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Ubudian posted on the thread English Teacher on the Medan forum

With this guy's background, I expect his English is A+ so why limit himself to an Indian school?

Besides, Indonesia and India are currently embraced in a great "love affair" courtesy of the series Mahabharata and all the local Indonesian TV spin off shows resulting from that.  It's endless, and with no offense to Ronald, I am rather tired of it all!   

Seriously, from what I've been hearing, the time has never been better than right now for someone from India to be applying for an IMTA and VISA.

PS...Ronald...if you get an interview here, dress as either Siva or Wishnu.   :o   The job will be yours!   :lol:

Ubudian posted on the thread A GREAT Time to Come to Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

Hah!   :D

After bailing you guys out of two world wars, just who is it these days that's the "colonial lot?"   :lol:

No worries mate, I have several "redcoat" expat friends, so I have lots of practice with this sort of friendly barbing about.   :D

A Christmas present suggestion for you to give your better half and two wee ones...get some health insurance my friend.   ;)

Ubudian posted on the thread A GREAT Time to Come to Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

"Of course, that applies to real money (such as the British pound) as well."

OMG Fred, you almost sound like a tourist..."how much is that in real money?"

For we Indonesians, and us living here, the IDR is very much "real money" don't you think? 

Or did I misread your comment and that you were suggesting that the US dollar isn't "real money?"

Merry Christmas ole friend!   :top:  And cheers too!   :par:

Ubudian posted on the thread English Teacher on the Medan forum

"He's Indian, so no hope of legal work as a native speaker."

True enough, but he does hold a Master's degree in English, has 13 years prior experience, presumably teaching English, and TESOL credentials, so I think manpower could have no problem issuing him a work certificate for a private international school so long as they (the international school) felt he was more than significantly qualified.

A wisely run private international school would have him teach both English and Hindi.   

For certain, as Luke suggests, it is worth his while to pursue this.

Fred, wasn't India once a part of the "Great Britannia?"    :)

Ubudian created a new thread on the Indonesia forum

Are Pre-Nuptial Agreements Really Necessary?

To be clear, I’m talking about prenup agreements when a foreigner marries an Indonesian. 

I’ve been having these ongoing discussions for almost as long as I’ve been living here, which is going on 17 years. 

During that time I’ve met plenty who ascribe to their necessity, and an equal number of those who dismiss the need all together. 

Usually the importance of a prenup centers around the national government having the right to make an “execusi” or seizure of the land property of an Indonesian national who marries a foreigner without a prenup, and where the foreign spouse has died.  However, in my neck of the woods, which is Bali, I have never heard of the government stepping in and declaring ownership of any property with the Hak Milik (land deed) issued to the Indonesian spouse post marriage to a foreigner and where the foreign spouse subsequently passed away. 

Has anyone ever heard of this happening?  And by that question, can we dismiss hearsay or rumor, and be factual?

In the event this discussion gets serious, and one which is engaging to other readers, allow me to inject a few “curve balls.”

What if in that union of Indonesian/foreigner there are dual national children? 

And, with the assumption that a prenup is indeed important, what about a “postnup” agreement…or is the consensus that the couple needs to remarry (and now with a prenup), because a postnup will simply not be sufficient?

Ubudian posted on the thread property for rent in denpasar Bali on the Bali forum

A very fair price IMHO (albeit not seeing the place) and especially so given your willingness to sublet on a yearly basis which today amounts to less than $1,000 US a month. 

Good luck, but if the place is as good as it sounds, you shouldn't need any luck.


Ubudian posted on the thread Retire to Bali on the Bali forum

For the record, Padang Bai is home to one of the best white sand beaches on Bali, the famed “hidden beach” aka, “secret beach” but best known to the locals as pantai kecil, "little beach."  Even CNN is on to it!  Scroll down to #3:

http://travel.cnn.com/explorations/esca … hes-409175

Xavier, just for the record, Pierreinsa is from England so how could he possibly be looking for a villa here to buy, since that would be impossible.

In case you're doing some property marketing for Bali Radar, please be sure you have a proper IMTA.  Immigration is full on in high gear deporting foreigners who are working illegally on Bali.

Ubudian created a new thread on the Indonesia forum

A GREAT Time to Come to Indonesia

For those folks who don’t regularly follow the Indonesian rupiah, you might like to know that as of today it is at the lowest rate it has been to the US dollar since August, 1999…just over 15 years ago!

Ubudian posted on the thread telex visa fee on the Indonesia forum

I had the following all ready to go Tom, so what the heck...here's to an eco in the room!

