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To be continued...  Posted on 12/01/2008
I was sick, burnt out, becoming cynical, and feeling like I was working on a project that wasn't doing good anymore (more on that later)- so last month I decided that it was time to leave Sudan. It was a sad day, I never wanted to...
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The dreaded mozzies!!  Posted on 08/06/2008
I recently got diagnosed with malaria after returning from the swampland and being eaten alive every night by mosquitoes! It turns out that it was a fluke, which I found out after I had already taken all of the drugs to treat malaria which...
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Just another day (stuck) in the office  Posted on 07/18/2008
Our car slid off the road today and ended up stuck in the swamps... It took about 3 hours and lots of mud to finally get the car out. Not your typical day in the office unless you are working in Sudan!
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Oil country  Posted on 07/17/2008
Going out to the field last week I flew into a perfect airport with a great all weather airstrip and get into the car to drive on perfect roads. This is a new experience for me... You must be thinking that I'm in Juba or Khartoum or...
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Yay for Yei?  Posted on 07/17/2008
I recently returned from a fabulous R&R (see previous post on Rest and Relaxation), which is why I haven't posted in a while. This vacation I left the continent of Africa, and it was much needed! I recommend it to anyone living...
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Tent life  Posted on 05/26/2008
This time in Sudan I'm living in a tent more than a hut. Every time I mention my tent to people they don't really understand the living in a tent concept. It's not a pop-up tent like you carry with you when backpacking....
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Abyei  Posted on 05/21/2008
I traveled last month to the Agok/ Abyei area (on the frontline of the North-South border). Under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Abyei area got special status (because it was basically an unresolvable issue at the time). As soon as...
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Beautiful Things  Posted on 05/19/2008
With all of the ugliness around sometimes it's better to just focus on the small things, the things that I will always find beautiful no matter where I travel to in Sudan: A child's smileThe beautiful natureBreathtaking sunsets
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Trouble in Khartoum  Posted on 05/14/2008
The latest news out of Khartoum this week. I'm glad right now that I'm in the South and away from the fighting. The conflict in Darfur is separate from the civil war in the South, but in order for peace to stick in South Sudan...
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Jubalicious  Posted on 05/07/2008
Since I’ve returned to Sudan I’ve made 2 trips to Juba (the capital of South Sudan). I complained before about how much I hated Juba and the dirtiness, the trash, the cost of living, but almost a year later I feel a bit...
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  • Karen 29 July 2008 15:13:29

    Loved your blog and am curious about what kind of work you are doing there. I am considering taking a job in Khartoum to teach English to business clients for Winner Language Institute. I am wondering if you would be willing to share some info on living conditions there and cost of living. Please email me at du_karuna@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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