International schools in Riyadh

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International schools in Riyadh

Finally I found a list of international schools in Riyadh. Hope it will be useful for parents who don't have an opportunity to send their children to British or American schools. The main source:

Riyadh Schools

Al-Rowad International Schools
International schools in Riyadh that offer an American curriculum as well as Islamic education & Arabic; prepares students for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and TOEFL etc.

American International School Riyadh (AISR)
Private, non-profit, co-educational day school accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges; offers an enriched American curriculum with an international perspective (preschool to Grade 11).

Bangladesh International School
The Bangladesh International School, English Section, Riyadh (BISES, Riyadh) is located in Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is a British Curriculum based school.
Bengali Section: Near Chamber of Commerce, Dabbab St.
Tel: 4036303
Senior Section(English): Near King Fahd Medical City
Tel: 4648183
Primary Section(English): Olaya St., Near P.I.A, Al-Islam St.
Tel: 4642449

British International School
The British International School, Riyadh is a non-selective, co-educational day school, catering for English-speaking children aged 3 to 18. The teaching staff is composed partly of teachers recruited from the United Kingdom and partly of qualified and experienced teachers from the local expatriate community. The School is a non-profit making organisation and financial control is overseen by the Board of Governors and is independently audited on an annual basis.
Location: Al-Kharj, Airport Highway Exit 9
Tel: 2482387, 0386, 1521
Fax: 2480351
Email: info[at]

Dar Assalam Private Schools
School complex in Riyadh with separate sections for
boys and girls; from kindergarten to higher secondary; part of the NAFA

Daratassalam International Delhi Public School
Daratassalam International DPS prepares students for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of India, later facilitating them to the option of simultaneously appearing for the British and/or the CBSE schools certificate examinations.
Location: Al Maruj, Riyadh
Tel: 4507133, 2251949
Fax: 2631816
Email: info[at]

Dehli Public School

Delta school

École française internationale de Riyad
Please visit their website for more info.

Elite International School
P.O. Box 69199, Riyadh, 11547, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +9661 4627224

Future Window International School
FWIS is an educational organization with a great experience in the operation of Pre-K and K-12 schools. The distinguishing mark of these schools is their implementation of the FWIS Educational System. It is a system that offers a rigorous, internationally-oriented, college-preparatory curriculum for students aged 3½ to 18+, focusing primarily on the core subjects of English, mathematics, sciences, and world languages.
Saudi Arabia P.O. Box 87054 Riyadh 11642
Tel: 2063371, 2063324
Email: info[at]

Ghana International School
Boys and girls study together. English is taught  by native speakers. Very friendly environment - that's my adding
Tel:012268360, Fax:012265018

Horizon International School
Tel:012050001, Fax:014563932

International Indian School (Boys Section)
Al Rawdah 1, Khurais Rd., Exit 24
Tel: 4934688-4912239
Email: director[at]

International Indian School (Girls Section)
Al Naseem Al Gharbi, Dammam Rd., Exit 30
Tel: 2323248 – 2318092
Email: director[at]

Iqra DPS International School
Iqtesaad Street, Al Fayha, Exit 15,
P.O. Box: 391204, Riyadh 11365
Tel: 4714488, 4714011
Email: info[at]

International Philippine School in Riyadh (IPSR) ttp://
Tel: 01-454-5608
Non-profit and the only Filipino community school in Riyadh, accredited by the Philippine Department of Education,Culture and Sports; formerly Philippine Embasssy School in Riyadh.

Japanese International School
Eastern Ring Road, Exit 15, 2nd signal
Tel: 2412591
Email: riyadhjs[at]

Internation school
Tel: +966-4750417

King AbdulAziz International School (KAIS)
Multinational co-educational, independent, English-medium day school serving both the local and expatriate communities for students from the age of 3 to 18.

King Faisal School
Non-profit school run by the King Faisal Foundation; located in the Diplomatic Quarter of Riyadh.

King Khaled International School (KKIS)
International school that serves students from over 15 different nationalities; located on Nahda Street, Riyadh; has over 1,300 students; accredited by CITA.

