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emeraldsaregreen posted on the thread International Money Transfer on the Saudi Arabia forum


Yes they did !!! but it saves all the hassle of having to stand in long ques at Western union, or  Tele Money,, here in Rabigh it is absolutely crazy with hundreds of people trying to send money back home ..

John, which bank do you bank with?
And how much did you get charged?

I'm wondering if any other UK bank takes a lower fee...

emeraldsaregreen posted on the thread International Money Transfer on the Saudi Arabia forum


Hi sorry i have not used Tele money,, i used Direct from my account via the internet and the bank charged me SAR 50,  I think only SAR 16 By tele money..

Did your UK bank charge an additional amount when it received the funds?

I know Lloyds charges me £12

emeraldsaregreen posted on the thread International Money Transfer on the Saudi Arabia forum


Pleased to say Transfer was received !! so it only took 24 hours ,, from UK to Saudi..another option i have found is Telemoney, you just need your Iqama to open a account and send money

John how much is the charge to send money to the UK via telemoney? Thanks

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SaQiB wrote:

emeraldsaregreen wrote:


Danube mall, exit 2.

Near the meat section.

Not the Marinade ? the hot sauce right ?

Both , marinade and the sauce.

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Bob Rabbit wrote:

EDEX are a shady operation where students neither study nor learn, academic supervisors are afraid to discipline students who are unruly which most all are, and EDEX will rob you if you are not careful, They stole many thousands of dollars through scamming teachers who were leaving. Keep your hand on your wallet, I'm telling you straight stuff here. However, they do pay in full what they cannot steal. Good luck.

The jabs at Edex are getting boring now.

I have family and friends who have been working for Edex, started at the beginning of the academic year.

They all reported to have had zero to minimal problems with the company; happy with their salary coming in on time, managing to get their families here on dependant visas etc.

Especially this year.. A lot of the teachers I have spoken with have said, Edex have really shown excellent management.

The type of students is not down to Edex.. Edex is a company that has contracts with other universities. So if you want to vent about the students , discuss the university not Edex!

It appears the ones who are happy with Edex don't comment, and are busy enjoying their lives. But the ones who are having negative experiences or perhaps just  can't get to grips with life in Saudi and are miserable are posting away in the forums.

emeraldsaregreen added a classified in Household appliances Riyadh
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nosaf wrote:

As a teacher with almost 4 years experience, I've been considering taking a CELTA course to add on to my credentials. However, with such an expensive tag price 14,700SAR (13000 British Council + 1,700 Dar al Hikma fees (Jeddah)) I'm not sure if getting this degree will just over qualify me in a field that doesn't employ based on what you have (not all the time of course) but many schools only look at nationality and how well a person's English accent is. With average salaries for most English teachers ranging from 6,000-7,000 SAR, I'm wondering, is CELTA worth getting while living and teaching in Saudi Arabia? How important is this degree in this country? and will it really benefit me work wise? 14,700 is a big number and although I know this is an investment for me personally speaking, I don't want to be placed in a financial loss in the end. Can anyone advise please?

First things first.. A CELTA isn't a degree.

It's a teaching qualification, endorsed by Cambridge University.

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TheLegendLeads wrote:

emeraldsaregreen wrote:

TheLegendLeads wrote:

No, only the caller has to call from App.

What's the catch?

So if I call an international number, Landline , how will I get charged?


Depends on where you call. SmartVoIP Rates are here: http://www.smartvoip.com/rates

Note: The OP asked about Pakistan and SmartVoIP has been the cheapest and a good quality service provider. It may not be the cheapest for other countries; for example for India people prefer 'Jumblo'.

MobileVoIP is a general App that you can be used with almost ANY VoIP service credit provider.

I too am interested to make phone calls to Pakistan.

I have downloaded the MobileVoip app, however it requires a username?

Do I create an account on SmartVoip?


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yabby wrote:

emeraldsaregreen wrote:

yabby wrote:

Cheapest Calling card specially to US ... is Action voip.. the line is also very clear ..!

Thanks . And where can I purchase an action Voip card?


There is no card for Actin voip , you need to install app  and pay by Visa Card

Thanks yabby.

Does the recipient of the calls also need to have the app?

How does it work.


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KK YASIR wrote:

1st check wich operator Mobile Tower is near to your home...  in my personal experience ZAIN internet is best. but it depends on the location of your house

1st Zain
2nd STC
3ed Mobily

How can you check which mobile tower is near to you? For those who are living in Riyadh


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JJDQ wrote:

Paul - French bakery, cakes & pastery
Bateel - Great dates & european desserts
All kinds of cookies - Cookies
5pm Bakery - Cakes & cheesecakes
Saadedin Pastry - Arabic sweets, chocolates & cakes

These are just few, most of them have more than 1 location, so please google them to find out which one is closest to you.

Thanks!! What's the price range ... the average for a cheesecake slice / 1 cookie?

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TheLegendLeads wrote:

Abu_Adel wrote:

Salam Alikoum faisal,

Sorry dear I moved to Doha since last summer, still I really enjoyed living in this area, your best bet is to visit  the real estate offices in Al Shuahada  there are 4 or 5 and all have buildings there.
Try to call this guy from Rawabi R.E: Abu Ahmad 507 604 581.

Best of luck brother.


Does Abu Ahmad speak English??


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tansari wrote:

It used to be on Tahlia street as far as I remember, don't know if it has been relocated elsewhere. Will check on my to office tomorrow.


Did you check if there was a Haagen Dazs??


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Hi, I created a post not too long ago. For ease, I'll paste it here:

Due to the lack of information available, I decided to post a summary of the different stages of my family visit application. The translation was done from Google translate.

1. Once the application is electronically submitted online on the MOFA website.
The following message appears alongside a summary of your application.

يرجى طباعة الطلب وتصديقه الكترونيا من الغرفة التجارية او جهة العمل
Please print the application and electronically ratification of the Chamber of Commerce or the employer

2. Paid the employer 25 SAR and a copy of the application, then they submitted the application to the Chamber of Commerce. The following message appears alongside a summary of your application:

(تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 688888 ) بتاريخ 2013/12/29 (غرفة الرياض)
The ratification of the request: (688888) on 29/12/2013 (Riyadh Chamber)

3. Once the MOFA issue the visa, the following message appears, with a shortened summary of your application:

لرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخول
Please print the document and audit representation Kingdom to issue visa

Next step, print the visa document, and take it to the embassy in the country of your residence. There, the visa will be issued in your passport.


Application submitted online (Saturday 28th December 2013)
Next day employer submits to Chamber of Commerce (Sunday 29th December 2013).
MOFA issued visa within 6 days (Saturday 4th January)

Hope this helps.