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added on 27/11/2012 by: Pak .Guru
I started this blog to share thoughts, experiences and knowledge with English teachers from around the world. The blog is mainly directed towards English Teachers in Indonesia but I'm sure English Teachers from around the world are bound to find one or two of the articles interesting.
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How will English help you in your career and future  Posted on 10/07/2015
For English Learners, As an Indonesian university student or employee you may wonder how much English is going to help you with your career. Certainly if you have already been an employee for a while now you would know that in applying for...
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Salah Persepsi Belajar Bahasa Asing  Posted on 09/10/2015
For the English version click hereBanyak orang indonesia yang merasa mereka tidak mempunyai bakat sedikit pun untuk belajar bahasa ataupun merasa ‘terlalu tua” untuk belajar bahasa Inggris dengan baik saat ini.Saya percaya...
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Misconceptions on Learning a Foreign Language  Posted on 09/10/2015
Untuk versi Bahasa Indonesia klik desiniMany Indonesians feel that they have no "talent" for language or that they are too "old" to learn English well now.I believe that you are never too old to learn a foreign...
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China the land of Silk, Tea and English Centres  Posted on 04/21/2015
Students Learning English in Wuhan.I greatly admire the Chinese resolve.Not only in work, migration, friendship, family and business but also in studying. They are (in general) extremely diligent students. I've taught Chinese...
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Happy National Teachers Day  Posted on 11/24/2014
What a great idea, to have a day especially to appreciate all the teachers who have poured into our lives and chose making us better, as their way of life.Think about where we would be without them, think about where society would be...
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Challenges of Creating an English Environment on Campus  Posted on 11/17/2014
Hi Guys,Ever been asked to create an English environment at your school, office or club? How did you find it? Did everybody come on board with enthusiasm? If so did that enthusiasm last? Or did you find people sabotaged their own best...
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Teaching Reading  Posted on 03/27/2014
Some thoughts on teaching reading from my own experience.Give a variety of activities to make sure the students are engaged. Basic structure could be:1. Pre-reading activities:Including A discussion for engagement, Vocabulary that may be...
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Power Teaching, Become a Powerful Teacher!  Posted on 10/21/2013
Hi there,There has been a little talk recently about Power Teaching or Whole Brain Learning, a set of teaching techniques developed by some teachers in California.I myself have used some of these techniques and have shared them with a lot...
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More than can be measured  Posted on 05/13/2013
Hi There,I'm writing this today to start to synthesize a very large pool of knowledge. If there is one thing I hope you can take away from reading this article it is that our own realization of our potential has only begun. I hope...
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Bilingual Schools in Indonesia  Posted on 03/16/2013
Hi there,Many Islamic Schools are now bilingualI decided to write this article as I can see this is an issue that has been on the minds of parents and educators in Indonesia for quite some time. I've met many parents and teachers who...
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  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose 04 June 2013 03:15:51

    Hi Hugh...
    Its nice to see you here....my listening on English still / very bad....
    I need to practice with native to build my English.

  • miss silviana
    miss silviana 15 December 2012 15:40:41

    nice blog

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