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Daves adventures

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added on 28/06/2012 by: Dabido
The adventures of a 19 years old german guy currently travelling in asia. Read about my experiences and impressions while enjoying the life here.
 tags: Japan, Temples, Tokyo, Travel

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Mt. Fuji: To the top!  Posted on 08/29/2012
What is the biggest thing in Japan? No it’s not anime and no it’s not manga either. It’s fujisan (富士山), a mountain you might have already heard from.  Going to japan and not climbing fuji would be...
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Let's meet: Haneul  Posted on 08/16/2012
I found someone living right around the next corner!  Name: Haneul Current Age: 20 Country: Japan Language: Japanese, English, Korean, French Met in: Tokyo, Takadanobaba Knowing each other from: Interpals...
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Phone and Internet in Tokyo  Posted on 07/30/2012
The first challenge when arriving in Tokyo is finding a way to get contacted. In other words a phone. The problem is, japanese carriers are mostly offering contracts for 2 years only. As a tourist you propably dont want that! But there is...
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Introducing: My Mamachari  Posted on 07/16/2012
Bicycles are very famous in Tokyo. Nearly everyone has one. The most famous (and maybe cheapest) bike out there is the Mamachari. It has a only 1 gear and a little basket on the front.  I finally came over myself and bought one. For...
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To the Pokemon Center!  Posted on 07/08/2012
Soo there is this place in Tokyo, called the Pokemon Center. And of course we had to go there! It’s located near the Hamamatsucho station. Take a look at the map here - pokemon.co.jp/gp/pokecen/english/images/map_tokyo_e.pdf...
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Trying Japanese food: お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki)  Posted on 07/02/2012
Today we didn’t really have an idea what to eat. So why not trying something japanese? We choosed to go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant.  Okonomiyaki is often called a “Japanese pancake”. For me it wasn’t a...
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Tokyo Tower!  Posted on 06/28/2012
Part of every sightseeing trip - the Tokyo Tower (東京タワー). Costs around 800 yen to go up. It’s splitted into “Main Observatory” and the “Special Observatory” which costs around 600 yen extra. ...
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Over to Kamakura  Posted on 06/25/2012
Today i met an old friend. We went to Kamakura for a trip, watched all the temples around there! Kamakura is a city, around 50km away from Tokyo. Right at the ocean. We went there by riding the Shonan-Shinjuku line from Shibuya to Zushi,...
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I like meeting people from the internet!  Posted on 06/24/2012
Meeting people from the Internet gets more and more popular. For me, especially when you’re abroad and nearly don’t know anyone. There is this site, called Interpals, more or less a Social Network for penpals and meeting...
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Let's meet: Yurika  Posted on 06/22/2012
Back in Japan and Meeting time! :) Name: Yurika Current Age: 18 Country: Japan Language: Japanese, English Met in: Tokyo, Shinjuku Knowing each other from: Interpals Profile...
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