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Part 1 Italy .  Posted on 08/14/2013
This unexpected italian family affair began in Milan where we met my darling sister who was kind enough to meet us at the train station due to our incompetent parents whom I could not deal with for much longer (it had only been 24 hours)....
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April Roadtrip.  Posted on 06/14/2013
I finally found myself lying on the sleeper bus en route to Dalat – “The Paris of Vietnam” the Vietnamese call it. Previous to this realization, we arrived at the bus port where the mysterious Vietnamese lad that we had...
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Alarm went off.  Posted on 06/13/2013
I left Saigon one month ago in the need for the western lifestyle I had lacked for 6 months. There was a sense of relief sitting in my own bed, bedroom and most of all couch. I dunno if anyone know’s about Vietnamese furniture but I...
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Phần hai  Posted on 04/15/2013
 “Bat bite! Rabies!” I screamed; Inside a tiny cage Huy and I struggled to capture four bats and while this was occurring the bat bit my left thumb through the cotton gardening gloves (surprise I know). Ironically Huy wore...
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Vietnamese Reality.  Posted on 04/10/2013
From crocodiles to bats to banana boats I was in for a treat when I signed up for a short trip to Can Tho to participate in a television show called “The Perfect Companion”. It all started with an old school army style Jeep...
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Nam.  Posted on 02/19/2013
I am now back in Sunny Saigon where the bikes are rushing, condensed milk is flowing and paradise is not far away. My 50c coffee definitely brightens my morning bringing a smile to my face; many of you may know that I am unable to function...
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"Your Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone"  Posted on 01/22/2013
I have been hop, skip and jumping from Vietnam to Australia to Thailand and to Myanmar since my last written post. Thailand was amazing in that the people provided gigantic smiles for you at all times, had the ability to pull out a culture...
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