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added on 18/12/2012 by: nicolewebb
A former News Reader with Sky News Australia, Nicole upped stumps on a wing and a prayer to relocate to Hong Kong with her hotelier husband four years ago. Mint Mocha Musings has been pivotal in bringing Hong Kong to life with humorous and entertaining tales of an hotelier's wife: an expat affair! Now, a move to deepest darkest China is imminent. Mint Mocha Musings is moving to Xi'an and this is where the expat adventure really begins! Stay tuned!
 tags: 11, Asian Adventures, Expat Encounters, Hotel Confessions, Media Matters

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China’s Genie in a Bottle: It’s Called Baijiu  Posted on 02/15/2015
I tentatively walked into the packed, brightly lit Chinese restaurant. While I’m getting used to being the only Gweilo in the room, this was my first ‘local’ dinner with part of the Westin team and I was acutely aware I...
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Life in China: A Class Act?  Posted on 01/27/2015
The wheels crunched over the broken bitumen as we rolled into the driveway. I was in a fairly unremarkable area of Xi’an with a few large iron gates looming down at me….no sign of a ‘school’ anywhere to be seen....
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Life in a Chinese City – What’s it Really Like?  Posted on 01/19/2015
China! It’s the country on everybody’s lips. The topical talking point on the global table. But aside from being home to the world’s biggest economy, what is it really like living in one of the 654 cities, outside of...
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Christmas in China: What Happens in Xi’an?  Posted on 12/24/2014
Latest column for Expat Focus… “He’s checking his list, he’s checking it twice, he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice…..” Sing it with me!  “….Santa Claus is coming...
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We Are All One Type of Human – The Sydney Siege  Posted on 12/17/2014
Today like so many of you, my heart is heavy….the pit of my stomach hollow. The Sydney siege is playing on my mind. Glued to the television like thousands, maybe millions of others, I watched the tragic events unfold before me on...
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Living in China: Is there a Doctor in the House?  Posted on 12/09/2014
So it’s been one of those weeks in deep dark China, where our family needed a visit to the local GP….  Winter lurgies and all are upon us… and after a 20 hour journey from the sunny skies Down Under, to the rather...
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Ni Hao Xi’an: The Birth Place of Ancient Civilisation  Posted on 12/04/2014
Warning: this is not a history lesson but it may involve the words ancient, museum, monuments, ruins and dynasties! Three months into this relationship, it’s time we learned a little bit about the new city in my life and its colorful...
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