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.  Posted on 08/28/2013
We live in a time where the attention of one is discarded for the "love" of as many as we can acquire. Lacking faith, self worth, and conviction we allow others to validate what should only be validated through our own vessel....
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Natural State of Heartbreak  Posted on 06/18/2013
Back then I was committed but I still let him hit it.Tables turned. Love spurned.Male version of me. Only person that made me see, what I did to other people…he did to me. Reap what you sow, now I’m laid out eatin’ that...
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  Posted on 06/10/2013
Night sweats.Overheated.Past tense pains repeated.Knew then what I know now but sometimes the dark feels so right when light starts to shine too bright. I did it for desire. For the thrill.The potential kill. Death wish started the night...
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† Paris †  Posted on 04/04/2013
I dreamt of Paris last night.The 16th arrondissement. A flat with a downstairs kitchen and an upstairs shower. There are only two things that completely eradicate my restlessness. Mon hommeand France. Two things that signify home, places,...
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  Posted on 03/06/2013
Middle of the night silence.Placed in between you and my solitary present.I never cared about foreign minds. All that matters is that I am yours and you are mine. Restless feet, restless legs.Feels like I am running to catch up to the end...
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  Posted on 02/28/2013
'And then suddenly, all at once we grew up and grew into love.' -Jenovia JouJou Loves You
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  Posted on 02/24/2013
Self discipline. To say no when you want to say yes,because that is what's best, in the long run. Impulse, socked a punch in my middle. I was now present.Flesh and bones.She cured my indifference, then he.A taste for life.So I sank...
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  Posted on 02/07/2013
"Went to bed wanting romance, woke up next to circumstance." JouJou Loves You
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  Posted on 02/07/2013
"Soul connection turned to muted rejection of love’s false protection. Aimed high, felt low, even summer couldn’t warm these winter bones. Covered those that hovered, flaunted what we wanted, spent weeks and months...
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  Posted on 12/12/2012
Sure you can follow the string, but you won't find flesh and a beating heart. I was always late to start.Restless. Immoveable. So I slid then hid back within that other place and time. I desired simple pleasures, not simple...
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  • Hichem.a
    Hichem.a 13 May 2010 11:00:06

    Hi JouJOU, very happy to write these words on your blog, i'm Hichem tunisian working in tunis in a relocation company named Tunisia Relocation & Services
    have a nice day

  • Quid
    Quid 17 October 2009 14:11:28

    Hi JouJou; went through some of the nice articles posted on your blog... I think you're nuts but I like it :-) I'm a swiss dude based in Tunisia for work.
    Keep posting and I'll keep enjoying! Greetings - Quid

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