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ahmadaq posted on the thread doll house on the Jeddah forum

Pottery and Barn Kids in Red Sea Mall sells doll houses...saw one few weeks back

ahmadaq posted on the thread Swimming on the Saudi Arabia forum

I learned how to swim when I was 27. It was an 8 weeks course conducted by two different trainers with two different training styles, I start floating, which is the single most important thing in learning how swimming, in week 3.

Now I dive from time to time and do snorkeling regularly :D

ahmadaq posted on the thread UK certificate attestation on the Saudi Arabia forum

You need to know that your degrees will means nothing in Saudi if they were not attested by BOTH The Saudi Embassy and the Saudi Cultural Bureau in UK .So it's not only about getting them attested by your UK Uni. And the British consulate

ahmadaq posted on the thread driving to madina on the Jeddah forum

Around half way to and from Madinah and around morning and afternoons you can see Baboons on the roadside  pack some "Baboons food" with you if you like to stopover and feed them. :blink:

ahmadaq posted on the thread soursop fruit on the Jeddah forum

yes its available, Al Sarwat Supermarket in Kilo5, AL Barroom and Jeddah International will have it, also most of the Indonesian/Asian grocery shops will sell it...

ahmadaq posted on the thread MCT oil on the Jeddah forum

MCT Oils are used in hospitals as food supplement for people who cant absorb or digest fat easily to give them the energy they need. It mainly used for old patients, LBWB (Low Birth Weight Babies), and babies with metabolic disorders. Nutritionist will add it to their food.

Hope that this solved the mystery  :huh:  of why it could be available at hospitals.

ahmadaq posted on the thread MCT oil on the Jeddah forum

I know about MCT Oils that available in hospitals. If that what you are looking for then have a look at Dr. Suliman Faqeeh Hosital (pediatric pharmacy) or Nura Pharmacy

ahmadaq posted on the thread Moms groups in Jeddah??? on the Jeddah forum


Most likely, MAM bottles are not available in the Saudi market. There are other makes .

Any ways have a look at the following places and if they dont have it then look for other brands;
(Babies R Us)Toys R Us
Al Nahdi Pharmacy
Nura Pharmacy (altahlia or Palestine Str.)

ahmadaq posted on the thread indoor plants on the Jeddah forum


When you say New Makkah Road, do you mean The New New Makkah Road ( Briman Bridge) or the old New Makkah Road ( Seaport Bridge)?

ahmadaq posted on the thread tattoos, earrings and heavy metal tshirts on the Jeddah forum

All of the three are considered odd and unacceptable by the local culture, that being said it does not mean that you cant wear or have them or that all the society doesnt tolerate it. I have a friend who is wearing ear gauge/plugs and have been for the last 5 years with no issues (only the regular loooong staring)  :blink: . I also have many friends with Tattoos, but they only show it in places where they know that people will be Cool about it.

Now for the Heavy Metal, your main concern is that you dont want to be mistaking for being a member of a Satanism group or an Emo. The majority of people here especially Motaa  will not know the difference.

Every few seasons, Heavy Metal t-shirts  will be in style and you can buy it from few shops here and there, but many graphics will be off limit.

ahmadaq posted on the thread bird feeder and bird food on the Jeddah forum

I was looking for bird feeder for some time, but the only ones they sell here were the ones for caged birds. A friend is bringing me one form South Africa INCHALLAH!!!...

For the time being, I made two using recycled materials by looking at ideas online. One for regular birds and one for hummingbirds. The dry seeds one seems not to interest the local birds, but I have a hummingbird visiting my roof garden daily now. :one

A hanging tray with sunflower seeds will attract the local green Parrots (local to the area for the last maybe 50 years).

