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Luke, all excellent points IMHO.  Well done my friend! 

What I truly like about Indonesias approach to foreign investment is the overall respect and protection of its culture.  Indonesia should remain conservative with its solicitation of foreign investment. 

All too often success with foreign investment means abdication of culture.  And, unfortunately, the appeal of the dollar is just as strong here as anywhere else. 

I pray God every day that NEVER happens here, and I pray not for me, but for my three sons and all their Balinese cousins that their heritage, their culture, their way of life will NEVER be subjected to outside influence and money to such extent that their culture dies.

Its a very fine line that Indonesia walks every day between advancing its economic strength and maintaining the superb and totally unique diversity of its almost endless inherent cultures.  It is our diversity and our cultures which most defines us.  The true source of our wealth is not our oil, our gas, our minerals, or our labor force.  The true source of our wealth lies within the heart of each and every Indonesian, their bonds to family, to village, to Province and to country.   

The current trend in Bali is most assuredly positive.  Many Balinese outside of southern Bali are now more acutely aware of what foreign investment, and local greed, has done for places like Kuta, and other areas as well.

The idea, greed is good does not resonate here, and I thank God for that.

Economics is a very complicated topic especially because of the endless effects that change in one sector will have on another.

Personally, I don't share your view, largely because in the 16 years I've been living here, what I've seen is a great deal of positive growth and improvement along each and every sector.

That being said, this year's investment climate index for Indonesia is two positions below what it was last year, but if the reasonable objective is to be in the middle of this index (and that is a responsible objective), that's still not too bad...IMHO.   

http://www.vrienspartners.com/category/ … mate-index

In Bali, executive chef positions for foreigners are pretty much limited to the top 5 star resort chains like Four Seasons, Hilton, Aman Resorts, etc.  Given your credentials you should have a decent shot should one of those positions open up, and you should already know how to get your name on the "head hunter's list."

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Hey Annie!  How's that new baby of yours!   Congrats again, and best wishes for all.

Funny how this topic of immigration at the airport can vary so much from one person to the next.  I've only flown internationally out of Jakarta once, all other departures being out of Bali, but like Fred, I've never had any problems even before immigration started to clean up their act. 

As for these occasional articles that appear now and then in the press conveying stories of "abused" or otherwise unhappy tourists, this sort of thing has been going on for a very long time, although I must say, most of the time these sort of articles are to be found in the Australian press.   :o

Tom, there are no visa requirements necessary for a foreigner in order to lease land/villas here in Indonesia.  Lots of expats have leased properties here in Bali but only use the properties a few times, or even just once in any given year.  The problem is when said "part time" expat wants to lease out their properties when they are absent.  At that point the property crosses the line from being residential to being commercial...thus licensing requirements, business establishment, etc.  Some regencies are cracking down on what they call "illegal villas" more than others, and this is an admittedly difficult thing to effectively police especially if any rents paid are done so "off shore" through non Indonesian banks, Paypal, or such. 

The whole point behind the slowly intensifying crack down is of course to put the brakes on land development here in Bali.

Actually, if you use a Hak Pakai lease, a foreigner can rent out (sublet) "their" villa, but the villa must be licensed at the appropriate regency land office, and the "owner" must have a tax number and file tax returns with appropriate tax payments. 

Next time you're in Ubud swing by The Fly Cafe any late afternoon and brain storm with local expats (many being Australian).

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Bli Komang sounds like a great guy, and his web site is very good.  Selamat Komang!

I am never one who does anything less than promote and encourage new arrivals to Bali to rely on local Balinese for the invaluable help and kind assistance that they are in such a unique position to provide.

As for your pet dog however, you need the professional assistance of what is the most trusted and relied on method of getting pets into Bali.

That company is called Groovy Pets and they are based in Jakarta.


Currently (and ever since the rabies problem from some years back) there is no way to get a dog or cat legally into Bali except through Jakarta.

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I think your final summary hits the nail squarely on the head Pak Fred.

A rather well known Balinese topeng maker told me that he's working on a new topeng Bondres Bues which will be very clear who it is modeled after!  I've already put in my order for one!   :D

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Have no concerns, this is merely a formality and Jokowi's resignation will be gratefully accepted. 

We are dealing here with the resignation of office, Governor of Jakarta in order to take the role of President of Indonesia.  Common sense dictates that the DPRD of Jakarta would NEVER in a million years block the will of the Indonesian people in their vote for him as President.

The press here takes too many clues and bad habits from our neighbor down under!   :D

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Yes indeed, Indonesia won. 

The court did their job, and they did it well, and the police and TNI did also did an excellent job with crowd control using only appropriate force or restraint. 

Well done Indonesia.

Finally, the last chapter of The Year of Living Dangerously is over, once and for all.

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"...and we would look at buying a property at a later date."

That will be impossible Marnie, as foreigners are simply not allowed to purchase (own) or have the hak milik deed in their name.

Two things you can start doing even before you arrive in little over a week.  One is to search the internet and the other is to refer to The Bali Advertiser (which is also on-line).

Once you are here, do your best to network with other expats in those areas of interest to you as many properties get rented out by simple word of mouth.

As for real estate agents, they do provide a useful service for those who have limited time to search on their own, so you might consider doing both...working with a few good agents, and doing your own homework.

Good luck with your move to Bali.

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It is impossible to work or practice here as a foreigner in any of the medical arts. 

It isn't doubtful that the manpower office would issue a work permit for a foreign nurse, rather, it is impossible.

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Julien...why?  What was inappropriate about the content of those posts you removed?

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OH, and I almost forgot the Hash House Harriers.

Google Bali Hash House Harriers as well, and take it from there.