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Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Mukhlas…(Bali bombers), all three executed Nov. 2008…Noordin Top taken out “Bin Laden style” by Indonesian security forces, September, 2009, and by the following month, all members of Top’s terrorist cell  had either been killed or captured, including his recruiter and field coordinator Ibrohim (who was killed) and Syaifudin Zuhir, Top’s successor (who was also killed).  March 2010, Dulatin, a senior figure in Jemaah Islamiyah killed during a raid by Detachment 88…and there is more.

Trust me, Indonesia is not soft on terrorists.

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"Never heard that passports of most people are with the agents."

This is, or was, more common with 60 day visas that are renewable for 4 X 30 days Tom.  During that whole renewal process...the four months, it is more common that the passport stays with the agent for processing the next renewal.

I remember well during my sosbud years that I wouldn't see my passport more than when needed to make my bi-annual visa runs.

Traveling within Indonesia was never a problem...a simple photo copy of the passport and a receipt letter from the visa agent was always more than sufficient.

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"[img][link under review]"

I think I know what story you linked to, and from I understand that wasn't exactly properly reported.  In any event, a few phone calls and for those who had proper immigration status, the issue was resolved.  Moreover, in a home raid, even if the passport was at immigration, the expat would still have lots of immigration paper work in their home. 

"Is it just me or weren't most countries founded by immigrants?"

That would depend on how you define immigrants and how far back in a country's history do they go. 

For certain, Indonesia wasn't founded by immigrants.

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This has been going on in Bali for a while.  There are way, way too many illegal villas here lacking the proper building permits, and also those being rented out without a proper business license, thus avoiding paying taxes.  They are also going after so called “nominee schemes” also with the objective being to recovered due and unpaid taxes. 

To say that I’ve been seeing many unhappy faces on a lot of expats lately would be an understatement.

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"For goodness sake, keep this to yourself lest the place be overrun."

:lol: It's already happening! 

Cheers Commander!

Yes, of course we respect Julien’s desires and philosophy regarding this forum as not being the place to discuss sensitive political or religious issues. 

There are other forums for this, and if anyone is interested in reading a very revealing and interesting thread on this topic of the recent executions in Indonesia, this is it:

You will need to join (it’s free) to even access the discussion.

Before any moderator here takes objection to this post, please run it by Julien first.  My intention in posting that link to another forum is not to lead folks away from this one, but rather to point to the direction of another discussion which doesn’t avoid sensitive issues.  And rest assured, I am not criticizing the “politically correct” atmosphere we all enjoy here.  On the contrary, I enjoy it!

Cheers all!

James, I am somewhat surprised that the recent executions haven’t been raised on this forum prior to your last comment.

On other forums, it’s “the talk of the town.”

But your perception is totally correct.  The overwhelming majority of Indonesians support the death penalty for drug smugglers…be they Indonesian or otherwise.

We simply do not have the resources to combat drugs in any manner akin to totally developed nations, moreover, Indonesia has more coast line than any other country on earth aside from Canada. 

If you think it worthwhile to start a new topic thread about the death penalty in Indonesia, and in general, I would gladly participate, but the climate on this forum seems to be avoidance of sensitive topics, so, I’m not sure that Julien would welcome such a discussion. 


"Think you guys could send us Joko Widodo on loan for a couple of years? I'm sure the Brazilian people would love to have him as president, he'd probably have the problems of this country straigtened out in three months!!!"


James, as Fred suggests, pop on over and have a look.  I'm betting you'd really like it here.


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May day as a public holiday is rather new.  With three kids in school, from where I sit, there are already way too many holidays here!   :lol:

Here's a worthless piece of trivia for you:

Indonesia, the most populated Muslim country on the planet, has more Christian holidays that are national holidays than predominantly Christian USA.  Here in Indonesia, Accession Thursday is a national holiday...but in the US, it isn't.  This means 4 Christian holidays for Indonesia...3 for the USA. 

Go figure!   :/

I don't want to rain on your parade, but I do hope you understand that somewhere in the area of 80% of new restaurant start ups on Bali are gone in 5 years or less.  In fact, restaurants are the highest business failures on Bali. 

How to go about looking for good help?  Advertise and post in forums like this one in the jobs section. 

Anyway, good luck!

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Two points…one, as of 2013 Iranian citizens are no longer eligible for visas on arrival.  If you have other than an Iranian passport, check the VOA eligibility list to see if that country is on the list.

As a result of this recent change, if you are planning to enter Indonesia on an Iranian passport you will have to apply for a visit visa from an Indonesian embassy closest to where you are currently living (there is no Indonesian embassy or consulate in Monaco).   

As for what you are looking for…Ubud Bali is the obvious choice.  Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali and it has been home to foreign expatriate artists for over a hundred years.

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Well Tom, I don't want to come right out and disparage this poster, jbeerda, but those words, "hati hati" went off in my mind while reading this thread.

And there are those common sense considerations…such as, why would a presumably long standing expat be soliciting the sale of his or her business on an expat forum they just recently joined, and wherein the information provided about that business is so sketchy? 

I’ve personally been deeply involved in the sale of expat held businesses to another expat over my long years here…and none of them involved forums…or the internet, in any manner aside from email.

Wow!  This thread “went south” in a heart beat! 

