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Awaji Road Trip  Posted on 05/20/2015
Awaji road trip Before I start On the road trip saga. I have to say, I find it weird that people are still signing up to follow my old blog, when it states I have started a new one, and that one, “Zensekai I – by land” is...
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Now for something completely different…Zen Farming  Posted on 05/12/2015
Zen Farming As a youth I spent most of my summers in Virginia. For most of what can remember all, in fact cept maybe one, which was in Upstate NY. However I am not really sure about that. I always wanted to and loved going to spend the...
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After Kyoto…  Posted on 05/08/2015
After Kyoto… Training resumes.   It is now a couple of days past the Kyoto advanced shinsas. All reports are in from my Dojo, no one advanced. I will get the full report shortly everything and everyone will be done. It has been...
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Kyoto Golden Week Kyudo TaiKai  Posted on 05/05/2015
Kyoto-All Japan Tai Kai   It was touch-n-go if I was going to attend this function. I wanted to attend last year, but could not. This year I thought I had to work, then did not, then did. It is held Golden Week, a big holiday and in...
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Suita Tai Kai  Posted on 05/03/2015
I went to another Tai Kai outside of the home turf of Kishiwada, my second. This was a bit different as it was somewhat of a return to old home turf. When we first move to Osaka we stayed with my mother-in-law. I went a few times to a...
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Kobe blues – WTF?  Posted on 05/02/2015
Kobe blues – What The Fukushima   The last time I /we went to club IZNT to play. It turned into an unpleasant experience. The club itself was not bad, nor was being there. What was bad was the drummer. Our regular drummer was...
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A day in the life-April  Posted on 04/29/2015
A day in the life LZ decided wanted to ride the bike the other day. It was a lovely spring day. She wanted to ride the bike over to her favorite udon shop. I agreed and off we went. It was a pretty easy ride, she said it would take 20 min....
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CrossWorlds prt 2  Posted on 04/28/2015
CrossWorlds part 2 – Chicago Rock /April Ehhhhh said I, instantly thinking afterward I was a bit too loud, I took a quick look around the train car. I was not only to surprised to see my Kyudo sempai also she and hubby we’re...
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Crossing worlds  Posted on 04/25/2015
Progress is slow with Kyudo, however, I am noticing some improvements. I have been focusing on Tenouchi, back arch, shoulders down, expanding, pushing at the target with my thumb. The biggest change I have noticed is rare, well occasional...
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SuiZen 吹禅 – April Wind 4月の風  Posted on 04/22/2015
.SuiZen – April   It is more than a musical instrument. The phrase back in the day before the Meiji period was it is not a musical instrument it is a tool for meditation. As such only those of Fuke sect could play it. This was...
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  • Rossielienne
    Rossielienne 25 July 2013 05:28:42

    My friends and I with our kids,once stayed at Sakura hotels when we went to Tokyo Sky Tree and Ueno park.Well,we reserved for a room for 3 with four kids with us.The place is consider to be near to central Tokyo.We prefered to eat outside the hotel because menus are not fit for children.The front desk coordinator is friendly and can speak English.There are lots of foreign snacks.We are requested to keep the children quite as possible.

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