King Saud International School (KSIS)
Tel: 01-463-3180
Hamdan Street, Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
School established at the beginning of the 1998-1999 academic year to serve Riyadh’s expanding expatriate community; follows the Council’s Curriculum Framework of Western Australia & is an IGCSE Exam and Preparation Centre.

Kingdom Schools
Schools for both boys and girls; based in Riyadh

Middle East International school
It has two main sections: The Asian section and the American section. The American section is CITA accredited. The Asian section follows the CBSE curriculum of India. Each of these sections is further divided for boys and girls and infants.

Manarat Al-Riyadh International School
It is one amongst the list of schools under Maarif Education and Training Company.
P.O. Box 3835, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel: 01-4509916
Fax: 01-4504661

Najd National Schools
Tel: 014914434

Nour al Maaref International School Riyadh
Tel: 4656351, 4656981 KG to Gr : 10

Pakistan International School … block.html
Al Nasiriyah, Near Traffic Police Station
Tel: 4417979, 4414428
Email: pisra[at]

Riyadh International School … &Itemid=57

Second Philippine International School in Riyadh (SPIS)
Tel: 01-217-1905
Non-profit educational institution catering to the dependents of Filipino workers in Riyadh.

Sri Lankan International School
Jarir St., Near Pizza Hut Tel: 4786664

Swedish International School
Kingdom City, King Abdul Aziz Rd
Tel: 2750275, Ext: 2752
Email: svskola[at]

Taqwa International School
Taqwa International School has been established in Riyadh with the aim of educating, nurturing and developing students into wholesome personalities. The school strives to offer quality education using a well balanced curricular and extra-curricular program, and an environment to develop strong moral character among children. The school believes that continuous improvement in the ways students are taught and mentored are both necessary and possible.
Taqwa Street, Adjacent to Khurais Road, Riyadh 11471
Tel: 2354000, 2330907, 2330908
Fax: 2392491

Yara International School
P.O Box 325965, Al Hanafi Street, Rabwa District, Riyadh 11371
Tel: 4776007,2065000
Email: info[at]

Al Yasmin International School
Al Yasmin International School is striving to provide quality education to students in a congenial environment. Educational goals of academic excellence and personality development are realized through a progressively challenging curriculum that will facilitate the students to mould themselves into proactive and productive world citizens.
Location: P.O.Box 380, Riyadh 11391
Tel: 4783795, 4788815
Fax: 4787104
Email: info[at]

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Re: International schools in Riyadh

I need to find out if there is more international school with british curriculum in riyadh. I have already British Int. School, Al-rowad (both american and british), Al alameen (British islamic international school), Saud Int. School, Multinational,Crayons, Learning Caravan.
If someone knows about any other, that accept any nationality, please reply me. THANKSSSSS

#7 01 June 2013 08:09:17


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Yes you can contact 'Sri Lankan International School - Riyadh' they only take Sri Lankans as it is a community school.

If you are a Sri Lankan you can talk to Mr. Mohamed Fazmi - Administrative Officer - 053 519 6791.

#8 27 June 2013 12:22:35


Re: International schools in Riyadh

I am graduated from University of Malakand, KPK, Pakistan. and i am interested in teaching. therefore, you are requested to send me your email address that i submit my cv.

#10 21 July 2013 01:47:25


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Doctor Said wrote:

Hi. I am going to work in Riyadh. So i have to find an int school for my children.
Please advise me

PS. Any info about Ghana School

You won't have to work hard to find int schools list. Just scroll up and see the first post by @expatmama

#11 21 July 2013 01:49:32


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Shakiruos wrote:

I am graduated from University of Malakand, KPK, Pakistan. and i am interested in teaching. therefore, you are requested to send me your email address that i submit my cv.

