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Isma P. wrote:

Yes, me too please

Tina_ch, you already start to learn ? Is it difficult ?

Isma' Isma!  :-)*

Is Maltese difficult to learn?  Yes and no! Depends on you!
Think positive and it's not difficult!
Living in Malta with Maltese neighbours, friends, and colleagues, an "open, curious ear", and maybe some grammatical explanations and/or a Maltese language course – needs some practice but it definitively can be learned.
Inselli għalik

*  «isma'» is the imperative singular of the verb "to listen/to hear".
In Maltese there is no infinitive. As "infinitive" and as dictionary entry the simplest form of a verb is used – the 3rd person singular, past tense. In case of the verb "to listen/to hear" this is «sema'», he listened/he heard.
And in the Maltese-English dictionary, by Joseph Aquilina (p. 1262) you will find: «isma'» can also be used to emphasize agreement approximately in the sense of Eng. "of course/I couldn’t agree more" or as disagreement with a sense of surprise, "certainly not!/What nonsense!"
Well, I suppose this was just your first Maltese lesson! :-)))

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Għażiż Charlo,
could you send me the info on learning Maltese, too?
Grazzi ħafna !
Il-Milied it-Tajjeb u ħafna risq għas-Sena l-Ġdida.

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lambada wrote:

Don't bother .... Not worth the effort.

The effort to learn Maltese (or anything else) is as much worth as you value it!
What others do or expect should not be of much relevance for your wishes/needs/desire.

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Thank you, for all your thoughts and advices, I found them very helpful, and I very much appreciate your interest.
There is no hurry, I still have time to make a decision, find something else or even better, search for the original provider.

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Thank you Redmik.
I have no experience at all with online shopping! Therefore my question, to those who are accustomed to online shopping: Would you recommend to trust this website or not?

tina_ch posted on the thread greatmalta.com on the Malta forum

Thanks for your answers.
"Buyer beware is always a good stance." Exactly! That's why!
I don’t like the idea to pay them a 'deposit' and never again hear of them.
If I knew there are some who made good experience with this website, I would consider to order, i.e. to pay the deposit.
What would you recommend?
Thank you

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Does anybody know the website "greatmalta.com"? Can one trust this site?

Thank you, any advice is appreciated.

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Il-Ħamis, 20 ta Frar 2014;  TVM l-aħbarijiet:  36% tal-Maltin huma ħoxnin iżżejjed.
Thursday, 20 February 2014; TVM news: 36% of Maltese are obese.
Therefore I suppose the Maltese would like/need some exercises :-)))

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Hi Lorna,
għandi pjaċir ħafna li "niltaqa' miegħek" :-))). Ħadt gost ħafna ħafna li sibt il-ktieb tiegħek! Grazzi.

I found your book in Valletta last year and got very excited, I went through all the chapters and was very enthusiastic about it.
For example: I already asked many Maltese how to express the conditional (in no other books I found a chapter about the conditional), however none of their answers was satisfactory. In contrast, your explanations and examples were very good and helpful, grazzi ħafna!
As well I appreciated the chapter about the "grammatical terminology" and all your lists with verbs, and suffixes. The whole book is a great help!

I'm looking forward to your other books, which for sure I will buy when I in Malta next time.

Inselli ħafna għalik

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Just out of curiosity :-)))

Does anybody know why Malta needs/wants/has – with 31 digits - the longest IBAN Number (next are Mauritius and Kuwait with 30 digits).

Malta, 31 digits: MT84MALT011000012345MTLCAST001S

France, 27 digits: FR1420041010050500013M02606

UK, 22 digits: GB29NWBK60161331926819

Norway, 15 digits: NO9386011117947

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A contribution out of history.

Here you will find a report, already 10 years old but somehow still current.
The second link will give you the explanation to the 'Mickey Mouse land' mentioned in the first link.


Well after few days thinking about it I finally understood it is completely a personal choice so I don't know if someone could help us in our dilemma.
You considered all important points!!! You are not careless!!! You cannot blame you not be able to know the future!!! If facts don't lead to a solution, ask your heart!

