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ahmadaq posted on the thread life in al quriyat jeddah on the Jeddah forum

The closest “Indian” area to AlQuriat is Al Sharafia, which is one of the main areas in jeddah where South Asian comunities live. Both AlQuruat and Al Sharafia are looked at as areas where low income workers live. A much better “indean” area is Al Aziziah. The avarage rent for 2 bedrooms apartment in Al Sharafia is about 12-15K ayear ,while its 16-20K in Aziziah.

ahmadaq posted on the thread birth certificate of a new born on the Saudi Arabia forum

Hi, Just to clear things, the hospital will not give you a Birth Certificate; it will give you a Birth Report (Tableegh Weladah). It’s a piece of paper issued by the hospital that is certified by the Ministry of Health stating that an X baby was born in that hospital for Y&Z parents. After collecting this Birth Report, you need to make an appointment with the Civil Affairs Office (Ahwaal Madanyah) that is nearest to you thru the Ministry of Internal website www.moi.gov.sa You go there on time and present the Birth report + Original passport and Iqamas for both Parents+ paying the fees and only then they will issue the Birth Certificate. Note: you will pay a fine since it has been more than a month now

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I love this thread… It’s for a man clearly asking to meet girls and the only replies he gets are from guys!!!!.. Sorry man you are destined to be surrounded by sausages even in cyberspace :whistle: Sorry man,I Tried to contain me self from posting this and add to the number of the sausages you are surrounded by, but I couldn’t :D

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Morning, Welcome Douracell to Jeddah. Arabian homes sierra, one of the main western compounds of Jeddah, is 2 minutes’ drive from the French School. The Main French compound in Jeddah, Lotus, is 15-20 minutes’ drive from the school and am almost sure that the compound will have bus that takes student to the that school.

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Some update on this thread… I started my roof garden last month and it’s looking great now, am sooo proud of myself :par: Any ways, if someone is looking for cheap outdoor plants then there are two areas to go to for really great deals (as cheap as 25% of the asked price in Jeddah ,,,if not even less). Around Mersal Village Amusement Park, North-East of Jeddah, (also for Clay Pots), aske people there to find the different nurseries. The second area is the nurseries east of Briman Bridge taking the new Makah-Jeddah Highway( Ta’aneem-Makkah to Jeddah Airport new highway). You will notice trees in the narrow small Valleys reachable by dirt roads, that’s where all those nurseries are located, there are like 4 valleys each reachable by one entranced dirt road.

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Jeddah -Makkah by bus or Shared Taxi/car is 15SR/P and if you are taking a private taxi/car from Jeddah airport to Makkah it will be 200SR (they will ask for 400-600 to start with). Makkah- Madina 40-50 SR/P by bus or shared Taxi/car. With the buses it’s fixed prices, but with Taxi and Private cars it’s all depend on how good are you with negotiations, also the price will change according to what time of the year and which day of the week (Fridays being the most expensive ).

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Hi, I will say it will take more than 4 days, maybe up to one week even 10 days, but nothing set in stone... As far as I know,the only way to track it is by calling the Saudi embassy at your country.

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Hey, Try Nura Pharmacy or Derma Pharmacy (both in Tahlia), the second one is specialized on skincare products. Also have a look at Boots (mall of arabia).

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Hello man, The pressed ones are usually the cheap types that people use for making sweets like Maamoul. I don’t like them even the ones with Almond. The loos ones are much better and you can buy them on any time just keep them in a cool place. For Al quaseem Dates تمور القصيم I will be surprised if they have a website so just look for their shops ( they have one in hiraa, off Sari and Qurish Street

ahmadaq posted on the thread Best Dates in Jeddah on the Jeddah forum

There are many different types of local Dates that you can buy in the market each with its unique taste and texture. The most famous date in Saudi comes from areas like Qaseem, Buridah, Baisha, Al Hassa and Madinah. I personally love Sukkari (the soft Sukkari and not the dried ones). Also like Ajwat Al Madinah (small black ones) both are sold with a price ranging between 60-90SR/Kg.(Now there are some Ajwa types that can go up to 500 SR/kg !!! but that’s another story for another day ) Other good types are Segae , Anbara and Mabroom (the last two are cheap ones but they look and taste good). When it’s the season for fresh Rotab (yellow and red fresh date) end of Aug-Sept then Ruthana, Barhi and Khalas are the best options. I advise you to taste it at the shop, since it’s a common practice here, and then decide on the types you like . Now for where to get date; for the best deals you can go to the date shops in and around the main Vegetable and fruits market or in Bab Makkah in Balad. Other options are the small/medium shops spread all around Jeddah ( Al Qaseem Date is a good one) there is one behind Shizan Restaurant and the British bank in Sari street that have a good collection. For more expensive option with better packaging and not necessary better quality , you have Bateel, Al Badiyah and Tala ranging from 160-250 SR

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Hope that your stay in Jeddah will be a good and smooth one. To answer your question, most shops will have up to size 18-20 especially brands like RedTag, Center Point, City Max (but not Zara, Paul and Bear…) and then you will have some brands targeting larger women like Evens which is a British brand (I think) that has sizes up to 32.

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Al Shatee (The Beach in Arabic) is name of a district in Jeddah and in most other coastal cities for that matter… if you are asking about the one in Jeddah , it’s a nice neighborhood with mainly villas and big houses. Also you can find compound, restaurant, streets all named as Al Shatee

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Both 91 and 95 are unleaded in Saudi Arabia . All cars will run on 95, but not all cars will run on 91. For the car to run on 91 the cylinders need to be thicker (if this the right way to say it) so if your car cylinder can take the 91, then the manufacturer will state it clearly on the car manual ( In general small cars can take 91 and bigger ones 95

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everywhere. ushaiger, downtown riyadh, masmak fort, compounds, we are setting up free workshops and group events as well Riyadh photo group on facebook, however we are extremely selective on who joins.



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I was going in a boat trip at that same weekend to do snorkeling at some of the coral islands in south of Jeddah , but my friend who is organizing it had to cancel.... I will have to take a rain check on this one :(

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Hey , I personally like Destination Jeddah , you can read it online or get it for free from Coffee Republic or Coffee Beans and tea leafs ( selling price at bookshops is SR10). I remember you asking me about Breakfast places. Here are some updates; this weekend I had an amazing breakfast at a new place called Shobak . I rate them high :top: Another new place at the same plaza is Iftar Faris( Faris Breakfast) also recommended. They are both located at the end of Tahlia Street (west) where Ketchup restaurant are.