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Saying Goodbye to Friends  Posted on 12/20/2012
This week I've had to say goodbye to two friends here. :'(One I met when I first arrived. Funny enough, she was one of the very first people I met here (It took me a month or so to figure that out though!) She became a good...
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Productive Week... and Only Wednesday!  Posted on 12/19/2012
This has been a productive week so far. We've been going round and round on what to do for housing. I should have called House Hunters International for a follow-up show!!! Lol!!My first choice (emphasize "my" first choice)...
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Reason #423 Why I Love Indonesia  Posted on 12/16/2012
The thing about Indonesians is that if you just make the tiniest bit of effort they really appreciate it. My Bahasa Indonesian language skills are... well, I try. I can have a pretty decent "conversational" conversation, but when...
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The End is Coming...  Posted on 12/15/2012
The end is coming on the 21st of December. Yes, it was predicted. It will happen. The end of what? The earth? Humanity? The Mayan calendar?I've been blogging since January of 2007. Six years. And how my life has changed! I have been...
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2nd Place....  Posted on 12/14/2012
After some tense competition*, Educating Wendy won the silver medal for the 2012 Indonesia expat awards. Thank you to those of you who voted (especially to those who voted before I even knew this was going on!). LOL!!!! I totally admit...
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Blogging About Blogging....  Posted on 12/13/2012
Funny enough that when I started this blog six years ago, I didn't know what it would morph into or what it would become. Sometimes you just start something and go with it. You don't realize how life with change and turn and what...
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WHAT? Blog Awards?!?!  Posted on 12/10/2012
How did I not know this was happening?!?! There's voting for the best blogs!!! Time to vote, people! Time to vote! SHARE THE LOVE.... ;) Click here and give me some stars! (I'm not above groveling...)P.S. Papua New Guinea winners...
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Congratulations, Lia & Mark!  Posted on 12/09/2012
Indonesians know how to party!! Especially weddings!!!! Lia and Mark were actually legally married in Bali back in July, but yesterday was the official Balikpapan party (and there's still another planned!)Damian hired Mark for some...
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Share Some Tom Petty Love  Posted on 12/05/2012
<3 me some Tom Petty..... Just needed a little pick me up and sometimes music is better than a bar of chocolate! ;)
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Boys and Their Toys  Posted on 12/03/2012
What happens when two bored, middle-aged men go out without their partners? Well, in Balikpapan they buy old Vespas. They barely run (apparently that's part of the fun?!?!). I've been on it as far as the bottom of the hill in...
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  • Pets1234
    Pets1234 08 March 2012 08:38:56

    Hi. We are Canadians living in South Africa. We are being posted to Balikpapan. We have two dashunds. Is it pet friendly there. Are there numerous vets and pet shops? Do many expats have pets? So many questions. Thanks

  • jacqui54
    jacqui54 23 February 2012 01:48:04

    yes love your blog I am from the you sound like the original Eat,love,pay with wellies on and maybe a slightly mad hat for good measure will keep reading and cheers

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