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Looking for a Furniture Job in Mauritius

Hi my name is James, I'm 29 born and live in Australia.

I love coming to Mauritius for holidays, but now I have made my big decision I want to move and live in Maurituis this December 2013. 

For starters i need to know if i can find a job working as a Furniture Manufacturer full time. Currently I work as a upholsterer and frame maker for 8 years in Sydney I have all my qualification certificates as a furniture maker.

Im 29 I work fast and efficient with my work, I speak fluent creole. Im friendly and have good people skills, I have my own tools and work gear.

I please appreciate if someone can give me a lead to what I have to do to get the right type job in Maurituis.

If you or know anyone who have a vacant position, I be happy to email you my CV letter and Resume thank you.