To be honest I'm afraid by the idea to have done wrong estimation. Do you think with something around 145K CHF per year we could have a comfortable life leaving few kilometers from Lausanne or am I wrong?
With 145K CHF (as long as you don’t have an expensive hobby as old-timers, and don’t throw money down the drain) you shouldn’t have any financial problems.

This link: "Budget-conseil Suisse" in French might help you.
http://www. budgetberatung.ch/Familien.74+M52087573ab0.0.html

Two others: (Migros = is a supermarché) both in French:
https:// famigros.migros.ch/fr/vie-de-famille/gestion-de-la-famille/budget-familial.html
http://www. lafamily.ch/

Good luck

Just a few thoughts and arguments to think about. You have to make the score and the decision. That’s not easy, and one can never be sure. I wish you all the luck.:):):)

1.  French company offered me to stay working for them at distance in the south of France with a better salary.
If both salaries offer a good, comfortable life (and the difference is not too big) this is not very important.
Is there a salary difference in future? i.e. is one job (and/or your career) likely to develop better?

2.   Both opportunities are really interesting, even if different.
What about the possibilities of career? What are the differences regarding long term?

3.   France seems to be the easier and secure choice.
Why? What are the points and how important are they?

4.   Probably will have better finances in France than in Switzerland.
Why? And when? Now, or in future as well?
What are the points and how important?
Is there a big difference in quality of life?

5.   She would prefer stay in France.
You don't have to stay in Lausanne for ever! In the year (or two) before your baby starts school you could move back to France and to a new Job.

6.   She's teacher in France more easier for her to get a job.
Depending on the subjects she teaches, but there are teaching jobs in Lausanne and around as well.
There are as well quite a few private schools.

7.   Concerning your career.
For your CV it's often a good point to have worked (for some time) in a foreign country.
More and different experiences,
a network of colleagues and companies,
indicating you are flexible…

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Look here:


Quite e few have indicated their website.
Send your application (by email) to those you like.

Good luck.

tina_ch posted on the thread job,work, languages on the Switzerland forum

Try these:

http://tel .search.ch/?was=sprachschule&firma=1

http://www. jobs.ch/en/suche/Catering-Food-Tourism/126/0

http://www. indeed.ch/Stellen?q=receptionist&l=

good luck

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Hi Jay,

Not 'learned', still learning (it's a long way to go)!

Beneficial outcomes? Keeps your brain going ;-)  and you have more possibilities to take part in the Maltese life. In short, makes your (Maltese) life more interesting.

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Hi MGrima,

I’ve the same problem, courses are not really to expect. Private tuition hard to find.

Here a few books:

Antoinette Camilleri: Merħba Bik
to me, not really helpful. The book itself doesn’t have a key, nearly no English translations, not much English explanation. In short: you need a teacher beside.

Lydia Sciriha: Beginning Maltese and Continuing Maltese are ok. The only thing I can’t stand is the beeping sound on the CD, between words and sentences.

Joseph Aquilina: Concise Maltese-English English-Maltese Dictionary is ok. Nevertheless I prefer the original version of it.

***Joseph Aquilina, Maltese - English - Maltese Dictionary. Very good, for beginners the 2 Maltese volumes are sufficient.
http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3618 … ix-volumes

***For self-studies I recommend: “Learn Maltese, why not?” Joseph Vella, as printed book or to download: http://www.ebook3000.com/Learn-Maltese- … 44055.html . All explanations in English. Al Maltese sentences translated. There is a key to all exercises.

Lorna Vassallo, Maltese through English. A new book (2012), very good, all explanations in English, all translated. But not for a beginner.  http://maltapark.com/item.aspx?ItemID=2160826

The CDs EuroTalk, TalkNow! Tghallem il-Malti. Different levels.

Just to listen to:
http://www.campusfm.um.edu.mt/pages/web … m#series_2

Good luck