Woda, according to your profile you’re a chef from Morocco working at the Crown Plaza in Jakarta. 

Normally the HR (human resource) department of companies will handle and process visas for dependents of their foreign employees.

Ubudian posted on the thread foot corns on the Bali forum

If you want it done right, go to Bali Royal Hospital, aka, BROS.

Just Google it for details.

Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

As an actuarial underwriter for very large employer medical plans during my “past life” I can write with no little conviction of the need for medical insurance while living in a foreign country and where your homeland social plans will not be available to cover medical expenses.

There is simply nothing that can be more catastrophic to one’s financial security than a major illness or severe injuries from an accident. 

Any expat in Indonesia with at least moderate financial means should have a basic medical insurance plan to cover the majority of their potential risk.  Premiums can be kept low by using a high out of pocket deductible and/or co-pays which limits the amount the insured is required to pay. 

Yes, Fred, that proceeding message is indented for you.

Or, as Ben Franklin was oft keen to quip, “penny wise, pound foolish.” 

In direct answer to the original post, I can offer my highest recommendation to Bali Medical Insurance in Sanur, Bali as an excellent and knowledgeable broker. 


As for insurance companies, my highest recommendation goes to William Russell in the UK, a fine company which specializes in medical insurance for expatriates.   


As the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.”   ;)

Just Google "Land for sale Lovina Bali" and you'll find quite a bit.

But, since you're already here on Bali, the best thing to do is to grab a good Balinese driver and look around the area asking locals of any land for lease.  Word of mouth is most always where the best deals are to be found...a principle I've been operating with for nearly 17 years.   ;)

Ubudian posted on the thread Retire to Bali on the Bali forum

Plenty of babi on Bali...always.   :top:

Of course Galungan is right around the corner, so there will be fewer very soon...but not for long.

Ubudian posted on the thread Retire to Bali on the Bali forum

In a word, Ubud, Ubud, Ubud.  Did I mention Ubud?  No, it's not seaside, but we're only 30 minutes from the beaches around Gianyar. 

Seriously, check the link just below my avatar, and read my interview with Expat Blog too!

Next best choice...Amed area. 


A great many people make the mistake of thinking that a KITAS (residency visa) is somehow the same as a work permit.  They are entirely different, and each is issued by a separate government agency.  What you might be thinking is that a work permit is “somewhat automatic” if you set up a company here and want to work at running that company.  That is more accurate, and in fact I have rarely heard of any situation where a work permit was denied to a foreigner who had invested in starting up a company here.

To get either a PT or PMA company going here in Bali, yes, the minimum is going to be considerably more than “a few 10k.”

Good luck with your plans.

By “retreat center” I’ll assume you mean one of the various “boutique” style mini resorts which also operate as Yoga and holistic health venues.  As with any specialized accommodations in Bali, they can run the whole gamut of small “mom and pop” villas to full on 5 star luxury types of resorts. 

Most of these type of places are concentrated in the Ubud area, although some can be found in other areas of Bali.   

I know of a modest villa style “retreat” villa along the Ayung River on about 30 are of land which recently sold for 3.5 million US.   With land in that area now selling for close to $100,000 US per are, even the most modest of retreat resorts is going to be a significant investment. 

You asked,

“Also, would that qualify as a PMA Company to become resident?

Your question seems to suggest that a foreign investor in a PMA company automatically acquires “resident” status, but, that is not the case.  In order for the foreign investor in a PMA or PT company to obtain a work permit, and legally work at the business, a KITAS, or residency visa is required.

Ubudian posted on the thread Networking friend!! on the Indonesia forum

Social/cultural visas are no longer needed for long duration visits to Indonesia.  All you need is a 60 day visit visa, which just like the old sosbud visa, is renewable here in Indonesia for up to four times, each time good for an additional 30 days.  The total duration of your stay in country can be up to 180 days (60 days + 4 X 30 days). 

You do not need a sponsor for this visa to be issued either. 

Check with the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney.

Ubudian posted on the thread MLM scams on the Indonesia forum

What you say makes perfect sense to me Fred as these MLM scams are rather recent for us here in Bali. 

One can hear, "not all MLM companies are scams" and maybe that's true.  Do you "buy that" or do you think they are all dodgy at best?

Ubudian posted on the thread MLM scams on the Indonesia forum

Thank you Fred for posting this!  It is indeed excellent news!

MLM scams abound here in Bali.  It’s terrible and many of the scams are run by foreigners…the victims usually being hapless Indonesians.

The typical scam is being charged a few million IDR for their “sales kit,”  being offered very little if any training, and promises of good earnings…as mentioned in this article.