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State health coverage

Dear all, I have move in with my girlfriend to Luxembourg. She won't be working here until January - despite being registered in the city of Luxembourg as a resident. Does someone know if she is covered by the health system support until she starts working and, if so, whether that happens because she is my partner (even though not being a registered partner) or merely because she is deemed as a resident of Luxembourg?

Thank you all for your help!

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Creches no Luxemburgo

Caros membros do grupo,

Alguém me pode sugerir uma boa creche no Luxemburgo (cidade)? De preferência na zona de Strassen, Gasperich ou Belair. Alguém conhece ou tem feedback da creche L'Enfant Roi?

Obrigado pela ajuda!

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Thank you Rosemary and Maira for your assistance on this! I was actually wondering about this French vs Luxembourgish issue. I read somewhere that some teachers would be particularly strict with children not speaking Luxembourgish at all and that would make the whole transition harder. That's why we're also considering a crèche that speaks French in the first 18 months and later switches to Luxembourgish. However, from Rosemary's words that doesn't appear to be a real problem.

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Which language in the crèche? English or French?

We're moving in to Luxembourg this summer with our 3 month old daughter and the time as come to chose a crèche for her. We, ourselves, speak different native languages (Estonian and Portuguese) and between us English. Now that we have to decide on the crèche for the baby we are a bit lost on what would be the most intelligent path to take - either a French (a potentially later a Luxembourgish) speaking crèche so that she stars learning the language from scratch (betting on a better future integration) or the English for her to gain a good base of the language taking into account that that will be the spoken language at home in the future.

Neither of us is particularly fluent in French for now.

Finally, bearing in mind the stupidly high prices for the international schools in Luxembourg we totally imagine enrolling her in some year in the public school.

Thank you in advance for any wise advice you may give us.