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White Guy In Thailand

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added on 06/01/2014 by: abentz42
Hey everyone! As you may deduce from my blog title, I am a white guy. I'm originally from California, but beyond than that, I am a traveler, eager to see all corners of the globe, curious to see how the rest of the world lives. Change can be both exciting and terrifying. But like my Grandpa said, "Nobody grows within their comfort zone." This year, I'll write about my adventures, impressions, successes, and challenges of living and teaching in S.E. Asia. I'll be brutally honest (sometimes to a fault), and I can't wait to share my experience.
 tags: experiences, impressions, laughing, teaching, traveling

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Gangnam Style  Posted on 07/08/2014
I’m currently sitting on a plane in a cramped seat that is definitely not meant for a person of my size. I read in the expansive reading material from the seat back pocket that apparently I could have upgraded to a seat with more...
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Things I Miss About Home  Posted on 06/22/2014
Hello everyone. So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I figured its time to get back on the wagon (or off the wagon? I’ve actually always been a little confused on which side of the wagon is more advantageous)....
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Signs You’re Becoming a Thai Expat  Posted on 02/25/2014
After being here for ~5 months now, I’ve begun to feel pretty adapted and not like I’m just visiting this wild and crazy place. In doing so, there’s many aspects of culture that seemed so strange just a short time ago,...
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Skybar  Posted on 02/10/2014
Sawat dee kup my friends. Kuun-nii khun duu suay maak! (You look beautiful tonight!) Please allow yourself a moment to shower me with praise for my improving Thai skills. I may be a ways off from catching up with Tom (Dr. Smug), but...
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R.I.P Mr. Sanpat  Posted on 02/10/2014
I have a bit of a sad note to share today. Last week, three different people connected to my school passed away :( This is horrible and my thoughts are with those families. However, the one interesting part of it was witnessing how Thai...
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Paid Vacation  Posted on 01/24/2014
Since I first arrived at school in early November, the teachers have been telling me about this trip in January where our 12 sister schools all get together at one of our locations throughout Thailand. This year we were to go to Nakhon si...
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Icy Beer & Drug Deals  Posted on 01/16/2014
Being sick sucks. I got sick just before New Years but I powered through since I refused to let it muck up my vacation. I got back to school, started to get better, and have since relapsed. Way lame. So now I’m typing this at 4 in...
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The Ping Pong Show  Posted on 01/06/2014
The Ping Pong Show. A true “Thailand only” experience. This is Wikipedia’s description of this obscene cultural phenomenon: “Ping pong shows are an activity. The show consists of women using their pelvic muscles to...
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Phuket & Phi Phi  Posted on 01/06/2014
Happy New Years everyone! I hope that everyone had an awesome and safe time wherever it is you counted down. I thought I’d write a bit about my and the faarang gang’s NYE adventure. Our group has been talking about New Years...
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Public Lashings  Posted on 12/26/2013
So I know I wrote a post yesterday about disciplining students in Thailand, but today I saw it taken to a whole ‘nother level. Every time I’ve seen students get the bamboo, its been either in class, or in the teachers office....
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  • AngelesAngeles
    AngelesAngeles 18 January 2014 16:45:55

    Are you still in Thailand?
    Maybe you could give me some tips!

  • abentz42
    abentz42 12 February 2014 05:38:13

    Hey sorry, I didn't see this until now. I'm still here and would be happy to help out!

  • JP2808
    JP2808 11 January 2014 08:01:41

    I totally agree with you that Nobody grows within their comfort zone!

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