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Tony is Back to School!  Posted on 09/01/2014
Monday morning I took him to be picked up by the car that takes him to school. He is in grade two now and he is attending a local elementary schoolThis means my four week hiatus from blogging has ended.During my hiatus, I was going to...
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Diary: July 29 to August 4, 2014  Posted on 08/04/2014
HighlightsThe Casa Kaulins washing machine breaks down.Andis does some video dictation.Sunday, Andis has a cavalcade of things go wrong.Andis lists some of his favorite conservative and reactionary people.Andis sees a mouse on the...
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Diary: July 22 to July 28, 2014  Posted on 07/28/2014
HighlightsAndis lists his favorite Germans and Austrians. Two of them are kickballers.Andis finishes typing out dictation of a lecture delivered by a Jim Wallace of the Sojourners.Andis hates the weather.Arnis Kaulins's birthday...
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Andis Kaulins添加了您可能认识的联系人  Posted on 07/23/2014
查看领英联系人的最新动态 联系人近况 所有动态 所有动态 Andis Kaulins和Joe Brennan建立了联系 Joe BrennanEnglish Teacher at Beijing Huijia Private School 查看档案 Joe BrennanEnglish Teacher at Beijing Huijia...
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Diary: July 15 to July 21, 2014  Posted on 07/22/2014
HighlightsAndis & Tony go to the technology side of the Wuxi MuseumAndis talks to a student about the drivers in Wuxi and in Xian.Andis has to go through some hoops to download a week of the Coffee and Markets podcasts.Andis finishes...
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Diary: July 8 to July 14, 2014  Posted on 07/14/2014
HighlightsAndis is rather distracted these days on account of it being summer.He means to answer a question about television series.Andis downloads and watches some Seinfeld episodes.Andis is surprised when he reads the score of the...
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Diary: July 1 to July 7, 2014  Posted on 07/08/2014
HighlightsAndis celebrates Dominion Day, his country's national day, by doing an English Corner about his country.Bemusingly, Andis observes the students lack of knowledge of his country.The Wuxi Metro begins operation on its first...
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Andis Kaulins添加了您可能认识的联系人  Posted on 07/01/2014
查看领英联系人的最新动态 联系人近况 所有动态 所有动态 Andis Kaulins和Tashana M. Powe建立了联系 Tashana M. PoweUrban Lux Associate Luxury Apartment Relocation Agent | Virgin Remy Hair Distributor |...
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