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Thank you, Sounds like you really love it there. I am going to have to wait to move till after he graduates. He is an amazing kid and so strong. I admire him for all he has gone through with losing his mom. After her passing he had the best year in school and got offensive linemen of the year in football. They moved him up to varsity for playoffs and he got to play for the championship.

March 9th he has a recruiting combine in L.A. for Nike. His goal is to get to a good college and get a good education.

As for myself, I have worked for the same company for 20 years. I am 42 and have learned more about my self the last 5 years then I think the 37 prior. I try to paddle board as much as I can and find things that are positive in my life. I found that good people and good friends are hard to find. Right now there seems to be a lot of drama here at work. Corporate life is all about a number and not the people. Although people here feel that they are owed something just because they work here. Entitlement I think is the best word for it.For my self it makes for a difficult place to work and wasted energy. I am going hiking today and after that getting my taxes done.

How are things there today? what is it you do for work? I would really like to hear all I can about a regular day to day life.

I am happy to meet you and look forward to more conversations.

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Planning on moving to Bali and would like to know people before I get there