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Fish out of water: expat bloggers interview series #2  Posted on 07/26/2015
Don’t you just love being part of a community? I feel like it’s the only sane way to thrive in this big world. In the blogging sphere, WordPress can be a great way to find your tribe and another groovy WP expat blogger is...
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12 ways to enjoy Chiang Rai  Posted on 07/09/2015
Over a year ago, we moved to Chiang Rai and I started this “12 things” series because I wanted to be cool like Lani at Pointes of View. I love her lists on Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It’s been a good challenge to write...
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My minimalism journey // part one  Posted on 07/01/2015
In 2009, I left the United States for a life abroad. I culled down my already pared down possessions without knowing when I’d be back. I haven’t been back. When I arrived in Thailand, I didn’t have much. I ignorantly made...
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Fish out of water bloggers: expat interview series #1  Posted on 06/26/2015
Moving to Cambodia has gotten the blood flowing in both directions (is that good?) and it has gotten me thinking about other expat bloggers and the community we live in both on and off line. As a result, I’ve decided to do a carry-on...
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Tips for getting a good Thai massage  Posted on 06/16/2015
I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I’ve been getting Thai massages for years and I’m always on the lookout for THE ONE. In case you’ve missed it, I’ve already talked about all the wrong ones you are likely...
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Getting lost is NOT fun.  Posted on 06/09/2015
“Get lost” is an insult you hurl at guys trying to pick you up at bars. Like when one of the visiting college rugby players says to you, “I’d love to pour wine on your belly and drink from it.” But not when...
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Why moving to Cambodia is scary and exciting  Posted on 06/03/2015
I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for a while and now that we’re about a month away from the big move I’ve decided to let the tiger out of the bag.  I’m excited and scared. I’m looking forward...
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What they never told you about bra shopping in Thailand  Posted on 05/26/2015
Ah, the joys of womanhood, eh? Every one of us ladies can remember our first visit from Uncle Payne and Auntie Flo. Or that time, you didn’t know you were going to have it and how you decided to wear light pink pants that day. Or...
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On morning routines, goals and habits  Posted on 05/20/2015
I’ve gotten good at consuming information on the web, of late, and I’m not sure if that is exactly something I should be proud of, but there it is. As a result, I’ve started to gain a clearer picture of what goals and...
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Foods I love from Hawaii  Posted on 05/17/2015
Folks from Hawaii talk about SPAM as if we are talking about sex or something better. I’m fairly certain if we replaced SPAM with the word ‘sex’ the giddy teenage excitement in our voices would be the same. SPAM is our...
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  • lanivcox
    lanivcox 17 October 2012 14:58:09

    Hey dpcjsr,

    If you go to my blog tellthaiheart.com and go to CATEGORIES => you will see category for Ecuador...here is the link: http://tellthaiheart.com/category/ecuador/

    I wrote about my experiences and they were overall great but ultimately, I didn\'t feel like I fit in. I lived in Cuenca and worked for CEDEI which I highly recommend. Great people.

    Good luck! Spanish is easier for sure, but you cannot get by like you can here w/ English. Practice, practice! And as a male(?) your experiences are sure to be different. It\'s a beautiful country. Cheers.

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