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added on 18/12/2012 by: nicolewebb
A former News Reader with Sky News Australia, Nicole upped stumps on a wing and a prayer to relocate to Hong Kong with her hotelier husband four years ago. Mint Mocha Musings has been pivotal in bringing Hong Kong to life with humorous and entertaining tales of an hotelier's wife: an expat affair! Now, a move to deepest darkest China is imminent. Mint Mocha Musings is moving to Xi'an and this is where the expat adventure really begins! Stay tuned!
 tags: 11, Asian Adventures, Expat Encounters, Hotel Confessions, Media Matters

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Will the Real China Please Stand Up!  Posted on 09/25/2015
Do you want to see the real China? You do? Ok, listen up.  When you’re planning your itinerary, naturally you want to tick off the big kahunas – Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong…. maybe even Guangzhou or Shenzhen are on...
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Aliens welcome: I Survived a Year in China!  Posted on 09/10/2015
They call us aliens. Yes, it’s true. On our permanent work visa that allows us to live here as a pseudo Chinese for a year, it states very clearly “Alien!” For all intents and purposes, I often feel like I have indeed...
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Asia Versus Europe: Let’s Play Spot the Difference!  Posted on 08/16/2015
Given it was my first time out of Asia in seven months and for the hotelier, two years (Yes! two god dam years!), it was always going to be an  amusing amazing experience on all fronts! Heck, just crossing the road was going...
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“Mad Max” Scenes! The School Run in China!  Posted on 07/17/2015
So the truth of the matter is, I may well have been heard (from across the miles) whinging and moaning a few times (just a few) about the hour and a half (plus) round trip to take my daughter to school, here in China each morning....
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Repatriation is Not a Dirty Word!  Posted on 07/09/2015
It’s a Completely Different Ball Game: Tips to play it well! “Expat!”  In my current circles, it’s a word tossed around between friends like a ball between team players in a sports game.  Everyone has days...
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