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Strange Lands, Strange life

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added on 24/09/2010 by: Melarocks
A recollection of the doings, goings & happenings of my life as an English teacher abroad. It's now 11 mo. into my time in Indonesia. I'll reference my time in Spain teaching, and my hometown (Seattle) plus lots else. I've been told I never take the easy path. Easy it's not, but it makes life anything but boring. Names maybe changed, I don't want to anger anyone. Accuracy is subject to my opinion & preference, as well as the weather, alignment of the moon & my state of intoxication.
 tags: diversity, Guatemala, Indonesia, Seattle, USA, Spain

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A Lousy Waiter  Posted on 10/22/2013
Not the kind in a restaurant that brings you food. I have learned some patience over the years. It's come very slowly. Most people who knew me growing up would say that I as ready for things to happen sooner rahter than later. Now my...
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Plans Unraveled  Posted on 09/27/2013
We had planned for The Enchantments. We were meeting some friends Wednesday night to car camp and then we'd spend four days and three nights in an area of National Forest land that is so coveted, you have to win a permit in an annual...
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Closeted  Posted on 09/24/2013
Now, only partially so. I've ceded half the closet.His two drawers won't be enough any more . . . . . . because he's moving in.25 is a fixture. We all knew it was coming. Now, with talk of coming work contracts being out of...
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The RAV  Posted on 09/19/2013
‚Äč‚ÄčEvery feel like your brain might be working against you? Every wish you could turn it off?I have an internal debate that has raged, well, gimped and limped is more like it, for years. My current line of work has given fuel to...
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How Would I Know If It's Analog or Digital?  Posted on 09/17/2013
In addition to the baby shower last weekend, 25's step bro announced, via 25's sis, that he and his wife are pregnant. I won't go in to the fact that it's bizarre that Zoo, 25's sis, was the one to tell us, not the...
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Forced Social Conventions  Posted on 09/15/2013
Today I realized why people get married and why they have babies. It's primarily because A) it's a social convention and B) it means other people give them stuff.Living overseas meant very few weddings, and even fewer baby...
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Grown Up  Posted on 09/12/2013
I think today I feel like a grown up. Not just for today, but like I actually made it. I have manage to drag, crawl, scrape and grumble my way into adulthood. It hasn't been easy, but it's rewarding to be here all the same.Now...
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A Purchase  Posted on 09/10/2013
Not the biggest purchase of my life, it was under $200. Not the most important purchase ever. A meaningful purchase, no doubt.25 and I have finally used them so now I can talk about it.A couple months ago we made our first joint, couple...
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We Survived!!  Posted on 09/09/2013
25 and I went backpacking over the weekend. We've been camping together several times now, always car camping. This was decidedly different.I hadn't been backpacking since I did the Camino de Santiago de la Compostela in northern...
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What a Difference a Day Makes  Posted on 09/07/2013
Life is what happens when you're busy making plans they say.What if I was making the plans that rushing up to meet me?My contract is set to end the last week of November. I've know that since May. That's not a shock. I keep...
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