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Hi Britt
Never mind. So happy to see you saying you've quoted me :)
Actually that phenomenon is not confined to the young people. All too often, when the elders complain about healthcare or health reforms in China, they would proceed to cite the US like a heaven. China is not international enough, especially in its vast heartland. And for the youth, maybe a program resemble European's Erasmus would be enormously helpful.


Hey Britt,
I think part of the reason why so many Chinese idolize westerners is the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side thing. People in China are disappointed or even frustrated by the perennial issues facing the society, and they assume that Western societies are much better on dealing with these issues. Sometimes they are right, sometimes it's just imagination. And American movies feed this imagination.
Another reason is that most Chinese people are looking at a filtered image of Western world. The later is represented by Western firms operate in China. Normally only the most successful western firms can expand into Chinese market and build a widely recognise brand. Those firms and their products superior to their local counterparts in many way, thus convince Chinese people that West is best. Just think about China's hunger on imported milk powder.

linwen posted on the thread Expat blog Meet-up in Brussels 7th Feb 2013 on the Brussels forum

"Anyone doing something tonight? I've been invited to a party if you want to join (I'll send you the details if you're interested)....."

hi, please send me the details, thanx.       btw, i missed the last meet up, so really looking forward to the next