Allow me to start over with what I think is being discussed.

-chemenger21, who is Pakistani, but here in Indonesia on an non Pakistani passport wants to know if there are any companies who (for a legal fee) could sponsor his friend who is also Pakistani (and presumably without a passport from another country), to visit Indonesia.

-Tom, aka “happyhour” suggests: “If you are here on a KITAS you may yourself can sponsor.”

First off, that’s impossible.  A foreigner on KITAS visa is not an eligible sponsor for ANY Indonesian visa…period.  A foreign owned company could, but not a person. 

Next point…visas to Indonesia by Pakistani nationals are a tricky matter as they require in advance approval:

Citizens of Pakistan must obtain an approval from the authorities in Indonesia prior to applying for a visa.
To obtain an approval please follow the following instructions:

1. Contact your sponsor or counterpart in Indonesia – this could be a hotel, travel agent or an individual – to pursue the Authorization (Otorisasi) at the Clearing House of the Department of Foreign Affairs or with Indonesian Immigration.

2. Once the Authorization has been approved, the original will be sent to the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you – to apply with VisaHQ it must be sent to the Embassy in Washington DC. A Notification (Pemberitahuan) of the approval is sent to your sponsor in Indonesia. Your sponsor needs to send this document to you to present with your application.

source:  http://indonesia.visahq.com/requirement … ed_States/

So now let’s move on to the “nitty gritty” meaning, how does the original poster get his friend over to Indonesia? 

First off…YES there are plenty of visa agency companies which can legally sponsor foreigners for visas.  Yes, they will charge for this service, but no, there is nothing illegal about that sort of activity.  The fact that the OP (original poster) chemenger21 asked about that sort of service is surely reasonable, and for certain does not reflect any kind of illegal intentions whatsoever.  “Nuff said on that. 

Secondly…this friend, a lady studying medicine in the US, has already gone under a HUGE microscope of examination by the NSA and US immigration.  As she has already “passed” that scrutiny, she would surely be approved for entry on a visit visa to Indonesia.

My advice to chemenger21, is for your friend, armed with endless documents from whatever university or hospital she is currently studying at, to visit the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate closest to where she is in the US, (and there are several in the US), and state her intentions to visit you, and Indonesia.  She may very likely not be asked to provide an Indonesian sponsor…in fact, I’ll place a sizable bet on that.

If I loose my sizable bet, (and that sort of thing is very rare), then send me a PM and we'll go on to Plan B.

I sense a romance here, but that's not any of my business...it's just that I am a hopeless romantic, and will always bend over backwards to help foster romance and relationships whenever I can.

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"The US is a different country, with different social norms, so I don't thing that argument really works."

Fred my boy, Americans are people...just like people everywhere.  Tell them they can't have something that they've always been able to have before, and they'll only wind up wanting it more.  Prohibition simply doesn't work...in any culture.


"What about one of my Indonesian friends who is an artist from Bandung?  He could not set up an art exhibition because of some his nude paintings!!!"

If your friend studied at ITB (as did two of my brother's in law), then he would know fully well that for an exhibition of paintings featuring nudes...exhibit them in Bali!   :top:

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Something is a bit odd here.  Tom, I think you’re getting a sense of that too.

When a foreigner sells a PT or PMA to another foreigner, the new foreign buyer essentially starts all over again.  Sure, some of the business licenses needed by the originating PT or PMA can be transferred, but, the new foreign buyer has to go though all the application and registration processes of the PT/PMA of the original buyer.  The new owner/foreign investor cannot be simply “transferred”, as could be some of the required business licenses.

Unless the existing PT/PMA is holding significant assets, such as long term existing land leases, equipment, inventory, etc. there is no point in buying an existing PT/PMA.

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"...the teachers salaries are also very nice."


How many teachers do you know in Bali?  I suspect not many, and for certain I don't know one who would say that their salary is "very nice."   

Indeed these schools operate as a business, as do most all private educational institutions world wide.  But, from our experience having three boys in one or more various private schools on Bali over the many years we've lived here, we have always found complete transparency, including full accounting being regularly provided. 

You are absolutely right though about the parental decisions concerning what schools to send your kids to...or to opt for home schooling.  That is a very personal decision taken by each and every parent, and I don't know one who doesn't consider all the aspects very thoroughly and with great concern. 

For us, part of our decision has always been that kids raised and educated in Bali are afforded an opportunity which far exceeds anything they would be able to experience "back home."  In other words, education in our view far exceeds that which is learned in the classroom.


Number one...bahasa Ingris, aka, English, is the language of this forum.  And, since the Indonesians who post here (and they are wonderfully plentiful) have to use it, you can be really sure that we guests must use it as well. 

Number two...you cannot "buy" land on Sumba, or anywhere else in Indonesia unless you are an Indonesian citizen.  So, what you are looking for is a long term lease.

Number three...Bali is not the right place to be looking for 10 are in Sumba.  Sumba is the place for that. 

Number four...and this is totally personal preference...look more at Flores than Sumba.

Cheers, and good luck.

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There are none in Ubud.  You'll need to go to Denpasar (only 45 minutes away) to find good specialist eye doctors. 

Contact either Bali Royal Hospital in Renon or the International Wing at RS Sanglah for an appointment.