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English Wife, Indian Life

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added on 12/09/2013 by: LaurenMokasdar
Since I was a little girl I had dreamt of going to India. The colours, traditions and spirituality of India have always enchanted me. I knew it was inevitable that I would visit India someday. I did not know that when my dream of going to India finally did come true, I would be going there to meet my in-laws, get married to my true love and see where I would be living for the rest of my life. I left my career as a pharmacist in England and followed my heart on a one-way ticket to India. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of Indian life, love and marriage. I hope documenting my journey can provide inspiration and information to those who are also in cross cultural relationships, anyone considering visiting/living in India and readers who are simply curious to see how an English wife adapts to an Indian life. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of Indian life, love and marriage. I hope documenting my journey can provide inspiration and information to those who are also in intercultural relationships, those with an interest in India and those who are curious to see how an English wife adapts to an Indian life.
 tags: Interracial, Love, Marriage, Relationships, Romance

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When I was flying back to India, my husband wasn’t the only man I was excited to see. Alfonso has been such a light in our lives since we first set eyes on him, that wrinkly bundle of cuteness. He has filled those hours of loneliness...
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Cheek Pinching in India  Posted on 01/27/2015
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I’m flying home to India tomorrow…  Posted on 01/13/2015
Six weeks have flown by so fast and I cannot believe it’s time for me to leave England! Tomorrow in India, it won’t just be me flying in the sky, it’s Makar Sankranti which is a Hindu harvest festival celebrated by flying...
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Hot Chocolate for Bhabhi  Posted on 01/01/2015
As I stood waiting for a train, something I’ve done often during my trip to England, I fancied something warm! After my year of hot Indian weather, this Great British weather is, not so great. So, what’s more heart...
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2015: What I hope to achieve this year!  Posted on 01/01/2015
Happy New Year!! Can you believe it’s 2015 already? Time really flies when you’re adapting to a new way of life. Now I’ve lived in India for a year, it’s time to concentrate on building my life there. The culture...
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  • Wistaria_87
    Wistaria_87 18 September 2014 17:56:23

    Lovely blog! :), myself im Belgian and together with an Indian guy from U.P. Its a colourful mix up of 2 cultures :)

  • aatmantheone
    aatmantheone 19 August 2014 14:39:41

    May God bless you both with love, joy and peace!!!

  • Loverboy3333
    Loverboy3333 14 January 2014 11:53:46

    You are beautiful.

  • bublyboy
    bublyboy 06 November 2013 08:18:49

    Congratulations! Wishing you a happy married life :)

  • LaurenMokasdar
    LaurenMokasdar 07 November 2013 18:20:10

    Thank you!!

  • lindasmth76
    lindasmth76 08 October 2013 15:55:11

    nice story love to know more like this

  • LaurenMokasdar
    LaurenMokasdar 19 October 2013 17:50:59

    Thank you x

  • Nacera_me
    Nacera_me 15 September 2013 16:54:48

    hey Lauren, I understand fully what you feel as I experienced the same...not in India but me too I moved to Egypt and left a great career behind for the sake of love....it's wonderful and keeps feeding your life constantly and unveils within us things we never thought existed ...Enjoy !

  • LaurenMokasdar
    LaurenMokasdar 25 September 2013 18:54:48

    Hello! yes, then you definitely understand. How wonderful!! :D Thank you for getting in touch! Egypt is somewhere I have always wanted to visit! How wonderful :D Good luck with your lovely life in Egypt!! x

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