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Which college courses had the most impact on you?  Posted on 02/28/2015
As some of you already know, I didn’t take high school very seriously, so I had to go to community college first. At the time, I was embarrassed because my friends went off to major state universities all over the country. Looking...
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Has living abroad changed the way you dress?  Posted on 02/21/2015
It started off with shoes, but then it became a bigger question. Does where you live change the way you dress? Yes. A resounding yes. I’m not sure if Americans are aware just how different they are than the rest of the world....
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What kind of reader are you?  Posted on 02/17/2015
There are writers who write within a genre and those who write outside of them, too. But what about the readers? How do you read? What do you read? Why do you read? Now, don’t laugh, but I started to become aware that I like to read...
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Things I’m liking (sharing the love) #3  Posted on 02/13/2015
I don’t know why I don’t do these posts more often. I need to do these types of posts more often. I’m going to do these posts more often. 1. There are many announcements I’d like to share so let me start with this...
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Why this Asian American never pursued acting.  Posted on 02/09/2015
Grace Rowe’s video message to Asian Americans reminded me why I never pursued acting after high school. She pleas for AAs to get into acting and she’s witty about it, too. I liked the video. But even in high school, I knew I...
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How can I be a better writer?  Posted on 02/03/2015
It seems like everyone wants to be a writer these days, but that isn’t going to stop me from writing. When I started to pitch my first book to agents, let me tell you I got mightily discouraged from the lack of interest. I went...
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How yoga helps my writing  Posted on 01/25/2015
I’ve been practicing yoga for about 12 years. I say this not to impress you, but because I want to establish how long yoga and I have enjoyed a healthy relationship. Of course, by now, you’d think I’d be really bendy and...
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Yes! I finally did it. I published my first book.  Posted on 01/21/2015
After going through this process which took me 10 years to figure out and fight with, I am relieved. It is done. I wrote my first book. In the beginning, I was full of energy. I made a lot of changes, experimented with a variety of ideas...
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Why I like blogging  Posted on 01/16/2015
Blogging is like becoming an expat, you get to meet folks from all around the world, but you don’t have to go anywhere! It’s brilliant. Of course, just like traveling, you meet some great and not-so-great folks on the road....
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  • lanivcox
    lanivcox 17 October 2012 14:58:09

    Hey dpcjsr,

    If you go to my blog tellthaiheart.com and go to CATEGORIES => you will see category for Ecuador...here is the link: http://tellthaiheart.com/category/ecuador/

    I wrote about my experiences and they were overall great but ultimately, I didn\'t feel like I fit in. I lived in Cuenca and worked for CEDEI which I highly recommend. Great people.

    Good luck! Spanish is easier for sure, but you cannot get by like you can here w/ English. Practice, practice! And as a male(?) your experiences are sure to be different. It\'s a beautiful country. Cheers.

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