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One Down, Our Two Families (davao)  Posted on 10/19/2013
I happened to run into Kenneth Crawley this morning in Starbucks. We ignored each other and then he left, but only to his car where he fetched the complaint withdrawal letter. He then came back to SB and handed it to me. I invited him...
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Earthquake, Sick & Bored (davao)  Posted on 10/16/2013
October – 15 Today is some Muslim holiday here and I am sick for the first time in memory. Wait a minute, what memory LOL. Just staying in bed and keeping out of trouble. Nice to stay home A very powerful 7.2 Earthquake just...
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AMEND HB00113 THE PHILIPPINE IMMIGRATION ACT OF 2010  Posted on 10/14/2013
Petitioning Hon. Rep. Niel Tupas, Jr.  immigration32 Philippines Congressional Committee on Justice: AMEND HB00113 THE PHILIPPINE IMMIGRATION ACT OF 2010 Petition by Filipinos For Foreigners Immigration is one of the top three corrupt...
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Chicken, Rudeness, Party (davao)  Posted on 10/13/2013
October 11 – I went to the supermarket today and discovered something interesting relating to my Chicken buying habits for the better part of the past 8 years. I like eating Boneless Chicken Breasts and I can buy them already boned...
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Apology  Posted on 10/11/2013
OPEN LETTER OF APOLOGY I feel it is probably time to voice an open letter of apology to anyone that I may have personally offended over the past eight years. Of course many of these people will never become aware of this apology as I...
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Telekinesis, Glan, Aspen (davao)  Posted on 10/09/2013
October 8 - This will make your day for sure. Very cool. Thank you Steven for the link October 9 - I heard today that Vienna and Leon went on a trip with a group of foreigners from Davao, to Glan in the Sarangani...
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Cheers, MTS, SM, Back to Normal (davao)  Posted on 10/06/2013
October 5 – Saturday in Davao and life returns to normal. Alex playing with Mon Mon, Me going to GMall to buy much needed groceries, Lynn back to Tongits and the DSL seems faster than ever so all is good and to be honest it...
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Fun, Fun, Fun (manila)  Posted on 10/04/2013
WE'RE BACK!!!!! I apologize for the lack of posts for the past ten days or so. This whole legal business with:  Vienna & Leon  and their "Gang of Five" including:  Michael Bindi & Marga Lumanta...
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Going Out, No Money Honey (davao)  Posted on 09/19/2013
September 19 – there is abolutely nothing happening. I am sorry but life is anything but exciting these days. I might as well get a rocking chair and stick it on the front porch LOL We are looking forward to getting out of here...
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Giving, Kids Golf, Efficient Living (davao)  Posted on 09/17/2013
September 16 - What better way to start the Journal Today than this: Giving This is awesome, amazing and just wow. I would love to introduce Alex to golf and see if it sticks.  Be great to have her as a playing partner. If...
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  • eddRetiza
    eddRetiza 06 July 2013 02:49:22

    I love travelling, so far Ive travelled distant places in Philippines, I can not afford travelling abroad because I cannot afford it yet. As a tip, I rank Boracay as the number 1 place in the Philippines. People and foreigners who are having a vacation there are so happy and proud of being a part of boracay. As you are heading near to shore, people are so polite and you will feel welcome and accepted. Their are so many activites to do. The environment are so clean. And the beach are very well taken care of. The view is so nice at sunset and sunrise. Celebrities from all over the world often visits at this place(most are filipino celebrities). Enjoyed so much as included this in my check list.

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