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ahmadaq posted on the thread Herbs and Lavender on the Jeddah forum

When it comes to growing herbs plants here in Jeddah ,you have two options;

Buying the imported ones (mainly form Holand) that are available in supermarkets like Danube  in the vegetable and fruits section. They are indoor type of plants and will last for few weeks.

The second option is to grow them in your garden, now this will be a challenge…you can grow them between Oct-June and then the summer heat will kill most of them. You can grow them from seeds or buy the plants important from Jordan or grown locally in Taif City.

This week I lost to heat my Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Peppermint , Pink Salvia and Coriander (the same scenario happened last year around July)  :(  :sosad:

The ones that are still surviving (have been since last year) Thyme, Local Mint, Habag (local mint from Madinah Area, a local favorite ) basil, Ginger, lemon Basil, lemon grass and Arugula

ahmadaq posted on the thread University Of Jeddah on the Jeddah forum

This University was opened last year and its located in north of Jeddah “in the middle of nowhere” , The name of the area is Usafan. People know this Uni as King Abdulaziz University Usafan Branch .See the link below for directions;

http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=2 … 14&m=b

I think if you want to live near there, your only options are Dahaban town or live in the north end of Jeddah. I know few Engeners living in Dahaban due to their work in King Abdullah Economic City and they pay 25,000SR a year for 3 bedroom flats.

ahmadaq posted on the thread Vaccination for a one year old on the Jeddah forum

You have two options;

Going to a pediatrician in private hospital, polyclinic or standalone clinics. They all will have vaccination at their clinics and in some hospitals they will have a well-baby clinic/ vaccination room with a designated doctor and nurse only for that like in IMC , Dr. Khalid Idris Hospital and GNP. Your insurance should cover it but many doctors will ask for a 100-150SR extra (they shouldn’t charge for it but there you go).

Your second option is going to an MOH clinic (PHCC), each district will have one and you need only a copy of your house rental Contract and a copy of your iqama and they will open a file for you. The well-baby clinic and the vaccination clinic are open for all (Saudis and None Saudis ) but other services are only limited for Saudi national.

ahmadaq posted on the thread succulents on the Jeddah forum

Succulents as in Plants ?  Mesharee answer confused me  :/

Any ways, If plants is what you are looking for then, surprisingly being in a desert country, you can’t find a big range of succulents sold here. Your best options are three places; ( will give you direction the local way)

Sultan Gardens – Off Tahlia Street  near the Jordanian consulate

The Plant nursery in front of Honda in Malik road going North to Obhur passing Glob Roundabout.

The plant Nursery again in Malik Road passing the Fanar (Barmeel) roundabout going north to Al Jamal Round about (not the
Obhor Cornish Road but the one parallel to it. And it’s not the first plant nursery but the second one

ahmadaq posted on the thread Seafood Resturant on the Saudi Arabia forum

I toke some friends to Amo Hamza two months ago, it was an embarrassment. The taste was,,,was,,,can’t find the right word for it and what made it even worst, is that I ended paying SR750 for the four of us !!!...

Surprisingly,  finding a good fish restaurant inside the city is not an easy task. Jeddahwies (Jeddah people) usually drive to the desert into Dahaban and Thoual areas around 30 and 90Km respectively on Madinah Road going North. There are a number of open-air restaurants where you can choose your fresh fish and they will cook it for you up to your liking. Al Sharah الشارة  and Al Anbariah العنبرية are good places to go.

In South Obhor, Siqala السقالة is a good place to go. They also have a nice sea view.

NOOOOOW, if you can live with the strong fish smell (overwhelmingly strong) then you can go to the fish market, buy your fish from the souq and take it to the restaurant there and they will cook it for you. The place is dodgy but good fish.
Finally for over the top prices, Fish-market in intercontinental hotel is the place to go.

ahmadaq posted on the thread Bread maker & dough maker on the Jeddah forum

Have you tried Al Saif السيف ? they are the biggest supplier of kitchenware stuff Jeddah. They have a big branch in Al Shataa Souq and many other smaller ones around Jeddah.

If you are looking for commercial uses ones, then Al Saheyfa area in Balad is the place to go

ahmadaq posted on the thread regarding boarder number on the Saudi Arabia forum

I will add that its the one written by Hand.

Usually in the same passport page where your visa is printed or the page where they stamped your first entrance to the kingdom stamp

The fees for international schools starts from 18 thousand a year plus at least 2-4 thousands for books and few extra thousands more for the school bus (if needed) . This is for a “normal “international school that will be rated “Average or less” for the good ones or for the ones that usually westerners send their kid to(since I see that you are American), its 30-90 thousand a year depending on which grad they are in.

In your case,Your calculation is X3 !!! :/

So 8000 is not even enough for the kids education never the less for the other expenses.

