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Test  Posté le 09/02/2011
The platform was upgraded this week, this is a simple test ;-)
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Work abroad  Posté le 24/09/2009
Would you like to work abroad? The expat blog participative guides are here to help! Already online: Africa: work in Mauritius Asia: work in China, work in Japan Europe: work in England, work in Germany, work in Ireland, work in Norway,...
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Testing the new expat toolbar  Posté le 10/08/2007
Hi everybody,you'll notice a new toolbar on top of your blog. At the moment it doesn't perfectly work with all our blogs, I am doing my best to arrange this as soon as possible! Thanks for your comprehension,Julien - founder
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By expatriates, for expatriates!  Posté le 27/07/2007
Expat-blog is a community built by expatriates, for expatriates (and only for expatriates). We are doing our best to filter spammers, but we can't have an eye on every blog. Please let us know if you notice any problem!
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This is a simple test  Posté le 13/07/2007
I may have noticed a small bug, so I am testing to make sure everything is ok ...I've taken this photo a couple of weeks ago Seems to be ok , great!
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Platform upgrade  Posté le 09/07/2007
Hi everybody,I've upgraded the expat-blog.net platform to lifetype's latest version. I've also added a new template, Glossy blue. Please let me know if you notice any problem! Have a good day,Julien
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  • Djayjay
    Djayjay 15 Juin 2009 20:38:49

    Je part a Normal au mois d'aout jusqu'a decembre et j'aurai aimé avoir des informations sur la ville. Serai t'il possible de discuter par email ?
    Je vous laisse mon email: Andrage@hotmail.com

  • Thierry romand 12 Janvier 2009 11:36:04

    Super le rêve americàin. Pascal est trop discret en commentaire . A+

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