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Patrick in Burundi  Posted on 06/14/2012
I've been trying to post this for two days but sometimes the internet here isn't very cooperative... (hence no photo attachments either...)********************************I’ve lived in Burundi for nearly two years and I...
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Hostess Gift  Posted on 06/08/2012
I’m going to visit a Burundian boy and his family in the hills of Burundi this weekend. Patrick is 8 years old and will be the second Burundian child featured in the One Globe Kids series – hurrah! For this initial visit, I...
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And Then There Were FIVE!  Posted on 06/06/2012
Ta-da! Baby Jos is now 6 months old! The months since my last post have flown by in almost a blur – a busy, fun, stressful, joyful, painful, contented blur. Jos (full name: Josef) was born in Wisconsin on December 1, 2011. The little...
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Just in case you forgot you live in Burundi...  Posted on 10/25/2011
Here are a few things that wouldn’t happen in too many other countries: It takes 4 weeks longer than expected to get your car back from the garage because the only reputable garage in town has no electricity and doesn’t want to...
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31 weeks pregnant in Burundi  Posted on 10/16/2011
Jan took this picture today and clearly we're well on our way! The boys understand what's going on (there's a baby in Mommy's tummy), they know I'll leave for the USA first and that they'll come a few weeks...
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Let's Talk About Food: Israel!  Posted on 10/10/2011
Ok, so maybe not everyone knows it yet, but I LOVE TO EAT. I’m not a foodie – I don’t believe in all that super-fancy, shooshy food and expensive ingredients because it feels exclusive and I don’t like that. I do...
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Big Belly, Will Travel - to Israel and Palestine!  Posted on 09/21/2011
Live from Ramallah: So I've actually left my two darling boys and their father in Burundi for 2.5 weeks so I can travel to Israel and Palestine to collect more stories for One Globe Kids. I knew it would be tough being gone for so...
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Hunger on the Street (Journal: January 2011)  Posted on 09/21/2011
This is an excerpt from my January 2011 journal:Lest my emails make it sound like Burundi is only fun and games (and good food and beaches) tonight’s email will bring us all back down to earth. When I write about life here, I do not...
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Pregnant in Burundi  Posted on 06/28/2011
Fast-forward from April, I am now 3.5 months pregnant (15.5 weeks to be exact!!!) and went today for my first blood work. Clinique "La Misericorde" (personally, I can't come up with a way to pronounce it that doesn't...
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