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Down to the NiteClub  Posted on 08/30/2014
  My list of things I wanted to do in Japan was, Sail, teach Kung Fu and study/practice Chan, do ceramics, Kyudo and restart playing music. This for the most part it has or is coming together.   It looks like I am finally hooked...
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Sake, Clay and a Lotus Blossom  Posted on 08/28/2014
LZ and I were invited to go with our friends the Aoki to their friend’s house in Wakayama. This couple in the mountains of Wakayama are professional potters. One of the things I wanted to do here in Japan was some ceramics. Aoki...
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of Race and Men  Posted on 08/23/2014
With just over a year here in Japan, and almost 1 yr in our current home I felt it was time to re-exam my path, set some goals. Even though it is said “Man plans, God laughs”, it is good to have a direction in mind. Then roll...
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Whilst the Typhoon Blows  Posted on 08/13/2014
  Sunday was the day of the Tai Kai, it was also the day of a big typhoon hitting Osaka. As I walked from the train station to the dojo, It was raining pretty hard but not too bad. I wore my boating foul weather gear, so I was...
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Zen ( meditation) Kyudo  Posted on 08/09/2014
  So there is/was a big discussion on one of the FaceBook boards on Kyudo. Generally I avoid getting involved. The comments usually get off topic and start to irk me. (My issue for real, yeah, I know.)   This topic...
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In search of Yondan  Posted on 08/04/2014
It was a rainy but warm day. It felt like the topics as I stepped out into the world on a Summer Sunday wet afternoon in Osaka. I was prepared for the wetness I thought. I had on knee high shorts, sandals with no socks, an umbrella, and...
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Everyday people  Posted on 08/02/2014
  I have been working steady at the city job now for a couple of few weeks. It is not that hard, but not easy starting a totally physical job at this age. I am looking at it as “Fu” training as everything is that anyway....
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The Stranger in a strange land.  Posted on 07/19/2014
I never thought I would be a city worker in Japan. This of course adds another dimension to my blog. A whole different set of people to interact with. I am sure this is different from your other expat life in Japan blogs. Even the one who...
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Trip’n  Posted on 07/16/2014
Tripping/Trip’n : A street word meaning; to contemplate deeply on something, a topic, an action, a situation, person, sometimes to the extreme. Which causes actions or words, which would appear to be “weird” under...
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  • Rossielienne
    Rossielienne 25 July 2013 05:28:42

    My friends and I with our kids,once stayed at Sakura hotels when we went to Tokyo Sky Tree and Ueno park.Well,we reserved for a room for 3 with four kids with us.The place is consider to be near to central Tokyo.We prefered to eat outside the hotel because menus are not fit for children.The front desk coordinator is friendly and can speak English.There are lots of foreign snacks.We are requested to keep the children quite as possible.

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