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Was it really stealing? Stealing is wrong.  Posted on 12/14/2014
First of all, let me say that I’ve never stolen anything before. Well, that was what I truly thought until I started to write and then I began to remember my dishonest and theiving past. I was astonished, really. It’s funny...
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You catch my eye Chiang Rai (bugs and stuff)  Posted on 12/12/2014
I love it when bugs show up conveniently. That’s kind of the cool thing about living in the tropics. You always see these crazy bugs. I feel like it’s rare to see the same ones, too. Of course, you might see this kind of...
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You catch my eye Chiang Rai  Posted on 12/06/2014
There is nothing particularly beautiful about these pictures. They are merely what catches my eye while I am walking. I’m afraid I’m drawn to the mundane. Although, I think it’s a mistake to think something is boring. I...
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Things I’m liking (sharing the love) #2  Posted on 12/04/2014
I have to admit. I’m not in the best form. And what I mean by this is I’m overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. My mom’s here and I have to plan a wonderful vacation somewhere and it’s not easy. There...
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Cimelo: Antique shop and coffee  Posted on 12/01/2014
One could argue that Thailand’s coffee culture started in Chiang Rai with the original Doi Chaang Coffee shop and restaurant opening here. It certainly helps that coffee is grown locally. Lee’s Akha Ama Coffee is grown nearby,...
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What is your relationship with food?  Posted on 11/27/2014
Eating as a kid – in the beginning, there was sugar. My brother and I pretty much had free range over the foods we wanted. But not in a “Do you want sushi or beef wellies?” kind of way, more like we rode the shopping cart...
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Why do guys like crazy girls?  Posted on 11/22/2014
  Being called crazy is usually considered positive and fun. Rarely is crazy what it really is – insanity. Blame it on slang, youth culture, or pop music, crazy, these days, seems to be crazier than ever. “A question that...
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Things I’m liking (sharing the love)  Posted on 11/11/2014
1) Ever since we moved to Chiang Rai, I was concerned about the lack of access to English books, as there are not as many expats here as there is in Chiang Mai. So, I decided to buy a Kindle. They are more expensive in Thailand, so I had a...
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  • lanivcox
    lanivcox 17 October 2012 14:58:09

    Hey dpcjsr,

    If you go to my blog tellthaiheart.com and go to CATEGORIES => you will see category for Ecuador...here is the link: http://tellthaiheart.com/category/ecuador/

    I wrote about my experiences and they were overall great but ultimately, I didn\'t feel like I fit in. I lived in Cuenca and worked for CEDEI which I highly recommend. Great people.

    Good luck! Spanish is easier for sure, but you cannot get by like you can here w/ English. Practice, practice! And as a male(?) your experiences are sure to be different. It\'s a beautiful country. Cheers.

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