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Ubudian wrote:

To be honest, if you were other than Balinese I probably would have never answered your question.

Ubudian wrote:

I am breathless with the number of non Balinese would be real estate agents who endlessly espouse that which is nearly impossible here in Bali.

Your racism disgusts me more and more as well as your posts.
Get a real life.

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Indonesia is not the problem, it is how you perceive it.
Adapting in a positive way is essential to live it well, that does not mean integration.
No foreigner has ever integrated in the system and also the large majority of locals.
Adaptation and integration are two very different things and stand-alone.

Indonesia is not an easy place, aside the level of personal comfort, the satisfaction of being able to do it is a matter of common complacency, because the rules of the game are so different from our country of origin, and the fact that we are able to continue to go forward on a positive line, involves not only our adaptation to the system, but the use of that to your advantage.
If you are here, and continue to stay here, consciously or not, on the balance weigh more the positive side, otherwise you'd be a fool to continue to stay.

Indonesia is a great place for those who can appreciate it.

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Your concept of reality is your personal interpretation based on your experiences.

I can prove that I know Westerners who earn 10k/month teaching yoga and doing REAL massage in spas and luxury resorts.

How do you explain that?

Reality in Indonesia is out the door, not in front of a computer.
Public relations are essential.

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The law never reflects reality especially in Indonesia.
The negativity of mas fred does not help anyone.

Maximize what you have to offer more than a local, being a western and offer better quality will guarantee you success.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia.

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Ubidian and lukereg:

Sorry I was not clear and fast, I did not think this forum was so 'on.

I lived in Indonesia for 10 years, the first five stable in Bali, the rest between Lombok and Sumbawa.

At the time I returned to Italy for a few months, and here it snows, the snow had not seen for many years.

Semoga sukses

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You're right, I was too quick to respond and my english is not perfect.
I beg your pardon.

"If I'm not mistaken they had to have id card Stated That they (the sponsor) live in bali" and she is absolutely correct.

They are all personal opinions.
Who is right?

How do you think if someone starts a sentence with "if im not mistaken" ?
Maybe there are people who have neither the time nor the inclination to guess the right answer.
And the answer is not visa agencies or the kantor immigrasi (especially in ngurah rai!)

That's' cause I'm here! :)

Semoga sukses

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Sorry for late reply.

Julien: I will share my experience soon!
At the moment I'm a bit busy.

Ubidian: Sure and it's great!
Unfortunately, I'm convinced, that in some cases, as a forum is structured,
create more confusion than bring clarity.
Especially for those who seek a precise objective response.
I'm not running any company, I'm just an individual who has decided to share his experience with certain fields, in a direct way.
During all these years, after many trial and error and a lot of money wasted, I realized that I had a huge body of knowledge that could help a lot of people do not make the same mistakes and go for their own true path.

As you well know, in Indonesia, objective knowledge and a circle of people to whom trust worth more of everything and it's the base to create something stable.

I do not do it for money, I'm not here to get rich.
Indonesia is been very good to me I can't complain!

Hope to hear from you,
Thanks for read me.

PS: Forgive my english is not perfect!

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Knowledge is power

I've been living in Indonesia for over a decade, if you're looking for trusty informations please contact me.



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KTP no need to be owned by a Balinese.
All Balinese are Indonesian.
KTP must be owned by an Indonesian.

So much confusion around.
Please contact me for trusty informations


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Im originally from Italy, I've been living in Indonesia for over five years.

Im here for help those who need informations.