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Ubudian posted on the thread looking for a heart to share a lot on the Indonesia forum

What is this...a scene from a Baliwood movie?   :cool:

You use a bed for an avatar?   :lol:

You're 35 and haven't figured out yet that a photo of your bed isn't an effective way to attract women?  ;)

Anyway, yours is the funniest post I've read in quite some time. 

Good luck with your hunt!   :top:

Ubudian posted on the thread Recycling a Pertamina Barrel for Recycling ! on the Bali forum

The problem with using old oil drums is that unless they are kept under a roof, it won't be but a couple of years or so in our climate before the re-cycling barrel looks like it's ready to be re-cycled itself.  Things rust here in a heart beat. 

Cheers and good luck with your projects.

Ubudian posted on the thread job vacancies in bali on the Bali forum

Sales, or better termed, marketing, is not a job skill that isn't easily found within the qualified numbers of Indonesians looking for work.  Getting a work permit in Bali for a marketing position is impossible unless the foreigner is a major investor in the company.   

Sure, you'll say, "but I've run into foreigners trying to sell time shares in Bali."  Yup, true enough, and not one of them was legally employed and when caught it was time to "pay the piper" as in stiff fines, jail time and permanent deportation.

Better luck in Jakarta, but forget about it here in Bali, unless one is willing to take the risk.  Based on what I've seen with more than just a few go through once caught here working illegally, (no work permit), the risk isn't worth it.

Ubudian posted on the thread Need a housemate in Seminyak? on the Indonesia forum

Tracy, two suggestions...one, post an add in The Bali Advertiser and the other, stop by the Canggu club to spread the word. 

Your budget sounds reasonable enough. 


Ubudian posted on the thread Clothing manufacture on the Bali forum

"Is Batik the print on the fabric or the fabric itself? I will definately look into it!"

Neither.  Batik is the process of designing and coloring the fabric.  The fabric can be either high quality cotton or silk.  The process is using melted wax as the resist in those areas not to be color dyed in each of the immersions of the fabric into each vat of each particular color.  The wax is either "painted" or drawn on the fabric, (called tulis batik) or applied with a stamp, (called cap batik). 

A few very nice examples from our collection of antique batik sarongs:

http://www.homeinbali.com/forum/uploads … 6_2251.jpg

You can also find many of the classic batik designs now being reproduced by mechanized printing on all sorts of fabric, but they cannot be called batik.

“By observing the recurrent rise of tourists flocking to Bali’s shores, it is clear that Bali real estate market is on a robust trend and will continue to boom in such conditions.”

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Radar, or as they say, a picture can tell a thousand words:

http://www.homeinbali.com/forum/uploads … 867409.jpg

Outside of the south, most regencies are putting the brakes on when it comes to new development, and that’s trend I highly support.

Doberman, if you want to have a private discussion on this forum with a poster, then use the Private Message function and offer your e-mail address there. 

Since your post immediately followed mine, were you asking me to contact you?  If so, please write to me first via Private Message and we can go from there.

A nominee arrangement does not allow for any sort of outright ownership to the foreigner.  The Hak Milik, which is the land certificate (deed) will absolutely be required to be in the name of an Indonesian national.  In any court in Bali, the Hak Milik will always overrule whatever POA document that is offered. 

The nominee approach is far, far more riskier to the foreigner than the best lease approach, which is called a Hak Pakai, and which will hold up in court.

The PMA approach has restrictions as well, and that includes the requirement of an Indonesian partner for most (but not all) types of business, restrictions on the use of the land, and most of all, huge sums of money (foreign investment) which must be documented to be primarily for the establishment of the business and NOT the purchase of land. 

And btw, good luck finding anyone who can set up a PMA for around $4,500 US.  That is the average cost to set up a PT.

Be very careful with any schemes, or anyone who tries to convince you that you, a foreigner, can legally own land in Indonesia.  The horror stories I could tell you would bring tears to your eyes.

Do the smart thing, and go the Hak Pakai route.

Two thumbs up from me, and a hip, hip hooray too!   :top:

You and your Balinese husband will be pleased to know that a number of recent NGO's and Yayasans have emerged in recent years with the objective of protecting the land of Bali from exactly what you are talking about.

One such organization is Sawah Bali:  www.sawahbali.org  You might want to have a look at their web site.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that mood among the Balinese outside of the already ruined southern zone is very much pro preservation.  Several Regencies have put a block on issuing any further building licenses for commercial resorts, land has been put aside and zoned only for agriculture,  huge tracks Tabanan are now under UNESCO heritage site protection...etc. etc. 

After 16 years of sadly watching Bali getting paved over and sawah after sawah disappearing, I am very upbeat about the current change of attitude here.


You should get in touch with The Temesi Waste Project in the village of Temesi (Gianyar). This is the first and most established waste recycling facility on Bali.

You might also check out these two organization:  www.eco-bali.com  and www.balirecycle.com

I've been living in Gianyar Regency (not county) in Ubud for the past 16 years.  There has be a great deal of progress in waste management and re-cycling in those years, and much yet to be done.

Good luck with your efforts.

Luke, all excellent points IMHO.  Well done my friend! 

What I truly like about Indonesias approach to foreign investment is the overall respect and protection of its culture.  Indonesia should remain conservative with its solicitation of foreign investment. 

All too often success with foreign investment means abdication of culture.  And, unfortunately, the appeal of the dollar is just as strong here as anywhere else. 

I pray God every day that NEVER happens here, and I pray not for me, but for my three sons and all their Balinese cousins that their heritage, their culture, their way of life will NEVER be subjected to outside influence and money to such extent that their culture dies.

Its a very fine line that Indonesia walks every day between advancing its economic strength and maintaining the superb and totally unique diversity of its almost endless inherent cultures.  It is our diversity and our cultures which most defines us.  The true source of our wealth is not our oil, our gas, our minerals, or our labor force.  The true source of our wealth lies within the heart of each and every Indonesian, their bonds to family, to village, to Province and to country.   

The current trend in Bali is most assuredly positive.  Many Balinese outside of southern Bali are now more acutely aware of what foreign investment, and local greed, has done for places like Kuta, and other areas as well.

The idea, greed is good does not resonate here, and I thank God for that.

Economics is a very complicated topic especially because of the endless effects that change in one sector will have on another.

Personally, I don't share your view, largely because in the 16 years I've been living here, what I've seen is a great deal of positive growth and improvement along each and every sector.

That being said, this year's investment climate index for Indonesia is two positions below what it was last year, but if the reasonable objective is to be in the middle of this index (and that is a responsible objective), that's still not too bad...IMHO.   

http://www.vrienspartners.com/category/ … mate-index