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Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

Mike, I guess any man who uses the generic basic avatar in its female form is very likely prone to being "dazed and confused."  :lol:

Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

Mike, I suspect that you are slowly learning that “discretion is the better part of valor” so I applaud your decision to self edit your last post.  ;)

Bill, after almost 17 years of 24/7 living in Ubud, I’ve never looked back, nor do I cling to any regrets aside from one…that being that I didn’t move here sooner in my life.  And that my friend is gospel, I kid you not.  And, once you're here, you'll hear that sentiment often from others as well. 

Then again, with you, I think I'm "preaching to the choir!" 


Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

Despite the fact that you don’t drink, it is good for me to hear that things back stateside (where I have not been in over 16 years) isn’t that much different than when I left. 

Truth be told, the Ubud Hash, founded by our most famous and notorious expat, Victor Mason, does has the reputation of being “a running club with a drinking problem.”

But seriously, put that aside, as the fact is many Ubud hashers are non drinkers, and the Hash runs will take you through obscure, remote and largely unvisited villages around Ubud that you’d never otherwise see or experience.

About once a year they come through my own village (Bunutan), which is right along the famed Ayung River Gorge (just Google the Royal Pita Maha for photos), and it’s great to see my fellow villagers throwing them bottles of water and cheering them on.

And for certain, the Hash is a GREAT way to meet other local expats as well as some locals too, as quite a number of Balinese and transmigrated Javanese are long standing members of the Ubud Hash.

What you will find among the Ubud community of expats is an incredibly diverse group of all ages and from all parts of the world.  And, of more importance, what you will also find here is a particularly savvy and well educated local Balinese population who embrace their foreign brothers and sisters with sincerity and a keen interest in sharing ideas, customs, the arts, and in reality, most anything you can think of. 

So, welcome to Ubud, and we’ll likely hook up one day in, or after, this April.   

Cheers, or as is oft heard in Hash runs…“on, on.”  :top:

Just a friendly suggestion Charleen, but you might want to consider doing this research here in Bali as opposed to Jakarta. 

Some reasons why I say this:

-Bali has a very interesting contingent of German expats, and they tend to be the “movers and shakers” such as writers, artists, and entrepreneur business folks. 

-If you think about it, what sort of “culture shock” can one expect if living in Jakarta?  There is no defined “culture” in Jakarta per se, but there sure is in Bali.

-Distance between Yogy and Jakarta is only about 150 km less than to Bali.

But, as I said…just something to think about.

And…just to support my reasoning a bit…

I could easily arrange for you to meet and interview this artist:


Yes, I know, he’s considered an Austrian, but he was born in Munich…and that city is still in Germany, nes pas?

And, if you read the script at that web site, you’ll note that it is taken from a script by Stefan Reisner.  While we lost dear Stefan a number of years ago to cancer, Stefan ( a Berliner and past editor for Stern Magazine) is indicative of the “caliber” of German expats to be found here in Bali.

Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

Bill, when you settle down in Ubud be sure to drop by the Fly Café on Jalan Raya Lungsiakan which is northwest of “downtown” central Ubud.  This is where the “mature” Ubud based expats hang out, and you’ll enjoy the group you’ll meet there.  Also check out Naughty Nuris (not far from the Fly).  Nuris also serves as the base for the Ubud Hash House Harriers which you almost certainly will want to join (considering your status as an athlete). 

Regarding medical insurance, as you know, Medicare is a US Federally subsidized health program, so you can’t compare its prices to private plans.  Moreover, your Medicare (and Medicaid) will be useless here in Bali as your medical care must be delivered within the US to be covered.  Unless you plan to be back in the states for a few months each year, you might consider dropping your Medicare.  However, if you do plan to be back in the states periodically, do not drop your Medicare, as most all expat medical insurance plans either exclude coverage in the US totally, or limit coverage there to two weeks per year.

One way to get your premiums lowered is to select a plan with a very high deductible.  Assuming that you are fairly well situated financially, you should consider your medical insurance as catastrophic coverage where surgery, a long hospital stay and perhaps even an emergency air ambulance evacuation is needed.   

