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Downtown Chiang Rai (in pics)  Posted on 10/06/2014
I remember the first time I was turned on by poetry. I was in high school Freshman or Sophomore English, and the poem was Carl Sandburg’s Chicago. Generally speaking, I was greatly turned on by the poetry we were reading, but...
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When I was 12…  Posted on 09/30/2014
When I was 12, I lived in a townhouse on Anania Circle in the town of Mililani, situated in the center of the island of Oahu.  Our neighbor was a grumpy old man who would bang his fists against the wall whenever I practiced the piano....
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What’s your comfort food?  Posted on 09/27/2014
The problem is my mom is an amazing cook so I have fond and savory memories of her cooking. I can think of many comforting Thai dishes she made that taste like home: Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup, Pork Knuckles in Sweet Dark Soy Sauce and a...
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What’s on your desk? (and death to adverbs)  Posted on 09/24/2014
This idea originated from reading an excerpt from Louise Bogan’s autobiography called Journey Around My Room. I had written this post earlier in the month, but with today’s #writing101 challenge (death to adverbs), I thought...
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Expats in Thailand (a character or two)  Posted on 09/22/2014
He’s a big talker. Several people have described him as talkative. He’s new to Thailand, but not to Asia, so he knows it all. A giant by Thailand standards, with an ample girth reinforced by his favorite fanny pack, waistpack,...
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12 things I’ve learned about Chiang Rai (List #2)  Posted on 09/21/2014
Have you missed list #1? Go here. Otherwise, read on… 1. Looking to beat down the heat? Head over to the original Doi Chaang (yup, the first one in Thailand) located on the corner of Thanon Baanpa Pragarn and Rattanakheat (these...
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Just a view: Jet Yod Road Chiang Rai  Posted on 09/16/2014
Sitting next to someone’s empty Leo beer bottle, I uncomfortably rest on a tree trunk stool outside a closed Rasta bar on the seediest street in Chiang Rai. When I hear my geezer neighbors talk about how much they pay for women, I...
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6 month ghosts (unlock the mind)  Posted on 09/15/2014
  I want to fish as deep as down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are somewhat the same that far down. – Jack Kerouac Alright. I’ve signed up...
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Liebster Award #2  Posted on 09/13/2014
Jenny from And Three To Go nominated me for my second Liebster Award. How sweet! She’s a travel/expat/mommy blogger exploring Phuket, Thailand (and many other places), with her husband and little girl. I really like Jenny’s...
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What were you like in high school?  Posted on 09/09/2014
What were you like in college was such a fun and inspiring post, I thought I’d tackle the next obvious question: What were you like in high school? I hate to say it, but I’m fairly certain I was an obnoxious little snot rag,...
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  • lanivcox
    lanivcox 17 October 2012 14:58:09

    Hey dpcjsr,

    If you go to my blog tellthaiheart.com and go to CATEGORIES => you will see category for Ecuador...here is the link: http://tellthaiheart.com/category/ecuador/

    I wrote about my experiences and they were overall great but ultimately, I didn\'t feel like I fit in. I lived in Cuenca and worked for CEDEI which I highly recommend. Great people.

    Good luck! Spanish is easier for sure, but you cannot get by like you can here w/ English. Practice, practice! And as a male(?) your experiences are sure to be different. It\'s a beautiful country. Cheers.

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