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Can Human Rights restriction be valid?  Posted on 07/11/2012
Human Rights (HR) is a beautiful concept marking the evolution of Human beings society on the base of moral and dignity. However, in reality, HR practice evokes a lot of controversies, and in some case, it gets into stalemate. One …...
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Was the Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905 unnecessary?  Posted on 05/27/2012
This is a paper I wrote for a class in Asia and Japan in Pre-war era, Winter term 2012 in International University of Japan. Abstracts This paper aims at counter-arguing the idea of James L. Richardson who contended that the …...
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Multiple dimension of my cultural identity  Posted on 05/26/2012
People said that I have been westernized. This comment is based on their observation of the way I speak English; how I show my personal gestures; how I express my opinions without hesitation; and how talkative and open-minded I am …...
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Discuss the justifiability of Humanitarian Intervention  Posted on 05/26/2012
The world in 20th century is marked by many major changes which are considered evolutions in multiple aspect of human life. We have undergone a significant number of innovations in technology, in economy as well as in society. One of...
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School visits  Posted on 06/21/2011
I had a great experience with Japanese kids today in an elementary school. We have 6 people, each of us was assigned to a group with 5-6 kids, played with them and spoke in english. The purpose is giving them … Continue reading...
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One week after the shock, from IUJ  Posted on 04/20/2011
I wrote this note one month ago, as the title says “One week after the shock” which means the eathquake happened in Japan on March 13. I post in my facebook first. Then I decided to moved it here. The … Continue reading...
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Inspiring nature  Posted on 04/19/2011
One of my hobbies is travelling, sight seeing and taking photo of what I see on the trip. Nature always be by greatest inspiration ever. My best friend on all journeys is a Fujifinepix camera, not a pro one but … Continue reading...
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 Abstract This paper aims to examine the roles of ASEAN in the South China Sea dispute, to illuminate how effectively ASEAN functions in the context of the increasing tension of issues relating to regional security. The research also...
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