Ask the folks at Bali Medical to get you a quote from William Russell with a $3,000.00 out of pocket deductible.  At your age and in presumed good health, the premium for a good plan with that high a deductible should be between $1,800 to $2,200 per year assuming you have no preexisting conditions (to be covered), or a “problematic” medical history.

Welcome to Ubud!  No doubt after April we’ll run into each other sooner or later.  :top:

Cheers, Roy

Ubudian posted on the thread About myself and teaching on the Indonesia forum

Educators are a very special breed of person” that is for certain. 

I’ve been blessed with the close friendship of several top doctorate level Indonesian educators here in Indonesia, and their dedication and professionalism is second to none, and that’s a fair comparison to my own university experience back in the US, including at Harvard. 

The expats for which I have the highest personal esteem and admiration here in Bali are those who freely volunteer their time and teach on a volunteer basis.  They understand that “giving back” is an essential part of sound character and healthy moral fiber.

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If you're living in Bandung then perhaps you might consider revising your profile which now reads:  "Currently living in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur."   ;)

It isn’t accurate to paint Indonesia’s educational system with an overly broad brush as the quality of education depends on a multiple of factors, for example, the specific Province, Regency within that Province and the particular government school itself.  While education quality should be standardized and not subject to factors such as economy, the fact is that in some areas of Indonesia the level of public school education is at least on par, if not better than in the so-called “international” schools. 

“Also, it's all very well having a degree from University of Indonesia but getting an overseas degree means that you can get at least double the salary of someone who went to a local university.”

Get “double the salary” where…here in Indonesia, the foreign country where the student went to university, or another foreign country? 

And btw, before you go knocking Indonesia’s universities you might want to keep in mind that ITB has been ranked 30th in the world, “surpassing the leading university in Asia, such as Tokyo University.”

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandung_In … Technology

Equalizing Indonesia’s educational opportunities for all citizens is one of Indonesia’s top challenges, and President Jokowi would be the first to state this fact.  The way the current system works is to try to identify the “best and brightest” minds, regardless of their economic status and put those students into educational programs designed to provide the best opportunity for them to reach their potential.  Our own governor, I Made Mangku Pastika is a perfect example of how this approach can benefit even the poorest of the poor.

Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

Mike, if you have issues with the content of what someone writes on this forum, then address the content, and lay off addressing the personalities and behavior of those delivering the content.

The fact is Mike that you are very late to read this particular thread and therefore obviously unaware of the significant amount of content that was removed because it was way off topic, not meaningful to the discussion and not posted in English.

“I would like to see you all do some soul-searching about why you come here and how you behave.”

Just remember Mike that when you point your index finger at someone, you’re pointing three fingers back at yourself…so you just might consider taking your own advice.    :top:

As for your completely unfounded and baseless accusations as well as name calling made in your first paragraph, your post will be brought to the attention of Julien, and this won’t be the first time that your abject troll like behavior has been reported.

Ubudian posted on the thread THANKYOU on the Indonesia forum

And now Australia has threatened to recall its ambassador from Indonesia should we go ahead with the execution of either of the two Australians on death row…members of the famed “Bali 9.”  This puts OZ in an unbearably embarrassing situation with its own people, as it was Australia’s own federal police, (AFP) who gave the authorities in Bali a “heads up” that this group was on its way to Bali with a large load (18 pounds) of heroin. 

While this is rather big news on the local Jakarta networks, thus far I can only find it reported in one western news venue, that being The Times (UK):

http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/worl … 327536.ece

I don’t know how most Indonesian citizens feel about this, but I am sick and tired of those “down under” trying to meddle in our affairs, including wire tapping SBY’s wife telephone mid last year.  It seems to me that their arrogance has no limits.  Perhaps Jokowi, in a symbolic gesture, should summon Greg Moriarty and graciously hand him a one way plane ticket to Canberra. :top:

Ubudian posted on the thread THANKYOU on the Indonesia forum

"You can't legally have a second passport and an Indonesian one."

