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Bolt, it's allright, I have good days and bad days using it. only complaining to the center when I got no signals, which happens from time to time.

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nah, it depends on the personality, interests, but maybe just maybe, not many of us speak good English though so the communication could be the reason....so try slow first then you"ll see :)

good luck  :top:

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If am not mistaken, I  think LIF has a kindergaten school and it is in cipete, why don't you live in Cipete for a while, and then decide if you want to move elsewhere ? Cipete is close to Kemang, Pondok Indah and JIS :) . if you haven't got the address of LIF, here it is: 

Lycée International Français Louis-Charles Damais
Jl. Cipete Dalam N°32

Tél : +62-21 750 30 62
Fax: +62-21 750 36 24

Good Luck !

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Same old same old, but not for no: 9: huh ??? what part of Indonesia did that happen ? as it surely didn't in my area  :lol:  , and no: 17 as the red velvet cake is now soooo "in"  :kiss:

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Sophie Fisher wrote:

manisha_ja wrote:

:sosad:  I will be missing meeting all the great people .

yes, unfortunately for you :(
but we should keep in touch! :)

I'll be missing you Mani!!!!
keep in touch

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Dynam1c wrote:

DWSA wrote:

lukereg wrote:

Oh I get you, go to Dukun Doughnuts....

almost! haha

And perhaps the dukuns must served donuts in their services other than local black coffee.  :lol:

there is just noooooooooo way that am gonna go there  :/

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Dynam1c wrote:

DWSA wrote:

Dukun, Dunkin, Black magic....and the chili peppers !

Miss one ancient thing : GARLIC  :lol:

As for Bali, I think most of things there are spiritual related matters. No matter what...  :thanks:

but... but... Garlic is soo ancient and soo european  :lol:

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lukereg wrote:

Somethings cant be explain and some people do the unexplainable. Perhaps thats why, or perhaps I need more coffee

or go to see a dukun  :joking:

Hello all,
Yeah that's much better " Bahasa Indonesia"..every other language needs an identity esp when referring to what languages they are talking about.

If you all seriously want to learn Bahasa Indonesia, kindly leave me a PM as am a part time Translator / Interpreter for Indonesian-English-Dutch-.


Seriously ? LOL

Well, the first thing that you gotta do in speaking Dutch is that you gotta make the'G' sounds absolutely perfect :p, so am hoping that wasn't that difficult for you though...

Good Luck Captain!