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Drowning  Posted on 04/21/2010
Harry Rud is no longer an aid worker in Afghanistan. He’s a bean-counting text bitch in an international NGO’s headquarters in London. It’s a long way from the hari rud. It might be the death of him. Life’s sweet....
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The joys of interviews  Posted on 03/23/2010
One organisation went to the trouble of paying for my travel to an interview. Where they made the mistake of asking me something about participation. This happened to be around the time of my post-grad exams, so I’d been busy...
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Winter in the Jardin Villemin  Posted on 02/25/2010
One of the joys of my last job in Afghanistan was getting to know my team. Of them all there was one young man in particular, let us call him Q, who was a pleasure to work with. (Before continuing, let me note that the use of the past...
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ReliefWeb addict  Posted on 11/24/2009
My name is hari rud, and I am a ReliefWeb addict. For those not in the know, ReliefWeb “is the global hub for time-critical humanitarian information on Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters,” a website bought to you by the...
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Afghan election roundup  Posted on 11/05/2009
For those of you who, like me, are wondering what the hell just happened with the elections in Afghanistan, here is a simple recap of recent events: Elections happened (Yay for democracy!) Karzai won (well done old chap) They were...
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Oh for those halcyon days  Posted on 11/02/2009
Sad, bad news for the international community in Kabul last week: Five UN staff members were killed when their guest house was attacked in the early hours, plus three Afghan policeman and the attackers. Walking through safe London streets...
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Domestic clashes  Posted on 10/10/2009
One of the (many) challenges of having moved from Afghanistan to Britain is suddenly having to have an opinion on, and argue about, the question originally posed by The Clash: should (foreign forces) stay or should they go now? Being in...
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Salam  Posted on 09/22/2009
Eid mubarak and peace be upon you for the international day of peace. Peace day? God but the UN are a bunch of hippies. I guess blogging will continue here but probably not so often, at least for a while, so don’t hold you breath.
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Becoming an ex-expat  Posted on 09/14/2009
The transition from expat to ex-expat is not easy. This is supposed to be a moderately civilized country I’ve moved to but it’s seemed far from it in my first week back. Getting off the plane I looked high and low for someone I...
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Hell’s teeth  Posted on 09/05/2009
Zibahkhana, or Hell’s Ground in English: Pakistan’s first gore flick, with possibly the best advertising posters ever.
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  • 23 January 2009 03:40:19

    We the USA would love to be friends with you, we could all do so much better if we would get along and love each other, forget our differences..we can we will for sure one day. with love USA Girl

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