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Belize Real Estate Equity  Posted on 01/23/2014
Chances are, if you’re looking for real estate in Belize you aren’t thinking of equity.  Typically, when we think of equity we think in terms of monetary benefits, how much of a financial improvement our property has made...
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Belizean Gastronomy – Flour Tortillas  Posted on 09/30/2013
Hello Friends, It’s been a while since my last blog post but I wanted to get back into the swing of it and reach out sharing my Belizean experiences including recipes I prepared.  I learned how to make tortillas, black beans and...
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Critters and More Critters… cont’d  Posted on 02/27/2013
Last year I wrote about the critters I had encountered in my life here in Belize.  There was one I didn’t write about last year and I have had a new one this year. The first critter encounter I am telling you about involves a...
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Sharing the Experience – IXCACAO  Posted on 02/07/2013
This week, February 4, 2013, I had the pleasant responsibility to show my husband some of what I love about the Toledo District, here in Belize.  We visited Cyrila’s Chocolate, now known as IXCACAO, a business run by a...
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And the Journey Continues…  Posted on 01/29/2013
January 28, 2013 I flew back into Belize, exactly 4 months after leaving.  The past 4 months have been quite a roller coaster of activities and emotions but my desire didnt’ stray too far from Paradise. So my first day back...
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2012 in review  Posted on 12/31/2012
I want to thank all of you who took the time to read and comment on my blog.  As you know I have been back in Canada for a family emergency that continues even still.  My heart and my life are still in Belize and I am planning...
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Blogging Hiatus  Posted on 10/11/2012
As the main subject of this blog was about my experiences while in Belize, I will need to suspend publishing any articles for a while.  I have had to return to Canada for a family medical issue. When I return to Belize I will pick it...
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The Royal Rat  Posted on 09/08/2012
I taste tested something new this week – The Royal Rat.   It was done in a hot peppery gravy and was tender enough that it could be cut with a fork.  The first bite, taken kind of absent-mindedly, reminded me of beef....
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Enter Technology  Posted on 09/02/2012
It’s been two weeks since I wrote my last blog entry, since I last gave an update on my life here in Belize.  I can honestly say that my days have pretty much blended one into another and before you know it it’s been 2...
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  • rydevmegdyl
    rydevmegdyl 20 August 2012 18:05:40

    Hi, nice to hear that other Canadian's are doing the same thing we are still trying to do. We are just waiting for our house to sell, then we are off to Belize. We don't have a specific location picked yet, cause we've never been there. We are a young Canadian family with 4 children ages 12-11-9 1/2-7 1/2. They are soo very excited about the move. My husband is retired and we would not have to work to begin, but will eventually would like to.

    I was wondering if you had moved already and how was your experience, plus, what area did you end up moving?? We dream of being near the ocean, but not on the San Pedro Island, since I feel it would be too dangerous for our family during hurricane season...

    Warm Regards,
    From Moncton, New Brunswick

  • Beth 15 June 2012 23:45:12

    Hello Wendy, well it sounds like you have it all under control now...its been about 6 months now since you went to Belize and I want to know if you still love it??? I am looking to relocate to Belize with my husband Mack in the near future, I will be working for a company already est. there in Belize City and have heard horror stories about crime and so on. I was trying to find someone who could give us an honest answer as what we can expect there... Greatfully I will not have the headache you had with work permits as the company I will be working with will handle all that. please feel free to contact me via email or phone. 352-989-3065 or howey611@gmail.com Good luck

  • wmiller77
    wmiller77 10 May 2012 17:36:48

    Hello Zay, Send me an email to wendy@belizepropertycenter.com and we can communicate via email. I will be glad to answer your questions and help you make your dream a reality.

  • Zay 09 May 2012 14:40:55

    Wendy, I see you've made the move that I so desparately am trying to make. I'm a single mother of 2 and would like to provide my kids a simpler slower paced life. My big concern is finging employment in Belize. Once I have a job secured, I'd feel much more comfortable moving there. Any ideas on how to become employed in Belize. I have a Bachelors of Science and working towards a MBA in Management. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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