youngest sister was born. I can't say the same about the birthdays of the middle two; I was too young at the time. But when baby Esther made her grand entrance into my...
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  • prigent
    prigent 26 April 2011 01:10:24

    detres jolies photos et plein d amis autour de toi ses sympa.

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