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People deal with loss in so many different ways.  Posted on 07/04/2015
Hey there,Well just an update from our last post about our horrible miscarriage of lil oopsy.So after a few weeks of crying at the drop of a hat, walking trough the nappy isle, seeing other people with babies, commercials on TV, I can...
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The hardest week of our lives....  Posted on 05/01/2015
Our 3 beautiful healthy boys.One of the worse weeks of our lives.It’s been a very long time between blogs but I have had a very exciting, BUSY and sad year.So Zed and I have just been through one of the hardest weeks of our lives and...
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Children and Accidents  Posted on 07/22/2012
So our boys are very much boys, they ride motorbike, the run a hundred mile an hour, they play lots of sport, and never slow down. So like any normal full on child they always have bruised chins stubbed toes, scrapped knees and elbows. So...
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SCHOOL HOLIDAYS  Posted on 07/22/2012
Well welcome back- I’m so sorry IV been slack over the school holidays. We went to OZ on spare of the minute holiday home. Was great to see everyone, and the kids loved to see grandma & nanas, and we all loved to see our dog KIA....
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School holidays  Posted on 06/13/2012
Ok wow well we are half way through this year already it’s flown by!My twins have a whole month off school so I am on the lookout for some fun school holiday activities for them to do. I have found out that there is an ice skating...
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GETTING BACK INTO IT!  Posted on 06/05/2012
So it’s been awhile- SORRY! We are all great!!! It’s been raining lots here in Borneo.My husband is back from nearly a month in Germany whilst I stayed in Borneo and kept the house running. Not only were we all missing him like...
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Ok so I think I’ve been doing really well, 1 trip out of here since we got here in November, spent xmas here, spent mother’s day without my husband cause he spent nearly 1 month in Germany for work, me and the kids stayed in...
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BREAK-DOWN TOTAL BREAK-DOWN  Posted on 05/06/2012
Ok So I had my first break-down last week since being an ex-pat (well aside from the scooter incident). For the last 2+ weeks my Buddha has been sick, then I got sick and it was awful, all Buddha did was cry all the time not sleeping etc...
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TAKE A DAY OFF.......PARENTING  Posted on 04/25/2012
OK so in most families I know the DAD always has time to himself whether it be , golf, poker, gym, sport, night out at the pub with the blokes, fishing, whatever it is it seems that us woman are always keen for the dads to have time out...
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OK so a lot of my friends have told me they don't feel like they are accomplishing anything and "just going though the motions" being a at home mother.Lately i have started thinking to myself what am i doing? what am i...
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  • Donna 24 June 2012 22:06:31

    Hi Natasha. I've loved ready your blog! I am about to embark on our expat adventure just over the water in manado north Sulawesi. We are just about to pack up the house and am starting to feel the apprehension (along with excitement)-'what are we doing?? Is it the right thing to do?? Are our kids going to hate us for it?? We have twins too by the way! 3 year old girls and also a 7 year old girl. Would love to email with you for any advice to make it a smooth transition. Dsmarshall@aapt.net.au. Cheers! Donna

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