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Ubudian posted on the thread Average cost of living on the Bali forum

Just for basic figuring, you can do Bali budget style for around a $1,000 US a month...a bit more lavish, double it, and go from there.  Seriously, the range is incredible.  For example, you can do a home stay for $10 a day, or go all the way up to $1,200 a day for a 5 star resort.  It all depends on what you want.

You should keep in mind that you'll be arriving right at our full on peak tourist season, so you may have to do some serious looking around to find what's best for you.

Ubudian posted on the thread Working in Bali on the Indonesia forum

Forget about making any money relating to surfing in Bali.  The "Kuta Cowboys" have that totally wrapped up and there isn't a chance for a foreigner in that field.

Ubudian posted on the thread living in Malaysia vs. Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

“They should get over that issue.” 

“They” meaning we Indonesians.

We would if Malaysians stopped trying to take credit for the cultural icons of Indonesian culture, such as the kris, batik, dance, gamelan…just to mention a few…ALL of which were introduced to Malaysia during the centuries that Malaysia was in fact part of Indonesia, viz, the Srivijaya and Majapahit Empires.

As for the cultural make up of Malaysia in more “modern” times, you should read up on Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.  It was he who imported countless numbers of Chinese and Indians into Malaysia, thus changing its cultural make up forever. 

This is all just factual history…no big deal, just the way it was. 

Anyway, welcome to the forum, but don't history personally.   ;)


Ubudian posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Orang nakal!   :mad:

But!  Count me in!  :D

Do you think they'll ever go to a 1 million note?  You hear rumblings every now and then, and then it goes away...just like the volcanoes. 

A Swiss friend of mine recently came over with 30 1,000 Swiss Franc notes.  One heck of a beautiful note, btw.  Off to the money changer, and what a hoot.  Even the guys at PT Central Kuta had to take photos of the small pile of 30 notes along side the heaps of 100,000 IDR notes.

Ubudian posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Fred, I would have to think really hard to recount all the times visiting friends from the US would comment along the lines of "and they wouldn't even take my US dollars!"   ;)

Or even worse, "how much is that in real money?" 

What I'm wondering is...will this apply to visas on arrival as well?   :o

Ubudian posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Right now it is definitely a "buyer's market" for housing rentals on Bali.  Most realtors are flooded with available properties and of course the currently weak IDR is a big help as well.

Ubudian posted on the thread antique furniture on the Jakarta forum

In Jakarta itself you should check out Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Road) as there is a pretty good antiques flea market there.  Personally it's been several years since I've been there, so I can't say with certainty that it's worth the effort, but some years ago I used to do OK buying there.  I don't think many of the stalls carry much antique furniture, but ask the dealers, as the best buys are those you might arrange privately. 

The city of Surabaya itself, way out in east Java is much better known for antique furniture, most especially old Dutch colonial furniture.   

Have fun!

Ubudian posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Fred, I agree with you about Lombok, and yes, I’ve been there several times for pleasure and business. 

Most of the best areas are in the south (Kuta, Lombok) the upper western coast (Senggigi) and to a much lesser degree these days, the Gili Islands.  Unfortunately, Gili “T” (Gili Trawangan) has already gone down the same path as Kuta, Bali…in that it’s been trashed, overdeveloped and a haven for all night drunken debacles, druggies and whores.

Frankly, for me, the idea of moving to Kuta, Bali with a kid isn’t much different than the idea of moving into the Nana Plaza in Bangkok. 

For Bali, with a few exceptions, one has to get out of the South to have much of a chance to enjoy what Bali really has to offer which is spectacular scenery, quiet remote beaches, and of course an amazing culture.  Nusa Dua in southern Bali is home to many 5 star resorts and hotels; it’s exclusive, but it’s also totally contrived (our Disneyland) and getting about Bali to other areas from Nusa Dua is no fun (traffic, traffic, traffic). 

Sanur, in southern Bali remains somewhat of a unique jewel, and that’s ironic in that Sanur was the very first place on Bali where tourism really began to develop (long before Kuta).

Ubudian posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

The big "downside" to Lombok Fred is the lack of international schools there.

Unless a new one has cropped up in the past few years, there is only one.

"What would you recommend to young professionals wishing to start their career in Indonesia?"

I'd seriously recommend that they forget all about that idea.  Indonesia is not the place for foreigners to start their careers. 

It is important to understand that here in Indonesia it's "jobs first for Indonesians" and that is more true today than in any of my past 17 years living here.

Ubudian posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Kuta?  Kuta Bali?  Have you been there before?  It’s not what one would normally think of as a place on Bali to live with a 7 month old son. 

You may want to have a look at Sanur which is much more family orientated and far safer surf as well. 

You can all come in initially on the 30 day visa on arrival, (which can be renewed for another 30 days) and then look into a KITAS visa with an agency as your sponsor.

Month to month rentals are harder to come by as most leases run for at least a year and up to 30 years.

