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Things AKIC Did in September 2014  Posted on 10/06/2014
I had access to another person's We-Chat account and so I made some goofy postings to the Moments section: here We-Chaters can make postings for all their contacts to see. One I did caused a lot of reaction. Hoping for another...
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Things I was told in September 2014  Posted on 10/05/2014
A student told me that they had to write an exam on a Sunday evening. A Sunday Evening!! A foreigner told me that he was accosted by a local woman on the street who told him he shouldn't be dating Japanese woman while he was...
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Things Seen In Wuxi, September 2014  Posted on 10/04/2014
Things I have saw in Wuxi in September, 2014: A School Master with a loud hailer supervising rows upon rows of uniformed school children doing mass calisthenics on the school playground. Hair salon workers standing in file, outside...
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September 2014 Thoughts and Observations  Posted on 10/03/2014
Thoughts and observations from September 2014: For some extra money, I am listening to, watching, and typing out the words said in these lectures from a left wing and sort of religious organization, Sojourners they are called, at...
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Tony & Dad Can't Hide Anything from Mom.  Posted on 09/23/2014
At 7:50 PM on a Monday evening, Tony told Dad, who was lying in bed reading a book, that he wanted to ride the subway. Dad reacted with exasperation because looking at the time, he saw that it was late. The subway ran till about 9:20 PM....
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To Have or Not Have a Car in Wuxi, China?  Posted on 09/22/2014
As I ponder this question, I make the following thoughts and observations and statements:Cars are nice things to have and they do cause those who don't have them to feel envious of those who do.I don't have a car. Be that as it...
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To Have or Not Have Breakfast at 7 + 7?  Posted on 09/15/2014
In late August of 2014, I had breakfast at the 7 + 7 restaurant for the first time.7 + 7 is a cafeteria style restaurant chain that is popular with the locals. Customers go in the restaurant, pick up trays and go along a line asking the...
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I Have Spent Ten Years in Wuxi, China!  Posted on 09/04/2014
"So. You have spent ten years in Wuxi? Are you nuts? Why would you do such a thing? And why work at the same school for all those years as well?" Sheepishly, I think this is what many who have spent any time in Wuxi, but not as...
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Tony is Back to School!  Posted on 09/01/2014
Monday morning I took him to be picked up by the car that takes him to school. He is in grade two now and he is attending a local elementary schoolThis means my four week hiatus from blogging has ended.During my hiatus, I was going to...
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