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From Bordeaux to Bali, finding home again

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added on 25/04/2011 by: izzybali
a cross cultural journey of food discoveries and memories talking about my life and experiences in Bali with my Balinese husband, Komang and the memories and traditions I grew up with in France
 tags: bali hindu, cooking, culture, traditions, traveling

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Baking bread in a different world  Posted on 04/14/2011
If there is one thing I miss a lot here in Bali, it is a good, crusty, warm loaf of bread fragrant with the sweet smell and heady tang of yeast. I have been dreaming for a long time to build a bread oven but so far, it has remained only...
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Rejang Dewa and Lawar  Posted on 04/08/2011
Today all over Karangasem where we live, families are celebrating Odalan, the birthday of temples. On Saturday we will go pray at Pura Lumbung but today, Odalan has already started at that temple and young girls are performing Rejang Dewa...
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Balinese Offerings: Canang and Banten  Posted on 02/13/2011
Yesterday morning, I woke up early and headed to Komang's uncle house to prepare the Canang and Banten, the traditional Balinese offerings. Everyone was already busy at work cutting the tips of the bananas and washing them, preparing...
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Kalio and Rendang  Posted on 01/29/2011
The rain is enveloping us and even if I tell myself every day that it is wonderful to receive water from the sky, I do miss the sun and the happiness it brings to the day. At this time of the year, the end of the rainy season, I always...
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Rice, two ways: Nasi goreng and Nasi Kuning  Posted on 01/27/2011
One of the first things we prepare every morning is the rice. My mother in-law, Ibu Boni, still makes Nasi for the day the traditional way: soaked, steamed in a conical bamboo basket in an aluminium pot set over a wood fire, soaked again...
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Going Ghetto in the Jungle  Posted on 01/24/2011
Ghetto sous-vide, that is! Louise and I have been talking a lot lately about this technique and how it can transform the texture of food. Being interested in the science behind all things, she was very curious about it after having tasted...
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Cool, crunchy and spicy on a rainy day  Posted on 01/17/2011
We have had rain for over a month here in Bali; the humidity is high, the spirits are getting low and everyone watches the sky hoping that today will be different and wondering if it will ever stop.A visit to Komang's cousin who has a...
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Temples on the day of Kuningan  Posted on 12/18/2010
PenjorToday was Kuningan, the last day of the Galungan festival which span a period of ten days and occur every 210 days in the Balinese calendar year (the Pawukon). It is a time celebrating the victory of Dharma over Adharma (or good over...
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Made is getting married!  Posted on 12/17/2010
Made Suarta aka Made Pintar (Smart Made) got married to his long time sweetheart Ketut Sepi (Quiet Ketut). Not only Ketut is quiet and beautiful, she is very patient as well since Made and her dated for 8 years!Marriage in Bali is one of...
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  • yanie@cahaya
    yanie@cahaya 30 November 2011 14:38:55

    I love this blog ;It took me on a journey towards heaven.It make me hungry.

    It's has an interesting love story made in Bali.Sooooooooooo......romantic.

  • MyHomeIsThisWorld
    MyHomeIsThisWorld 25 April 2011 15:47:00

    Ça va?
    Interesting! Nice to meet you. Have you been in Vietnam already? Are there still people who are able to speak french?

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