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Thoughts on India  Posted on 01/02/2008
As 2008 begins and I've returned to the U.S., this will be the last post of Chennai Journal. I'm starting a new blog, called Transitions, where I'll record the adjustment back to the U.S., retirement or whatever this phase...
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Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet...  Posted on 12/27/2007
It's been about a week since I returned to the U.S. It's cold in Michigan---snow on the ground that has now melted with a rainfall a few days ago, but still very cold here especially compared to Chennai. The air shipment was...
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Last Day in Chennai  Posted on 12/18/2007
Well, so much for the end of the monsoon....today was a blustery, rainy day with nearly constant downpours--it has never really stopped, just let up a few times---and impossible to do much of anything but pack. So I wasn't able to...
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Last Days in Chennai  Posted on 12/13/2007
The sea shipment has been loaded and locked, and sent to customs and then to the Port of Chennai. The ship was to have sailed yesterday for Columbo, where the container will be loaded on to a larger ocean vessel that sails around the Horn...
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Attack of the Killer Salespeople  Posted on 12/08/2007
Yesterday I wanted to buy Leela a watch, so went to the Citi Centre which is a new shopping center opened a couple of years ago. Headed to Landmark, the bookstore, where I had seen displays of watches before. What an experience--it felt...
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Packing Update  Posted on 12/07/2007
The movers finished about 70% of the packing--seven or eight men arrived at 9:30 a.m. and some of them immediately started in with tape, corrugated cardboard, and boxes even before the orientation on what goes where. They had two tea...
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Waiting for it all to happen  Posted on 12/05/2007
I haven't been in this place for a while. The place I mean is moving and change. It was tough when Marty left and when Dad left earlier this year, but I guess I was last there in this order of magnitude three years ago when we came to...
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The End is Near  Posted on 12/02/2007
It seems impossible to believe that the end of my three year stay in India is near.....I'll be leaving for good in just a little over two weeks. Junior, pictured pensively below, returns on Wednesday night, and yesterday I had to sign...
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Reupholstery  Posted on 11/28/2007
I don't know how much it costs to reupholster furniture in the U.S. these days, or how long it takes. I've heard that it's expensive and can take months. We had a couple of pieces of furniture that were very...
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Bridge on the River Kwai  Posted on 11/25/2007
I am dating myself, but the first movie I remember seeing was the 1950s re-release of Bambi. I was four years old and we almost had to leave midway through because my cousin Doug (then called Dougie) who was three, got scared by the forest...
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