For the food, its batter to buy them by Kilo from any traditional Herbs shop (Itaarah shops) it will be much cheaper if you are going to start a project like this.

ahmadaq posted on the thread All expats party... on the Jeddah forum

Hi Kevin,

Obhur is in North of Jeddah City and its where all the sea resorts are located.AL Takhussisi Street is in Riyadh, so its only 1,100km drive from Obhur  :D
( in Jeddah we have Takhussisi Hopital but not the street)

ahmadaq posted on the thread Where can I buy helium balloons in jeddah? on the Jeddah forum


There are three shops selling good quality party stuff in Arafat Street near Munch (in front of Al Hamra Hospital)they have nice collection of balloons. Otherwise you can buy the cheap ones in any big 5,10,20 Riyals shops like the ones in Bawadi. Also there is a gifts shop in Jeddah International Souq that sells that stuff (cheaper than Arafat Street).

Also most Flower shops will supply the balloons but you need to arrange it with them few days in advance.

Most shops will work for two shifts. The morning shift (1-2pm to 5-6pm) and then the night shift (10pm-2am) and toward the end of Ramadan it will be up to 3:30am. If your time allows you try to do all your shopping during the day.

Bad times to be out in the streets during Ramadan;
5:30-7:15 pm and in the night after 10  :huh:

Best times to drive in a deserted streets is between 7:20-9:30pm  :one

For the carpets, if you are looking for nice handmade, traditional and triple ones you can have a look at the Afghani Market (4-5 shops only) in Kilo II old Makkah Road.

ahmadaq posted on the thread Going stir crazy in Jeddah! on the Jeddah forum

The other week, I went to Al Baha 420km South of Jeddah taken Jeddah-Taif-Baha road. People go there for the weather and the clean air (it rained two times while we were there) I went there to attend a wedding of 7 cousins!!  :par:  And for the food (Mandi to die for and Foul and Tameez to remember for life).The only negative thing we faced on our trip was that many of the good locations including Raghadan Forest are families only !!!.. :huh:

Coming back we toke the Aqaba road (Costal road) so baha-Al lith-Jeddah. We made a very short detour to visit Thei Ayin Village. Man I must say its worth it. Now they started the process of renovating it so you can still see the old untouched houses along with the renovated ones. I included three pictures of this village in the Saudi Picture here in this forum.

Around a 100km south of Jeddah we stopped at Al Shouaibh beach (also known as Makkah Sea). Had a nice swim and snorkeling near the big shipwreck ( a good size Cruise ship ).

Am writing this to second what eoinpclancy had said, you can try to invest your time here and do whatever activities available to you or set and complain about it. Your Call

ahmadaq posted on the thread Motivational speaking/ life coaching on the Jeddah forum

I think (and thats only my own opinion) t 19 years of age is too young to be doing such an activity as a full time job, but its not too early to start. That being said, the most known motivation speakers in Jeddah are; Rashad Fakiha, Dr.Walid Fitaihi and Ahmad Al-Shoquiry + the many other Business to Business motivation Speakers coming from Dubai.

My Advice is to start as an assistant in an HR training/development centers like Tamauzy, Meirc and Strategy and Teams(last two in Dubai) and then develop your career from there.

If this will help; Rashad Fakeeh Center in Jeddah is in front of Aziz Mall (the building where Bank Bilad is located), Dr. Walid works in IMC and Shoquiry has a café called Al Andalusia in Khaldiah prince sultan Street.

One inspiring guy is Ammar Bogis, he is the Nicholas Vujicic for Arabs   :one

ahmadaq posted on the thread After 5 months... on the Jeddah forum

Welcome to Jeddah.Summer + Ramadan are the best times to start a life in Saudi  :D

Buy yourself a copy of Destination Jeddah, Whats up Jeddah, Jeddah Today 2014 and Farsi Map of Jeddah and you are good to go.*

*For more information, feel free to contact me  :cool:

ahmadaq posted on the thread Buy coins / stamps on the Jeddah forum

Just saw an ad on the free newspaper saying that  the Saudi Arabian Philatelic & Numismatics Society is having stamp and coins auction on Wensday,25 June after Isha in their headquarter at Zouman Center Madinah Al Nazil Road (going to Balad) after the Radisson Blue Hotel