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Ubudian posted on the thread Is bottled water illegal? on the Indonesia forum

You've been living here long enough to not take your own quote seriously:

"Assuming this goes to the point where bottled water is deemed illegal, and it looks like it could be, I suppose the supply will just get imported from Malaysia or somewhere, so Indonesians lose jobs and industry for no gain."

That's not going to happen, you know it, so why the tabloid "journalism" style comments about it?

Ubudian posted on the thread Buy Joglo House Bali Java on the Bali forum

Be careful, as the pitfalls associated with your desired project are many.

By private message I'm sending you the e-mail address of someone in the Ubud area who has quite a lot of experience with this exact sort of project.

Good luck.

Ubudian posted on the thread PHILOSOPHY OF BIBLE ANIMAL on the Indonesia forum

The "why" is easy for anyone familiar with the people of Bali, and in particular their endless eagerness to share their culture and the endless stories to be found within them.

In this particular case I think Kadek did a rather good job of explaining one similar cultural characteristic of Balinese to both China and the West.

On the other hand, I had the same question in mind...why?

But my why would be to ask why Kadek wants to move to Papua.

Ubudian posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Doc, I'm with you 100%. I think the proposed law is nuts, and moreover I am certain it will never pass. 

Forcing temporary residents, which is what all KITAS holders are, to learn Indonesian is ridiculous and sooner or later someone will figure that out and once again, this insane proposal will be put to bed.

Ubudian posted on the thread search for a room in bali on the Bali forum

"Just wait til our fried Roy is going to reply."

Tom, are you calling me Roy Goreng?    :o

As for the question, just Google The Bali Advertiser.

Ubudian posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Nope...it will never happen.  I can just about guarantee it. 

Reason number one being the Ministry of Education doesn't even have a standardized Bahasa Indonesia proficiency test.  I kid you not.

But Tom, if you'd like to send me a PM with a bet proposal, I am totally game. :top:

Ubudian posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

“Since Bahasa is just one dialect how is it practical to hold everyone to just one language for the country?”

I beg to differ on that comment as Bahasa Indonesia is hardly “one dialect” rather it is the national language of Indonesia, and spoken throughout the archipelago.     

Based on Old Malay, which was the common trade language used throughout SE Asia for hundreds of years, Bahasa Indonesia became the official language of Indonesia when it declared its independence at the end of WWII. 

Indonesian language proficiency will never become a requirement for a KITAS visa.  And, as already noted, this idea has been kicked down the road before…always with the same result…that being its sublime slumber for several more years before it is brought up again.

Ubudian posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Yup, that's we hear as well Tom.   

My friend though isn't switching KITAS/IMTA sponsorship here in Indonesia as it has actually been several years since he was executive chef at the Shangra-La.  He moved down from Beijing where he was head executive chef for Kempinski and making his dream to live in Bali come true.

Ubudian posted on the thread Relocating back to Jakarta from USA on the Jakarta forum

Listening to you is bringing back a lot of memories of heading down the Garden State Parkway on the way to Cape May.

As you well know, New Jersey gets a bad rap from folks who don't know all the hidden gems to be found there...and I don't mean Cap May Point diamonds either.   :D

Ubudian posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Luke, don't you think this HIV matter is the result of the fiasco at JIS?  I'm not suggesting this as a valid reason, but it does seem sort of quid pro quo doesn't it?

Ubudian posted on the thread opening a fastfood in bali on the Bali forum

The more remote areas of Indonesia will surely be less expensive in many ways than here in Bali, but at the same time, you're not going to run into many expats in those areas, and in general, Indonesians tend to prefer eating what Indonesians have cooked.  That later point will be especially true in the more remote areas of Indonesia.

Ubudian posted on the thread opening a fastfood in bali on the Bali forum

In another area of this forum you mentioned that you wanted to invest US $25,000 in a fast food venture (somewhere else).

I’m sorry, but that’ll just about cover a new bakso cart here in Bali, and that’s it.

You will need at least ten times your 25K investment to even begin thinking about such a venture here on Bali.

Ubudian posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Tom, I can personally confirm the changes regarding IMTA and their associated KITAS visas as being 6 months valid.  In fact, this applies to PT company partner applicants as well, which I find to be a huge blunder.  For PMA investment companies this apparently does not apply to the principle foreign investors. 

We’re going through all of this now for a long time friend who some months ago purchased a long standing restaurant here in Ubud, Bali (PT company).  Even though he has years of prior working experience (work permits and KITAS) in Indonesia as the executive chef at the Banyan Tree Resort on Bintan Island, and the Shangr-La in Surabaya, both the Manpower Office and Immigration are only starting him off with 6 months.

