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Regional Tai Kai -Nov  Posted on 11/18/2015
Regional KyudoTai Kai – Nov 2015   This past weekend my Dojo held the regional Kyudo Tai Kai. The turnout was fairly large by my judgment. Larger than I was expecting. There were perhaps 6 dojos more or less from the area. I was...
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吹禅 Sui Zen … The first Flute  Posted on 11/11/2015
吹禅 1st generation Shakuhachi     I purchased my 1st Shakuhachi, not really my first but the first since being really on the Shakuhachi path. I came across a student model in the local recycle store. It is really not that good...
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Small steps  Posted on 11/11/2015
Small steps…   I went to practice today, I did not let the rain stop me, after all it is just water. There were not a lot of people there but more than I expected. However by the time I was ready, many had put in there time and...
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A day in the life…Taji, Kyudo, Jazz  Posted on 11/04/2015
Some days it just all flows together, this was one of those days. It started with a Tai Chi class. My student brought along a friend. I held it at the local shrine, it was a perfect day with the weather. Birds were out singing, it was a...
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Close encounter of the Kyudo kind  Posted on 11/03/2015
  I am walking to the train station on my way to Kyudo. I notice an older man walking a dog coming towards me. I take note do to the bouncy step of the dog that looks sort of old. The man notices I have a Yumi.  As I pass he...
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Kyudo World  Posted on 10/23/2015
Kyudo at the moment… I have not posted about Kyudo in a while. I am still at it, but just quietly practicing. Working on correcting my weak points. It is a struggle. I think I changed something only to find out the correction makes...
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Going Okinawan @ Snafkin  Posted on 10/17/2015
Going Okinawan @ Snafkin   My last visit to Snafkin I was told that my co-worker from Aoki Yachts was going to be playing there on 10/10. I made a mental note to attend. I spoke with her a couple of times at the office and told her I...
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Kishiwada Kyudo Music Ensemble  Posted on 10/10/2015
  I was asked by my Kyudo Sempai, the one who lent me his Shakuhachi to play on a song with him and the other Sempai at an appearance at Snakfin. I agreed of course. I like the Snafkin club, I felt I owed him, I liked the idea of...
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Bands, music, and clubs …oh my  Posted on 10/01/2015
Bands, music, and clubs …oh my   There has been a lot of music stuff going on since my last music post. Along with other stuff, I have been too busy to post. Rather than do separate post now on all the stuff I will condense...
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Rei kai  Posted on 09/23/2015
Sept : Kishiwada Rei kai It seemed like it had been awhile since I was at the dojo. I got back from my sailing trip on Friday and went to the dojo on Sat to practice. There was a monthly TaiKai on Sunday. I did not expect to do well as my...
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  • Rossielienne
    Rossielienne 25 July 2013 05:28:42

    My friends and I with our kids,once stayed at Sakura hotels when we went to Tokyo Sky Tree and Ueno park.Well,we reserved for a room for 3 with four kids with us.The place is consider to be near to central Tokyo.We prefered to eat outside the hotel because menus are not fit for children.The front desk coordinator is friendly and can speak English.There are lots of foreign snacks.We are requested to keep the children quite as possible.

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