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my partner pay our living out maid for 2.4 million, only come 5 times a week and just cleaning apartement, but well she doesnt steal and speak English so thats the price of peace of mind I guess

Hi Luke all international student must have minimum IELTS of 6.5 or they wont get offer from university. Without offer they cant apply for student visa. Sure some uni or college or course may require lower or higher mark. Actually what sadden me is lot of Indonesia students still cannot make difference between great, good, or so so overseas university as usually the great ones doesnt do much advertising or joined education exhibition. Then when student applied, paid and study overseas just to know oh their uni not so great quality. So i take responsibility or wish more overseas graduate from any country to educate fellow indonesian or any people about this :)

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well depend where you live?which part of jakarta?name? most fine dining resto or bar hundred of them all over cities have staff speaking english. But if you go to cheap low quality next door food stall they sure dont speak english. Just mention ur area i probably can list some closest proper resto

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2800 usd per month, exclude tax or nett? if its nett then should be fine, as an expat you just need to find right crowd does not mean to be picky for friendship but well it is important as it may also determine your dating scene! night out can be simply cost 1 million and if you on date include drinks etc just double the number and if you are with heavy drinkers expats can simply spend 4 mill per night! However lot of cheaper drinkings, social options as well.

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Thanks Beppi

Will I have to include the hotels and the meals allowance in top of my monthly salary?

I read on iras website, if I use the 15% I will have to include the company spending on my accommodations, meals etc while the 20% is only to monthly salary

Any insight or experience on this?

Many many thanks

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Singapore tax for EP holder non-resident

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone experience in calculating tax for EP holder non resident?
will they get the non resident reliefs such as 4% on the first 2,500 SGD and so on or is it flat 20%?

Will be really grateful for any advice

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since you work for big 4 so you must live in down town and 2500 usd for flat is about right.  Since you are indian you might need to spend more on groceries... i dunno about school fees as i am too young to have kids heheh omg 2500 is a lot. your mobile phone might be 50 usd depend if u in sales role or not ! but big 4 often accountant so 30 will just ok, thats how much i spend and i am single so no kids or partner to call. Internet and tv cable will be 50-60 usd.  Electricity u may need 100 usd, I spend 75 usd and its only me and a flatmate. U may need increase ur budget on transportation, i spend 150 usd on taxi just to go work and back nothing else and i live down town.

Btw u can cut down your flat budget to 1500 if u dont mind living in old building but still nice and down town! and omg why school so expensive zzzt

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mountain trekking in Bali by end of october

Dear all,
is anybody interested to do mountain trekking in Bali between 28 - 3 november? i am desperately looking for activity friends or if anyone can recommend me a cheap trekking tour in Bali, and yes I will be by myself.

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Hmm probably the salary is too low for the education and work experience you have. I read in many forums unmatched salary with employee qualification can also caused rejection as they may think the SG employer just want to bring FT for cheaper salary. However appeal is never waste of effort.
I am also an Indonesian (not chinese) I have less than 5 years working experience, with a master degree from one of univ in Europe and luckily my SG employer offer me package that quite higher from your number. I got my P2 EP weeks ago in less than 2 weeks. There is always a hope. Good luck.

I think linkedin will be a good start to listing the ocean liners and freight forwarding companies in Indonesia as some of their top management also expats I doubt Ramadhan has effect for them if its only to read emails. For partner company searching it can be little bit tricky maybe you can start by identify association for logistic or ocean liners industry in Indonesia to understand the industry structure as it can be most of the vessel already have the system on board then have to identify the supplier for that etc.

For visiting date mostly business will freeze (not many people in the office or offices completely shutdown) for 2 weeks in Indonesia during Eid festive which is I expect start from 5 and back on at 19 August.

Btw I work for market consulting based on research and I can share few words if needed for fun.