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Home for the Holidays, What?!?!  Posted on 12/17/2013
That's right! I'm going hooooooooooommmmmmeeee! Not quite in time for Christmas since I have to finish up my classes, but I'm on a plane the day after my last class to head to Canada! On December 28th I'll be back in...
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Happy Birthday Charlie  Posted on 12/07/2013
When we rescued Charlie she was about 8 weeks old. We figure that means she's a December puppy! I also realized that I haven't really posted about her since we got her. How has her adorable puppy face not graced these pages more?...
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November Snail Mail Collective  Posted on 12/05/2013
Woop woop! It's that time of the month again! Noooo not that time. It's the only time of the month I get mail!This month's match up was actually really awesome. I met a new blogfriend Sam, who is now my soul sister... That...
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A Lesson in Gratitude  Posted on 11/29/2013
I came across this video yesterday and thought it was so beautiful. In my teacher training we were led through a gratitude workshop with a wonderful man named Eishi, the producer of the movie Happy (if you need a good pick me up...
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Taichung Flower Festival  Posted on 11/16/2013
Yesterday Cameron and I went up to the mountains near XinShe to check out the "International Taichung Flower Carpet Festival!" Every event here has "international" in the title... I don't think it means what they...
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Travelista Stocking Stuffer Guide  Posted on 11/14/2013
'Tis the season, folks. I can almost hear the Christmas bells a' ringing. Oh wait, nope, that's just the garbage truck playing Fur Elise again... Anyhow, we are half way through November, and if you're anything like me,...
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So Remember Those Goals and Stuff?  Posted on 11/09/2013
Hey guys,So remember on my birthday last month, when I told you I had some big plans and goals and all that good stuff planned for this year? Well, I suppooose I should start to fill you all in!For starters, to complement my recent yoga...
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Getting a Scrub Down in Bali  Posted on 11/06/2013
I was trying without much luck for a title that didn't sound entirely perverted... But I mean what do you really expect when we are talking about paying someone to rub down your naked body?Anyway, Ubud is a lovely place, as I've...
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Snail Mail Collective  Posted on 11/05/2013
There are few things as exciting as getting mail these days- no, not that digital email kind, I mean the real deal, physical, hold-in-your-hand type snail mail. Especially a juicy little package from a new friend! As part of the October...
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Experiencing Balinese Spirituality at Pura Tirta Empul  Posted on 10/25/2013
As part of our teacher training we had the privilege of visiting and participating in a purification ritual at Pura Titra Empul, or the Tirta Empul Temple. Tirta Empul in located just north of Ubud in a city called Tampaksiring. We all...
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