Teaching English in Peru

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Teaching English in Peru

There are many language schools that hire native English speakers to teach English in Peru. It is generally not necessary to have a degree or a TESOL designation to get a job.  Lima, Cusco, and other large towns are good places to look.

I chose to come to Chachapoyas to teach at ILC - the International Language Center, based on glowing testimonials on their website and by a recommendation from someone on this forum who used to teach there.  I learned that hard way that things at ILC have gone downhill since 2009 -- when all those happy teachers had wonderful things to say about it.

When I arrived in February 2012, there were about a dozen teachers at ILC, mostly from America, Europe, and Australia.  Not one of them was happy with the current state of the school.

Some teachers hadn't been paid for work they'd done 3 months prior.  Three teachers left this month and another four are quitting in the next few weeks.   I left because we couldn't get books, workbooks, or even photocopies for ourselves or our students. It was impossible to plan our first classes because we'd get our schedule a few hours before the class started (if we were lucky).  The internet was turned off (and is still off 3 weeks later) and 3 computers were sold off.  The 2 remaining computers barely function.

If you do the math, there should be plenty of tuition to cover the cost of books and payroll, even during the lean times.  I won't speculate where the money's going.

On the other hand, Chachapoyas is a nice, little town in the mountains of Amazonas.  There are many ancient archeological sites nearby, but it's off the beaten Machu Picchu track.  If you're looking for a way to make a few soles (and don't mind waiting for your money), while taking a little vacation, then go ahead and give ILC a try.  But if you want a real teaching job at a real school, maybe you'd better skip it.

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Re: Teaching English in Peru

Thanks so much for your posting on this school. It is good to be aware of the pitfalls we ESL/TESOL encounter! I taught in Tunisia and had a similar situation... Unfortunately it seems all too common.

Are you still in Lima, teaching? Did you find a school you like better? 

I am planning to come to Lima and am in the initial research and planning stages, so any further recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Best regards,

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Re: Teaching English in Peru

CHachapoyas is a magnificent city. The problem is the ILC school. I was a professor of languages and the director is very disrespectful. He thinks that to seduce the women and can be violent. He says a lot of wickedness. Hepays late and sometimes not at all.

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Mr. abroad
Mr. abroad

Re: Teaching English in Peru

Chachapoyas is a beautiful city where you can find beautiful places like kuelap , karajia, Leymebamba , mendoza and more, if you want to teach english in Chachapoyas then you can look for International Language Center or ILC it has 12 years experiencie in differents languages like English, French, german, Italian, Portuguese, Cooking lessons, spanish classes.
About Ilc , most our hours foreigners who work with us they feel very happy because they find a lot of help about working  with us , the idea about working in a foreign country thats  means  respect the culture and customs specially when you are working in a  small Town, about 100 % percent of foreigners who works  with us 98 % are perfect candidates, just 2% percent behave really badly like going drinking every nigth and doing a lot things that they are not welcome for the school remenber is a small town alot of gossiping, thay why the school sometimes need to say its finish your contract.

About payments everybody have days of payments where ILC pays on time. thats why there is an FAQ

Since 2004 we have had a lots of foreigns teachers who come to work with us and you are welcome to work with us but you need to read first the condition of the FAQ first and then you decide at the same time you can live your own great experiencie.

If you want a great experiencie just come and visit us

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