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The Kimono Saga  Posted on 10/19/2014
Back in the day, when I was making the change from Shibata style to the Renmei, I figured I would do enough test til I reached Yon-dan and I could wear my Father-in-Law’s Kimono. Well I found out several things since then. ...
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Spiritual Kyudo  Posted on 10/16/2014
  When I first started Kyudo I practiced with the Shibata Kyudo group. We had our class at the Shambhalah Meditation Center in Berkeley, Ca. I enjoyed it. We did a short 10 min mediation before class. Nothing deep, heavy, profound....
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Zen in a Jodo temple  Posted on 10/13/2014
Monthly Zen night   It had been a while since I attended the group Zen sitting. I will call it a group sitting rather than a meeting since there is no real Zen talk, study just sitting. Anyway I had not been for a while since I had a...
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The Super blues session  Posted on 10/08/2014
  Oct 5 th was the day of the Blues Festival called The Super Blues session at the Chicago Rock Blues and Soul bar in Osaka. I had thought is was just some local this bar only thing. As it turns out it is part of a larger music venue...
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Wakayama mini trip  Posted on 10/05/2014
  LZ made arrangements for a mini vacation to Wakayama, as a celebration for our first year and success in Japan. Wakayama is surprisingly nearby. It was only about a 30 min train ride. It takes me longer to get to the clubs in Osaka...
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The Band  Posted on 09/29/2014
  At the local Hospital: The hospital is a weird place to be starting a blog from…thankfully I am just here for my check-up. I just had blood drawn and now waiting for my Doc. I hate needles, these people are pretty good, I...
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The Reluctant Sensei  Posted on 09/23/2014
  On Fridays I have a Japanese class. It is basically free, handled by volunteers. It is set up kind of different. It is mostly a one on one class with a sensei and a student. The session is tailored for the needs of the...
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Ni-dan the closure  Posted on 09/21/2014
  I have been getting some practice in at least once a week. For the most part it seems to be going well. My hit ratio is up, even with put keep an official track of it like I was before the shinsa. Just knowing that I get generally...
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Kishiwada – a day of festival and Kyudo  Posted on 09/14/2014
Mornings are cool, evenings are chilly, Autumn’s breath flows this way. It has been a while since I took the bike the 1.5 hr ride to Kyudo, due to the summer heat. Yesterday with the weather no changing I went for it. I took my time...
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Old men under a tree  Posted on 09/11/2014
  It has been about 2.5 mos now working at the Silver Center. It maybe less but it seems like more. It is draining physically. With the heat and the last several jobs have been clearing hills sides. With climbing up and down, raking,...
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  • Rossielienne
    Rossielienne 25 July 2013 05:28:42

    My friends and I with our kids,once stayed at Sakura hotels when we went to Tokyo Sky Tree and Ueno park.Well,we reserved for a room for 3 with four kids with us.The place is consider to be near to central Tokyo.We prefered to eat outside the hotel because menus are not fit for children.The front desk coordinator is friendly and can speak English.There are lots of foreign snacks.We are requested to keep the children quite as possible.

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