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Paradise Promised?

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The rest of the runthrough  Posted on 11/07/2012
So what other challenges faced in our Great British homecoming? (And the weather doesn’t even warrant mention) * Where to live – after 3 years spent in paradise, a return to the choking,busy, polluted streets of London? Not top...
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Who?  Posted on 11/07/2012
I hang my head in shame about how long its been since I last posted but in very wafer thin defence of my tardiness a lot’s been happening. Rather than bore you with the minutiae  – and one reason why I’ve been so lax...
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It seemed like a good idea at the time  Posted on 08/07/2012
A 10 hour layover in Qatar. Brilliant I thought when we’d booked the tickets, I could maybe see my mate who lives there, except he mailed me a few weeks ago, he’s sodding well left. Perhaps time then to go and explore the...
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Minx mojo  Posted on 08/07/2012
Thank God. The guy moving into our flat is a cat owner and happy to take on Minx. He just isn’t moving in until mid August. Disaster averted by the opportune holiday of an ex school colleague and pet lover who’s staying in our...
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Re re wind and the crowd says see you later  Posted on 08/07/2012
After much ado, we decided to have a leaving do at social seychelles hangout Exiles. Always up for a party, I end up dreadfully nervous of my own, and so it was, and I spent most of the hours before it trying to create the prefect playlist...
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Good job fresh fish in Seychelles is so cheap  Posted on 08/07/2012
With fresh fish Minx will never notice the 2 x pink pills, 1 x big white, 1/2 x small white pill we crush in her food every day will she? Day 1 – success! Day 2 – Suspicion. Day 3 – Coaxing. Day 4 –  Whiskers...
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And just pop it in…  Posted on 08/07/2012
The lady on the online video says, stroke the cat, ease its head back, open the mouth from the bottom jaw and just pop the pill in. The cat Minx says you can bloody well bugger off. Tagged: cats, mahe, seychelles
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Minx jinx #3  Posted on 08/07/2012
‘Do you know why her mouth is so pink?’ the other one asked about Minx to the vet. ‘No, I’ve seen dogs with it but never cats’ the vet replied. Being two prior non pet owners we didn’t follow up. Bad...
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Minx jinx #2  Posted on 08/07/2012
She was diagnosed with lice. Nice. Tagged: cats, seychelles
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Minx jinx #1  Posted on 08/07/2012
What to do with the cat was a pressing issue, in the back of our minds and not something we wanted to face. We’d inherited her from our neighbours who’d left who’d inherited her from the previous people who’d lived...
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