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The First Kiss Vs the Taste of Injera, Ethiopian Dish  Posted on 01/24/2015
Martin, a lover of Classical music and Beethoven I admit, I am obsessed with visiting Ethiopian restaurants every time I have an opportunity to visit new countries and have never had trouble finding them. My obsession comes from the fact...
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Live the moment  Posted on 12/14/2014
There are many moments which remind me how life is precious. Among many reasons losing a loved friend at a young age was the worst. I have many dreams to accomplish in life and goals to work on so I don't think much about death. But I...
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Bungee Jumping in Jinja  Posted on 08/28/2014
For the first time I visited Uganda, I got to know about bungee jumping.Since then I was waiting for the day I jump. That happened after two years of my stay, just one month before leaving the pearl of Africa.Wini and princess on a bodaOn...
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Day 4: Dori, an hour to Niger  Posted on 08/15/2013
Its today I woke up early in the morning since I have started my vacation. We had an appointment with Rasman to go and attained the Mossi Kingdom meeting. Rasman was late to come and pick me with his motorbike. When I called him he told me...
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Day 3: Braveness in Bazoule!  Posted on 07/28/2013
Bernard and MeThe Couchsurfer Rasman came home and picked me, he convinced me it was possible to ride a bike.I also preferred bike riding because of the hot weather. We ride for almost 1 hour on the bike to reach Bazoule. Rasman introduced...
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Day 2: Burkinabe’s  Posted on 07/27/2013
It was a surprise for me to wake up early at 4:00 AM but it helped me to plan what I will do for the day. I decided to see the museum first and checked on Google map from where I was. It’s not far- it’s walking distance! I fall...
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Day 1: Pain  Posted on 07/26/2013
I just left the plane and breathed the air of Burkina Faso- very hot and humid. I knew a car was waiting for me at the airport to take me to my host. While having lunch, they let me know we would go to a place called Dori. I knew very soon...
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9 Days in Burkina Faso  Posted on 07/24/2013
From the moment I knew I would go to Burkina Faso, I read about Burkina Faso.My previous experiences taught me to read about the country I planned to travel. It gives me a good picture about what to do and what to see while I am there....
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Me through Jampala  Posted on 06/14/2013
My weekend was reserved for Jampala event without knowing what it is all about. I only found general information which is mainly the time, venue and some stuffs to bring such as laptop and any stationary material even though they supply. I...
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A profession called "Pleasure Engineer"  Posted on 04/13/2013
This weekend’s gathering with friends let us discuss the recent issue of Uganda Mini-skirt bill followed by gay bill remind me the event I organized last year in Addis Ababa. I organize the Pre- Youth ICASA conference at Ghion hotel....
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