Al Bilad Hotel- it’s an old hotel that gives you the” boutique hotel feeling”. Has a nice garden and they have a bus that can take you to the beach resorts in Obhur.

Sands Hotel, again it’s an old hotel, popular for its restaurants and has a good location for shopping.

Al Hamra and Radisson Blue are also two good options.

All those hotels are for around SR500 a night and you can call them for deals. If you are looking for cheaper options SR100-500, then there are tons of Serviced apartments all over the city to choose from.

ahmadaq posted on the thread Furniture on the Jeddah forum

Mawakib Al Khir is a charity (goodwill shop) where you can buy second hand things, don’t forget to Negotiate the asked price . Its north of Al Badriah Building in Khalidiaya (in front of Saudi city and Saudia Head offices)

http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=2 … 18&m=b

The Rockets Market (Haraj Al Sawarikh) is an open market and it’s THE place for secondhand and low cost goods. It had the worst location ever, see the link;

http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=2 … 14&m=b

People go their in the weekend, but try to be in and out early

Dubizzle is a site where many people are posting their second hand things that are for sale

Am not sure if I understood your question right or not, but maybe this will help :D

There is no one Sadad number for all similar activities, each transaction will have a different Sadad number .

For Ex/Re visa you need the Iqama number and that’s the number you will use to pay using the ATM Machine.

You can Pay using the Sadad option ONLY by using an ATM machine that belong to your OWN Bank. If you tried with “ other banks” machines, Sadad option will not appear for you.

ahmadaq posted on the thread Baking supplies in Jeddah on the Jeddah forum

There is a specialized shop in Qurish Street passing Thamer International School going west, the shop will be at your left(The other side of the road)

ahmadaq posted on the thread Community work and arts on the Saudi Arabia forum

Forget about the charity, There are tons, to name few;

Majid For Community Development ( Majid Society). They do a Sustainability Report
Alfaisalya Welfare Society- they have a handcraft support program called Sleysla
Al Bir

ahmadaq posted on the thread Community work and arts on the Saudi Arabia forum

Hey Nehla,

Sustainability and CSR are hot topics in Saudi Arabia nowadays. There are lots of private companies (few NGOs) that started issuing Sustainability reports.

Tamkeen  is one office that do sustainability reports here in Saudi and helps companies with building CSR Programs.
Abdul Latif Jameel is the biggest in Jeddah in Community Initiatives and CSR

SEDCO Holding has a great CSR program called Riyali (I Just love it)

AME (Dr. Ihab Abu Rokbah Office) is another Office to look at

ahmadaq posted on the thread new member on the Saudi Arabia forum

Hey Dr.

Great to hear that you are interested in donating your time for charity work…I will highly suggest Zmzm Charity Organization www.zmzm.org

Zmzm is specialized in healthcare related charity work and they have branches in different areas in Saudi. I personally witnessed their support to patients from all nationalities and backgrounds. Thumb up

ahmadaq posted on the thread Car Rental/Lease on the Jeddah forum


I think your best option is to visit car rental companies and all will have special deals for monthly rentals. For a small car it will be for a round 2000-2600.

My advice is to go ONLY with big companies, like  Budget, Key, Avis,Eurocar and Autoworld …don’t be tempted to go with smaller companies for saving few Riyals a month since they will take a FULL ADVANTAGE of you incase of an accident.
Negotiate for a new car, even if you have to wait for few days to get it

TAKE the full insurance (the extra 10-15 Riyals a day) you know how it’s like out there in Jeddah streets

ahmadaq posted on the thread Bookstores on the Jeddah forum

The place stressedmum was talking about is called Mawakib Al khir , its behind (North) of Al Badriyah Building in Khalidiah. It’s a charity shop and they have a good section for used books.

As general Information;

There is a public library called King Fahad Library on the West-North end of King Abdul Aziz University near Al Salam Mall.

Jarir and Virgin are not a bad option

For more deep reading both in Arabic and English (More Arabic) you can go to Al Mareekh Bookstore north of Al Iskan (on  Steen Street  north of its intersection with King Abdullah Road(Crown Prince Street)) , theer are two bookstors next to each other there, can remember the name of the second one.

For International schools book, Mawakib Al Khir is a good option for the used ones and for new ones it’s Khazindar Bookstore just before Madinah Nazil intersection with King Abdullah Road (Crown Prince street). Not far from the old Indian Consulate in Madinah road

ahmadaq posted on the thread Rye or barley bread on the Jeddah forum

I know that you said that you went to Manual and other supermarkets, but did you go to Manual in Stars Avenue or Danube in Hira Street (Naeem District and not the one near Hira  International Market)? Both  have  big standalone section for healthy food

ahmadaq posted on the thread Air conditioning? on the Jeddah forum

23C is the best temprerature...and no you don't leave the AC running at all times 24/7, only when you are in the room.

One will use the AC more in Summer time, around May-Oct