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Our approach is to get to know the NGO or Yayasan (charity) personally before we donate any funds, or our time via volunteer work.     

It should be easy enough to understand why most organizations don't publish their audited annual statements on their web pages, but sure, they should be, (and normally are) available for review by any prospective donor.

As for limiting our involvement to charities on Bali, we simply believe in the old concept, charity begins at home.  With that said, an entire crew of volunteers from Ubud, Bali headed to Aceh within a few days of the tsunami, as disasters needing immediate help are entirely different situations than supporting regular charitable organizations at home.

Pretty simply concepts really, if you think about it. 

But, you asked the question, and my answer is yes, there are plenty of honest charities, NGO's, and Yayasans on Bali.  I've only named one of them.   

Whatever floats your boat is good, as it all helps.

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"The world is a far safer and generally better place when extremists are no longer living in it."


I have a lot of respect for the way Indonesia handled Amrozi and his crew as well as the Malaysian, Noordin Top.  No fooling around.

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No, no, no.

You cannot arrange a "six month" visit visa upon arrival in Bali.  And moreover, the visit visa I was talking about is a 60 day visa which is renewable here in Bali for up to four times, each time being good for another 30 days, or, total stay, 180 days (close to 6 months)

The 60 day visit visa has to be obtained in advance of arrival in Indonesia at any Indonesian embassy, and most Indonesian consulates, world wide.

If you arrive here without a prearranged visa, and your come from an approved country, you will be issued a visa on arrival (VOA) which is good for 30 days, but also renewable once for an additional 30 days.   

As for a good visa agent, for many years I used PT Bali Ide (and you can Google for their contact details).

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Pak Fred...just watching TV One and it's already quite busy outside Kantor KPU.

Do you know what time the announcement is planned?

Keeping my fingers crossed, as I bet you, Luke, and others are as well.

Forget using your embassy or consulate here.  They wouldn't know anything about what your husband did regarding his house or business as they dont factor in with those issues.

"I assume that he would have had to follow strict legal protocol on any of these ?"

I wouldn't necessarily assume that.  Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. 

"When we are ready to deal with this would we be best to travel to Indonesia and then find a local lawyer etc. to help us find out the details??  Or should we appoint a lawyer now so it could all be discovered before we travel to Indonesia?"

Hiring an attorney before coming to Indonesia might well save you the expense of coming here unless you have plans to come to Bali anyway. 

Do a Google "Lawyers in Bali" and contact a few by e-mail.  Try to find a lawyer closest to where your husband's house/business is located, otherwise youll be paying for a lot of travel costs by the attorney and or his staff.

Also, if youre going to do anything, do it sooner than later.  You can bet that house isn't unoccupied now, so the longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Only one change I would suggest, and that's to change this:

" In all cases its recommended to consult a notary."

To this:

" In all cases its recommended to consult an attorney."

A notaris is fine in almost any transaction Indonesian to Indonesian, but with foreigners it is essential to engage an attorney.

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The Globe article isn't mincing words, is it?

Reckless reporting until the official KPU announcement, IMHO.

With that said, it's probably accurate since keeping the lid on this sort of news would be almost impossible.

No doubt there have been "leaks" from inside the KPU.

I only wish it was 2 points more than the reported 53%.

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The personal stories of the victims now emerge.

Here in Bali we lost five citizens, two Balinese, one male, and one female, both young and both from Singaraja.  The other three was a family of a Dutch male expat, his non Balinese Indonesian wife and their 2 year old baby living here on Bali.   

The young Bali lad came from a poor family and was well known at the foundation I work with in Singaraja.  One of his teachers recalled a remark he once made along the lines of, "when I die I want the whole world to know."  The young Balinese lady, Ketut was a well known singer.   

The Jawa Post recently ran photos of all the Indonesian victims and of course, this same thing...putting faces to the victims, is going on all over the world.

The responsibility for this heinous act is increasingly clear to be with Putin.  How he handles this, and his now run amok separatists, will impact the Russian people considerably.  Lets hope he does right by them (his citizens) and all the families of the victims.

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Optimistically thinking, all these preparations by the police and TNI is only due diligence so as not be caught unprepared should the worse ensue tomorrow.

It is wise, your suggestions that expats in Jakarta stay very aware tomorrow, just in case.   

With good luck the final results will show Jokowi out ahead with at least a 5% margin which Prabowo will be under pressure to accept. 

As I wrote earlier, all those tensions which were so evident in 1999 are just not present, or I should say, are not present in and around Bali.

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For the record, I am Roy, and I'm neither unhappy, or in need of help.  YuZ is Yuri, and I agree, it is apparent that he's had some bad luck and is clearly not pleased.


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"sounds as  though  he  could  do  with  some  sort of  help"

By all means, I am always grateful for help!

What do you have in mind?   ;)

"i'm interest with the collector or buyer of painting nowadays"

That's me. 

We have a very serious collection of Indonesian art, as well as by the best known expats, past and present.

So, may I ask one more time...which artists do you represent or have paintings that are available?

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That number, 30,000 just doesn't make sense, nor does it pass the "common sense" barometer. 

Just consider that the best estimates of membership in the FPI is only around 3,000 and that number seems to make sense whenever checking on the number of participants at their rallies.

Sylvia, when you say "fine artist" do you mean some of those contemporary Indonesian artists like my brother in law, I Made Djirna and others whose works are regularly sold by Christies and Sothebys at their SE Asian art auctions?  Can you name some of the artist you represent?

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"More than 30,000 Indonesians have joined the jihadist movement fighting across the Middle East, and some of them have returned home to establish ISIS branches in Jakarta and West Nusa Tenggara."

That sounds like a very high number...30,000.

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Horrific to say the least, and the news footage from the crash site particularly hitting as the cameraman zoomed in on a copy of the Lonely Planet guidebook to Bali and Lombok on the ground amongst the wreckage.