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New days, same practice…  Posted on 07/05/2015
A work in Progress.   The other day I went to the Dojo, it was kind of late in the afternoon, so I ended up for the most part practicing alone. Just working on some basics not really a lot of things just a few small things. Little by...
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Chicago Rock – All Star Jam  Posted on 07/01/2015
Chicago Rock – all star June Jam    Every month Chicago Rock has an open Blues Jam. I have been only one other time before last week. LZ says Chicago Rock is a kind of Underground Blues place. Local Blues Maniacs go there....
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Everyday people  Posted on 06/30/2015
Back to work. I had not been to work at the Silver Center for about 6 months. More or less, mas o menos. It was cold the last time I worked, so it was Nov or Dec. I had seen the work crews from time to time around the area, when I am out...
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Chicago Rock – June session  Posted on 06/29/2015
  Chicago Rock – the June Session The evening after the unexpected Jam in the afternoon was the Band’s scheduled Chicago Rock monthly gig. That night we were expecting to have a guest sit in. Someone we met at a club in...
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Unexpected Jam  Posted on 06/27/2015
Unexpected Jam   While preparing to leave Snafkin the other day from the gathering, I was asked by my Kyudo Sempai if I was busy on the following Weds. I said no. He then told me he and my Sensei and the other Sempai were getting...
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A day in the life…the musical…prt 2  Posted on 06/24/2015
A day in the life…the musical…prt 2 Return to Snafkin   Next stop for the day of music, aka Music day, was to be Snafkin. I was finished at the Osaka School of music earlier than I thought so I had time to drop by the...
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A day in the life…The musical day, prt 1  Posted on 06/22/2015
A day in the life…the musical…prt 1 Osaka School of Music. I received a message from a friend about a gig at the Osaka School of Music. They/he was looking for bass player, to do a couple of songs, and Play/Jam with the...
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Second thoughts  Posted on 06/17/2015
  Not really second, more like continuing thoughts on the Shinsa, lessons learned as it were. We did that at the last company, where I worked as a Graphic designer. I miss doing that work, and the income.. When that job ended, it was...
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More than just hitting  Posted on 06/15/2015
The Return to Banpacku   Not just about the hit, now not a second hand “I heard” story.  Now it is real…and in a way changes, everything.   I returned to Bampaku Kyudo-jo today for part one of the two part...
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  • Rossielienne
    Rossielienne 25 July 2013 05:28:42

    My friends and I with our kids,once stayed at Sakura hotels when we went to Tokyo Sky Tree and Ueno park.Well,we reserved for a room for 3 with four kids with us.The place is consider to be near to central Tokyo.We prefered to eat outside the hotel because menus are not fit for children.The front desk coordinator is friendly and can speak English.There are lots of foreign snacks.We are requested to keep the children quite as possible.

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