Renting a car??

#1 22 April 2012 08:11:17


Renting a car?? search for a driver has failed. I hate taking a taxi everywhere, it is such a hassle. Especially when you have just moved into an unfurnished place and constantly realize you forgot to buy something.

My fear of driving in Kuwait will just have to be ignored. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. So, where to rent from? Which dealers are the best? What are the prices like? I have my international drivers license thank goodness. I think I want a small four wheel drive. If I have to drive here, I might as well be safe in a big car. Also, I'm probably gonna need a gps because I wouldn't want to end up in another country. With my sense of direction and luck, I'd end up in Japan (lol).

Thanks in advance! :)

#2 22 April 2012 08:23:38


Re: Renting a car??

Hi Ms.

If you are talking about leasing a car then below are the companies which offer such service. You can call them and ask for their deals and available cars and what does the lease contract covers (ie. replacement car, on road assistance, etc) … ofile.html … nance.aspx … rental.asp

There is more of course but these are the major ones and there is also Aayan Leasing however their website is not in English.

Good luck

#4 26 April 2012 06:20:24


Re: Renting a car??

If you are a 'resident' of Kuwait your international driving licence is not good enough. You need to have a Kuwait driving licence.
Having said that, you will only get a fine if you get caught (around 30 KD)

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