IMHO, this is nuts, as this dumb move is not conducive to attracting foreign investment.

It’s one thing to tighten up on foreign employees (non investors), but it’s an entirely different matter to make foreign investment here in Indonesia all that more onerous and difficult.

Ubudian posted on the thread looking for sponsership on the Bali forum

Skully, are you looking for a company…a visa agency, to sponsor you for a retirement visa.  Is this what you are asking?  If so, have a look at PT Bali Ide (just Google).

However, if you are looking for a company to sponsor you for a KITAS and work permit, that’s an entirely different matter, and it will be considerably more difficult.

Ubudian posted on the thread Scooter Driving Lessons on the Bali forum

“Most of them ignored the importance of Road safety.”

One has to really scratch their heads over Indonesian attitudes about driving and road safety.  Seriously, it is a joke.  It would almost be funny if it didn’t so often end up with  tragic consequences.   

For one example, it is not against the law to drink and drive here.  You can be flat out drunk out of your mind and that’s not a problem.  What is against the law is losing control of your vehicle.  So, the poor guy who has a tire blow out, or hits a pot hole and loses control of his car, bike, whatever, is at fault if this results in an accident.  Whereas the mindless drunk who forces somebody off the road, or forces someone else to lose control of their vehicle gets away with it.   

Stop signs and red lights are more a suggestion than a demand, and when has anyone seen a driver yield the right of way to an ambulance with siren wailing and light flashing? 

And who hasn’t almost killed themselves with these piles of dirt or stones in the middle of the road where a work project is going on with the only warning being yet another larger stone further into the road with a pathetic little stick, and maybe a bit of plastic tied to the top of it. 

“The importance of road safety?”  In Indonesia?  I’m sorry, but that is an oxymoron, at least in Bali anyway. 

I don’t care how skilled, how careful, or how fast your reflexes are.  If you drive a motorbike in Bali, you are taking your life in your hands.  For some folks there is no other choice, but when there is a choice, common sense dictates to avoid that means of transport.

Ubudian posted on the thread What is notary role in Indonesia on the Bali forum

Joyce, the primary reason why a foreigner should always use an attorney before entering any contractual agreement, be it business or a property lease for example, is that the attorney, and only the attorney can argue the contract in a court of law should that become necessary later on.  To the extent that an attorney is involved in the process of drawing up the legal contracts, that attorney is bound to defend its legality and the legal rights of his/her client in court should that become necessary.     

Yes, the services of a notaris will also be required, and indeed, as you say, the attorney will use a notaris for certain aspects of the required filings, witnesses, etc. to a legal contract, but, the ultimate and final legal recourse the foreigner has, should things run amok, is his or her attorney.   

Yes, for 99% of the daily legal affairs (non criminal) that Indonesians face in their lives, a notaris is most assuredly sufficient, but for a foreigner, a notaris alone is not sufficient for their legal protection.

Ubudian created a new thread on the Indonesia forum

Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

We only have two more New Year holidays yet to celebrate…Islamic, October 13 & 14, and Nyepi, 21 March.

I think we’re the only place on earth that celebrates the new year with public holidays four times each year. 

One might think we Indonesians love a party! 

…And they wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that either.  ;)

Ubudian posted on the thread Bali’s Got Talent! on the Bali forum

Ron's "true passion" is with his glass blowing art...but he probably could be a professional musician if he wanted.

Ubudian posted on the thread Scooter Driving Lessons on the Bali forum

“Learn to drive scooter is as easy as learn to ride bicycle…”

I wonder if that sort of thinking helps to account for why so many Indonesians and foreign expats end up in the hospital, or the morgue, at RS Sanglah each year.

It has never been more dangerous to drive around Bali on motorbikes than it is right now. 

Stick to cars, and keep your family safe and happy.  :top:

Ubudian posted on the thread Meeting new people on the Bali forum

Always curious, I checked out some of your stand up routines on utube. 

In a word…hilarious!

When you get to Bali, Ubud should be one place you check out, that’s for sure.  There are number of Aussies about here, but then again, there are large numbers of Aussies most anywhere on Bali. 

You’ll want to get to know the island before you decide where you want to hang up your kilt at night, as the variety from one area of Bali to the other is significant to say the least.

One thing I can tell you about the Balinese…they love a good laugh, so you’ll likely fit in here just fine.

Good luck on your retirement…but don’t give up doing your stand up.  :top:

Well done, and cheers!

Ubudian posted on the thread Cost of living in Indonesia – 2015 on the Indonesia forum

Holy cow (and I don't mean Nandi)...you and your 10 year old daughter go through $1,000.00 a month on food?

Do you cook at home at all or always eat out? 

Your profile says Ubud but you also say you rent in Canggu (an hour's drive from Ubud).   :unsure