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ahmadaq posted on the thread City Comparison on the Saudi Arabia forum

Women can’t swim in public places in in Saudi Arabia, but they can do so in private beaches.

Roads are totally safe from Bandits, day and night, but not safe from reckless drivers.

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Call the compound and inquire about it, but I think it’s a very slim chance since they have a long waiting list of people who wants to rent there for long stay not only two months.

Another idea is to state your dates here and maybe (just maybe) someone how is already living there is looking for someone to share the space and cost with ( it works with me few times before when I was looking to live in a compound). Since many people who lives in compounds are having  their companies paying  for it directly to the compounds and they are looking to cash-on some of their accommodation allowances, so it could work for both.

ahmadaq posted on the thread City Comparison on the Saudi Arabia forum

I will not use the word “Huge”, “ some difference” is  more like it. It’s not like 20 in Riyadh 10 in Dammam. It’s more of 12 in Riyadh 10 in Dammam.

ahmadaq posted on the thread City Comparison on the Saudi Arabia forum


For the cost of living, few years back this could have been a valid point if you are trying to compare the three main cities in Saudi Arabia  Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam ( when we say Dammam we usually mean the three attached cities of Dammam, Khober and Dharan). Accommodation ( not in a compound)being  the main comparing factor , they are more or less are all the same now.

For other items  like Electricity, Tel, food…. The prices are fixed for all.

Not sure about School fees comparison between the two.

All on all, no real differences on the cost of living, it’s not like the difference between London and Cardiff for example.

You will not find many South Americans living in Saudi Arabia, but for sure you can find more Spanish speakers in Riyadh in comparison to Dammam due to the number of embassies and companies headquarters.I personally know only two Brazilians and one Venezuelan In Khobar

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Working as a judge or in fact also as a lawyer (a lawyer that presents cases in front of a judge and not an office/corporate lawyer) are strictly reserved for Saudi Nationals only.

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Bupa, Medgulf , Mednet  and Tawuniya are the top healthcare insurance companies in Saudi, others include Axa, Malath and enaya. There are many others, but no need to go there.

A good option is to ask your HR Department to upgrade your insurance company and you can pay the difference, otherwise it will be expensive to have an individual insurance policy.

Yes you can use any ATM to withdrawn money (the bank that the ATM belongs to will charge your bank SR 3, but you will not be charge with anything). Now if you want to let’s say pay some bills or do money transfer or some other bank services rather than withdrawing money or checking your bank balance then you need to use your own bank ATM.

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Hey Pajaroflor....Mawakeb Alajer is part of Al Taif Charity Organization... same villa :)  they are really awsome

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The main intercity bus service in Saudi is provided by SAPTCO ( in Jeddah their man station is in Balad cross the road from the main postal services office).

Your other option to go to Tabuk, is to take the buses going to Jordan , there are few of them located in King Abdullah Road with Madina Road intersection  (some also in Seteen Street )

http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=2 … 18&m=b

Check with them if they are taking Tabuk route and not Quriat one, they are usually cheaper than SAPTCO and they give you a larger carryon weight allowances.

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For ladies, you need to go to a resort on North Obhur, especially the ones overlooking the open see and not the creek (not necessary thu) . Many will have their own renting services or they will wave for someone to rent it of him..…

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Both Al Ahlam Marine (Marsa Al Ahlam) and Kanz Obhur in South Obhur (Obhur al Janoobiah) are offering rental of jet-sky on hourly bases service. They are both open to public and have an easy access from the main street.

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Hi 0090,

Only yesterday I was reading on the newspaper that Ministry of High Education had putting an age limit of 6o years of age for none-Saudi professors working in the Kingdom universities.

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I have to agree on Dr. Badir Al Faraj, I had some work done there by Dr. Abdullah ( A Syrian Dentist) and he was awsome ( I went to thier Souq Al Shataa Branch and not Prince Sultan Street)  :one

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There are few places to go to for those things; some of the best ones are,

Tamir and Tamara- Cross the road from Papaya Restaurant (near Souq Al Shataa)
Al Eyssai – Souq Al Shraq
A shop in Sultan Mall- on the North Side of the Second Floor

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I thought that this type is available in most Abaya shops !! little I know..  :o

Ok  let’s analyze this, over the head Abays are considered to be for more conservative women, Bedwan women and they are kind of outdated model. That’s why you will not find them in malls or shattaa Souq for instant.

For this type of Abayes you need to go to smaller Abaya shops in East of Jeddah. I know for a fact that they sell them near Old Shobra shop near Abdel latif Jamil headquarter. They call it in Arabic Abaya Fouq Al Rass

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As far As I know, there are three public libraries in Jeddah; the biggest and newest one (and long waited one!!) is King Fahad Public Library on the corner of King Abdulaziz University near Al Andalus Mall.
The other two are, the public Library in Khozam Park near Islamic Development Bank in Al Nozlah Al Yamaniah area and the Ministry of Education Library near Balad next to Egypt Air building and The Italian Culture Center ( it’s more for student).

Sadly we Arabs don’t read and having a public library is not something that interest people   :(