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Life as it is in Kin

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added on 15/11/2008 by: congopit
A South African living in the DRC with my husband and son & dog. My everyday life is shared with my family and friends by writing on my blog.
 tags: Positivity , Promoting Kinshasa, Socialising

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FINAL WORDS!  Posted on 07/02/2009
It's been 2 months since we arrived back home in Cape Town, and it took me this long to write, as I never felt inspired to do so. All the changes makes you feel like you are living on the outside of a fishbowl, looking at everyone...
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Fin is home!  Posted on 04/21/2009
Well after a stressful morning, Fin has arrived in Cape Town after being stuck at Johannesburg International Airport for almost 24 hours. The Pet Travel Agency, managed to convince the State Vet that he needed his legs stretched. The...
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BON VOYAGE FIN!  Posted on 04/20/2009
I clearly cannot explain to you how utterly busy we have been these last 2 weeks prior to leaving this city and country. I suppose anyone who has been through it all, will be able to share. It is so overwhelming that I can't even take...
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Biorythyms!  Posted on 04/12/2009
I came across an article on biorythyms and how to calculate it by entering your birthdate and the present date. It calculates your emotional, physical and intellectual well-being for the moment. Well mine is on it's way up on all 3...
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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!  Posted on 04/07/2009
Just to let you all know that I'm back from Holiday in Bali and a short stay I had in Cape Town. Now I only have the following 3 weeks to get organised, packed, say a hundred goodbyes and return to my home city! We are still tired...
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SHOPPING!  Posted on 03/10/2009
Shopping Kinshasa style has never been easy. For an interesting read, please look at my friend's blog, Kristen. She has explained it so well, except for the part where she gets to order clothes online, and luxury edible items! A...
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CHOCAHOLICS!  Posted on 03/06/2009
It's friday late afternoon and I am so exhausted from this busy week of socialising, I need to get back to Cape Town just to chill! Lucky me, we are going in two weeks for RnR. The caption on the picture on the left is specifically...
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ICE-CREAM DATE  Posted on 03/02/2009
On Saturday, Torden went on his first date. Yes he is only 4 years old, but such a romantic at heart, ever since he discovered his masculinity about 2 years ago. He told me dozens of times that he wants to marry me, and his imagination...
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Bopping Lizard  Posted on 03/01/2009
I love the way you bop to the beat of nature,your brightly coloured capes you wear, show off your true beauty,some may think you ugly,some may even be scared,I think the Sun knows who to worship. _uacct = "UA-4007842-1";...
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Friggin Frogs!  Posted on 02/26/2009
Paul told me to write about this episode in my blog, sorry "our blog".Well it goes something like this; On Tuesday evening, just about half past ten, I went to bed after having good night to Paul who was watching tv, just to get...
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  • shri150
    shri150 21 March 2012 14:35:30

    Myself from India,pls tell me about scope,safety towards working as a manager in Solution4africa a somika group of companies Is it safe to live ,work as compare to india. Myself working in Dy. Manager in India ,how will be to shift to Lubumbashi Pls guide. Email:vishud2002@yahoo.co.in,09996990090
    by vishwanath on 13/07/2010 at 15:28:56

  • vishwanath
    vishwanath 13 July 2010 15:28:56

    Myself from India,pls tell me about scope,safety towards working as a manager in Chemaf SPRL,Living in Lubumbashi. Is it safe to live ,work as compare to india.
    Myself working in Nestle as a Assist. Manager ,how will be to shift to Lubumbashi Chemaf as a Manager.
    Pls guide.


  • iron
    iron 31 May 2010 11:39:14

    Hi, my husband has landed a contract in the DRC for 5 months. It is a construction contract close to the Congo river. My 6month old son and I will go with, maybe my three dogs depending on how difficult it is taking them with. I need to know, first and foremost, how safe is it living there? How do we go about the visums, my husband is the only one that will be working. Where in the DRC are nice places to rent, what is the costs of living there? Someone, anyone with some advice? Also, travelling, can one bring your own vehicle etc?

  • Warren 11 August 2009 14:50:01

    Hi there

    My name is Warren and I have been offered a job in Kolwezi, I also have dogs and cats that I would like to take with. I just wanted to know how difficult is is do get animals into the DRC.

    I would appreciated your comments.

    email warrenl@iafrica.com

  • barak
    barak 22 April 2009 13:56:08

    Hi I would like to know how to travell and live in the Rep congo?I am married and liveing with my wife in Israel we are involved in ministry and teach beekeeping but work as a electrican.would you have any advice for me.look forward to your reply.

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