Your kids can, and mine do.  Of course with current law, it will be as you say when they turn 19...it's one or the other.

But...that move, allowing for dual citizenship for children of mixed Indo/other marriage might well be paving the road allowing dual citizenship regardless of age.

Ubudian posted on the thread spiders in Jakarta? on the Indonesia forum

I've always found it rather interesting that here in Java and Bali we have very few really dangerous critters, but for our neighbors down south in OZ, look out!  The list of things that can kill you down there is amazing.

Ubudian posted on the thread THANKYOU on the Indonesia forum

I decided to have a closer look at world news around the world, and holy cow!  It seems we are in a flood of world criticism AND The Netherlands has also recalled their ambassador.   

Good grief!  When we executed Amrozi and two of his sidekicks some years ago...not a peep out of anyone including Amnesty International. 

Always looking to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, maybe this criticism of our "barbaric" behavior will slow down the influx of foreigners looking to live here!   :D  :top:

Or, maybe we should "make a deal" with some of these countries where these drug dealing scum bags are coming from along the lines of..."OK, we'll give them life without parole but you (country of origin) pay us $250,000 per year for each of these bums in our prisons."  I'm betting that would shut them up really fast.

Ubudian posted on the thread moving to indo on the Indonesia forum

"I take it you like pecan pie lol"

It's more like a love affair!   :top:

There are some things that I dearly miss living here in Bali...like pecan pie, Maine lobsters (the "real" lobsters with claws), cherry stone clams, Maryland crab, the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, and most of all, a thick juicy USDA prime rib eye steak. 

Regarding mosquitos, the Balinese have a really good trick for that, and it's simple.  Plant lemon grass around the perimeter of your yard.  Those buggers hate lemon grass, and while a few will make it past, we rarely have anyone in our compound bitten by them.  We neither have the need for creams or nets, and that lemon grass is a nice touch in a lot of dishes too. 

Cheers, and enjoy your move.

Ubudian posted on the thread moving to indo on the Indonesia forum

Most MD specialists in “travel medicine” that I know would suggest a tetanus booster if you haven’t had one in the past five years as well as the usual Hep vaccines (which you say you have already).  Other than that, and unless you are going to be living in a remote part of Indonesia, that’s about it.

Good luck with your move from the great state of Georgia! 


Ubudian posted on the thread THANKYOU on the Indonesia forum

I’ll be very surprised if Indonesia goes ahead with any executions of any of the members of the “Bali Five” (the Ozzies on death row), or the English grandmom.  Heretofore Indonesia has avoided the firing squad for nationals from Europe, Australia and the US.     Personally I think this has the slight odor of “white skin favoritism”, but then again, such action would have some unfavorable repercussions for Indonesia.  Indeed Fred, this is a “sticky wicket.” 

As the father of three mixed American/Balinese sons, I am so very grateful to be raising them where both drugs and firearms are not as much a concern as they would be if we were raising our sons back in the states and all the while completely enjoying all the liberties of any healthy democratic republic…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you Indonesia...and thank you James for a great post!

Ubudian posted on the thread Health Insurance on the Indonesia forum

"We are guests in their country so better treat them with respect whether you agree with them or not."

Just a few points Mike...

-Some of us are not guests, but rather have gone the route of full citizenship and take an active role as a citizen in Indonesia with its development, advancement, and preservation, past and present.  While that would be no excuse for bad manners, it might explain why some of us deal with other Indonesians in much of the same direct manner we deal with family.   

-When you direct criticism or suggestions with a particular poster or group of posters in mind, please have the courage to specifically name them.  At the least, that will avoid the kind of confusion that Ronnie went through.

-Finally, writing a vague (as well as incorrect comment) such as "and they all stick up for each other" is, if anything, school yard bullying at its best.  A juvenile comment like that only serves to "stir the pot" and incite anger.  Thus I find your post as nothing but disingenuous, totally off topic, or as I like to say, "a bit of the pot calling the kettle black."   ;)