Ubudian posted on the thread How to find work in bali on the Bali forum

Of course you could start your own company/business here on at least the PT level and then be allowed to work as the director or manager of that company. 

Otherwise, as Fred said, unless you from an ASEAN member country, outright jobs for foreigners in Bali are nearly impossible to find with one exception, that being native born and qualified English speakers as English teachers.

“The KITAP allows many freedoms you don't have with the KITAS, including INFORMAL work.”

True, but only for the company or business owned by the Indonesian spouse.  A KITAP holder is not automatically allowed to work for just anyone, or any company not held by their Indonesian spouse who sponsors the KITAP for their non Indonesian spouse. 

Another advantage of the KITAP…it’s good for five years.

Ubudian posted on the thread Fred went a wandering. on the Indonesia forum

Fred, I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t “checked in” on your blog in a while.

Ma’af, ma’af, ma’af…and satu ma’af lagi!  (Sorry, sorry, sorry and one more sorry).

IMHO, your presentation of this photo diary of life in Jakarta is the singular best thing I have ever encountered on the web relating to Jakarta, and surely at the top of the list when it comes to Indonesia in general.   

It’s not just your great photos, rather, of equal importance are your honest observations.

Selamat my friend, and please, please, keep up the good work.  :top:  :top:  :top:

Ubudian posted on the thread Raids on expatriates homes on the Jakarta forum

Believe it or not, in some circles of newly arrived would be expats, there is this belief that they have a right to live and work in Indonesia as they please.  Some even espouse the belief that they are somehow endowed to “save the Balinese (or other Indonesians) from themselves.” 

Occasionally running into these folks personally at one or another restaurant or bar in Bali has always proven to be hugely big fun for me, and also a great source of entertainment for the service staff in ear shot of such discussions. :D

BTW, my two thumbs up on your choice of avatar!   :top:

Ubudian posted on the thread Prescription medication on the Bali forum

When you stop by, ask if Dr. Wayan is in.  He's been my personal physician since I moved here many moons ago and a wonderful GP physician.  I owe my life to that wonderful man, and bloody good Doc, but that's another story.

Ubudian posted on the thread Prescription medication on the Bali forum

Here in Ubud, for non "over the counter" drugs requiring a prescription your best bet is to stop by Ubud Clinic right at the Campuan Bridge.

Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Mukhlas…(Bali bombers), all three executed Nov. 2008…Noordin Top taken out “Bin Laden style” by Indonesian security forces, September, 2009, and by the following month, all members of Top’s terrorist cell  had either been killed or captured, including his recruiter and field coordinator Ibrohim (who was killed) and Syaifudin Zuhir, Top’s successor (who was also killed).  March 2010, Dulatin, a senior figure in Jemaah Islamiyah killed during a raid by Detachment 88…and there is more.

Trust me, Indonesia is not soft on terrorists.

Ubudian posted on the thread Buying a car on the Jakarta forum

You're going to have to lease your car in Bali, then drive to Jakarta to pick up your dog, and then come back to Bali.

It is highly unlikely that any car leasing company in JKT is going to allow you to take the leased car to Bali on a permanent basis. 

For leasing, your international driver's license, passport and proof of residency should be all that's needed. 

Sorry, but I can't recommend any particular company to lease from here in Bali...but there are a lot of them...just Google.

BTW...you'll almost certainly need an approval letter from the car leasing company in Bali in order to be allowed to board the ferry in Gilimanuk (on your way to JKT).  Leased cars are generally not allowed to go from one province to another without something in writing from the leasing company.

Ubudian posted on the thread Buying a car on the Jakarta forum

You'll need a residency visa (KITAS), and a tax ID to purchase a car in your name.  Without those, leasing might be a better option for you. 

And yes, generally speaking, cars are a better buy in Jakarta than in Bali, but after re-registering it in Bali not to mention the gas, time and associative costs of getting it over to Bali...you could do just as well buying it on Bali in the first place.

Ubudian posted on the thread Raids on expatriates homes on the Jakarta forum

"Never heard that passports of most people are with the agents."

This is, or was, more common with 60 day visas that are renewable for 4 X 30 days Tom.  During that whole renewal process...the four months, it is more common that the passport stays with the agent for processing the next renewal.

I remember well during my sosbud years that I wouldn't see my passport more than when needed to make my bi-annual visa runs.

Traveling within Indonesia was never a problem...a simple photo copy of the passport and a receipt letter from the visa agent was always more than sufficient.

Ubudian posted on the thread Raids on expatriates homes on the Jakarta forum

"[img][link under review]"

I think I know what story you linked to, and from I understand that wasn't exactly properly reported.  In any event, a few phone calls and for those who had proper immigration status, the issue was resolved.  Moreover, in a home raid, even if the passport was at immigration, the expat would still have lots of immigration paper work in their home. 

"Is it just me or weren't most countries founded by immigrants?"

That would depend on how you define immigrants and how far back in a country's history do they go. 

For certain, Indonesia wasn't founded by immigrants.