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Okinawa Soba: A Beautifully Simple Dish  Posted on 03/28/2014
Okinawa soba, or suba as it is called in Okinawa’s native language, is a well known dish produced in Okinawa Prefecture. Okinawa soba is made of a few simple ingredients including kamaboko (a type of fish cake), scallions,...
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Pasta-sicle. . . . . Because that sounds delicious!?  Posted on 03/27/2014
    Here’s the thing. . . . . . I think I’m a relatively adventurous person. There are very few things that I won’t take a nibble of, take a picture of myself eating, write about and then post on the internet....
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Okinawa: What You Need To Know  Posted on 03/25/2014
Okinawa is a beautiful place to visit and live. However, there are some things that you definitely need to know if you are thinking of visiting and/or moving here. In this blog post we’re going to cover some of those topics that you...
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Bistro De Mattaka  Posted on 03/24/2014
Finding a good restaurant for a date night can sometimes be a challenge in the south central part of Okinawa. Between the large chain restaurants which are hustling and bustling with tourists and the smaller family friendly restaurants...
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10 Ways To Save Cash While Living In Okinawa  Posted on 03/19/2014
There are few people lucky enough that they do not have to concern themselves with money. However, for the rest of us be it because we fell on hard times or because we have financial goals for the future tips and tricks for saving a little...
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Yakisoba (焼きそば): So simple it’s ridiculous!  Posted on 03/18/2014
Yakisoba is one of the more popular dishes among foreigners here in Okinawa. The reason is undoubtably because yakisoba is a pretty straight forward dish. In other words there is no element of surprise and you’re not likely...
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