Auspicious use of 'therefore' :)

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Re: International schools in Riyadh

Al Hussan International School now in Riyadh also 0112489338 0112404099 Exit 8 behind Sabic Building. with British curriculum
if need more detail can call 0580460010

#15 10 February 2014 12:04:41


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Hey thanks for the info
I need an international school in riyadh where students are respected by the administration and the teachers. If anyone could recommend anything it will be highly appreciated

#16 12 February 2014 01:06:06


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Hi thanks for your effort in listing the schools : :top: , actually i m searching for a job in any if these  ;) can u help me with a knowledge or experience
I m egyptian, fluently speaking english, working in the IT administration, i m searching for any admin job or secretary as I'm not interested in teaching .. Anybody is having any job vacancy

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Re: International schools in Riyadh

safah wrote:

Hello.I need to know about good n normal range schools in Riyadh for PakistanI students....

#20 15 May 2014 15:45:37

Muhammad Aamer

Re: International schools in Riyadh

All of the following schools offer good education (Suitable for Pakistani kids) with reasonable fee. Registrations are open these days.

Royal International School Riyadh KSA - Exit 20 (Fee 5000 SAR/Year)
Al-Dhuha International School,Riyadh - Muraba, Washam Road (Fee 5400 SAR/Year)
Sager International School - Behind Shola Market in Dabbat (Fee 7200 SAR/Year)
Jawahir International School - Behind Shola Market in Dabbat (Fee 12000 SAR/Year)
Al Momin International School Riyadh - Google Coordinates 24°39'55"N   46°42'22"E (Fee No Info)
New Middle East International School, Riyadh  American Section - Sulimania (Fee 12,000 SAR/Year)

Best of luck

#22 11 August 2014 01:58:20

Om Muhammad
Om Muhammad

Re: International schools in Riyadh

Aoa, plzzzz can any1 guide me which curriculum will be effective for my kids?? For kg and gr.1 American or British??
We r from Pak. I need a good suggestion from u ppl i really don't know where to put my kids?? I've checked Bright Future sch. It has British curr. But it's till gr. 3 only with less staff... :'(
i'm confused... Plzzzzz help me with good reference of sch. Except Rowad... plzzzz suggest b4 Sept.

#25 04 November 2014 20:42:51


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Manarat International School Riyadh has the best teachers as far as I know. I have taken tuition from sirs from Manarat and achieved straight A in my IGCSE. They teach British Curriculum as far as I am concerned.

#27 30 November 2014 11:38:42


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Thank you so that we have that, where to go from here. My kids are currently at Rowad but I'm looking for something international school with strong Academics but focuses just as much time on Arabic, Quran and Islam. I saw a school named Taqwa on the list that sounded intriguing. Do you know anything about that school?

#28 30 November 2014 18:48:08


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Hi evryone,
I'm new here . Does anyone know of any international english speaking preschools near kingdom City for 2year olds? I'm struggling to find a link for preschools . Thanks

#30 02 December 2014 12:07:16


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Hi, I am new here, pls could anybody share some tips on german or english-speaking kindergarten close to Al Bustan or Nadj compounds- we need a place for 4-years boy as of January 2015- thank you!

#33 13 December 2014 07:36:16


Re: International schools in Riyadh

I guess that Ghana international school is British,cuz I've done some researches lately and that's what I found teaches the British Oxford curriculum

#34 15 December 2014 20:54:23


Re: International schools in Riyadh

Definitely go speak to the students in the school because most of the students who study in international schools take tuitions to cope with the unprofessional teachers at school. You definitely need to go and have a look inside the school. Some international schools have poor management and teachers who have no idea how to take care of kids. It may all seem good on the website but the reality is so much worse. Manarat International School Riyadh, British International School Riyadh, American International School Riyadh and Learning Caravan Riyadh are the ones which are good. One of my friends studied in Srilankan School for a week. Yes for a week because she was bullied for having white skin tone. She immediately left the school.

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Re: International schools in Riyadh

Dear All:
here below some Internation a; schools in Riyadh:

Al Yasmin International School
Telephone: +966 1 478 8815
American International School
Telephone: +966 1 491 4270
British International School of Riyadh
Telephone: +966 1 491 4270
Ecole Francaise de Riyad
Telephone: +966 1 274 1733
King Abdul Aziz International School
Telephone: +966 1 473 8555
for your information

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