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Sakura, or Cherry Blossoms, trains  Posted on 02/22/2013
Spring has not come to Japan yet, but here in Japan, preparations for Spring have been going on. February and March are the time for entrance examinations. Junior high and high school students sit for higher educational opportunities....
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Insiders' Detailed Info on Red Light Districts, Part 1  Posted on 02/10/2013
We would like to provide adults, especially adult men, with more detailed information on places where they can enjoy their night lives in Japan. When you walk around sort of red light districts, you can easily encounter such a...
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the 16th Japan Media Art Festival  Posted on 02/09/2013
If you are interested in young Japanese artists, especially avant-garde ones, you should check this out: The 16th Japan Media Art Festival. This Festival features four divisions under the big umbrella of Media Arts, i.e., animation, manga,...
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Difference in what you see on the street, Part 3  Posted on 02/06/2013
These days in Nagoya, we rarely see smokers and pedestrians smoking on a street, especially on busy streets. This may be closely related to manners: smokers are not supposed to violate the right of non-smoking pedestrians. Such right as a...
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Public Bathrooms  Posted on 02/03/2013
We would like to talk about public bathrooms. Public bathrooms are called "Koushuu Benjyo" in Japanese. This Japanese term has a hidden meaning of women who spread their legs to literally anybody, who wants to deposit his seeds...
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Difference in what we see on the street, Part 2  Posted on 02/02/2013
In our previous post, we talked about discarded Christmas trees and pedestrian behaviors as what we observe on the street in New York City and Nagoya. We would like to talk about trash this time. Do you know that the City of Nagoya has...
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Smart Phone with two faces (displays) from NTT Docomo  Posted on 01/22/2013
Today (January 22nd, 2013), NTT Docomo, one of the big Japanese tel-communication companies, announced very exciting news about its smart phone. "MEDIAS W" is the smart phone, which will be released into the market in mid-April,...
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Difference in what we see on the street, Part 1  Posted on 01/20/2013
When walking along the street, we rarely pay close attention to what we see on the street. Probably, most of the time, walking itself is not the main attraction, but just a secondary act by which we reach our destinations. Closer attention...
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TV Commercials  Posted on 01/16/2013
Time flies so fast. Over two weeks have already passed since the beginning of the year 2013. "Sure, it does," people around us unanimously agree!Have you ever thought of what kind of TV commercials have you been exposed to during...
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  • Ufensia
    Ufensia 19 March 2009 15:13:58

    Thank you for your blog. Very interesting. It's pleasant to see your interest in Japanese culture and your high activities - how you are moiving and running around. What is your study or business in NAgoya?
    Keep in touch, Viktor
    (I am biologist, by the way) :)
    my e-mail: ufensia@gmail.com

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