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Winston Paing posted on the thread Terrible rental experience in Yangon on the Myanmar forum

Is this outrageous complaint for promote [Moderated]? There's a lot of hole in your story. May be I should create another account under different name and make bogus claim to promote myself as savior.


Winston Paing posted on the thread looking for a land in ngapali on the Myanmar forum

Dear Anne,
I have a listing of 16 acres beach front resort( with hotel license) for sale in Ngapali. Possibility for JV.
If you are interested, pls contact
Best Regards,
Winston Paing.

Winston Paing posted on the thread Rent a flat or a house in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Exactly Lin Aye Naing... Prices. You can compare the rent or sale prices, Yangon in particular is far more expensive than US in general. Get the facts right. I don't know where u live or what u do for living. I'm real estate business and that's what I do professionally. At least I know what I'm talking about.
I don't post random unintelligent  posts. Ppl who read your post pick up on you. It's quite sad that u r racist and fial to recognize your motherland as Myanmar. Pls don't think I'm Chinese. I'm not!
Please don't take it personally. Have a wonderful day Lin Aye Niaing.

Winston Paing posted on the thread Rent a flat or a house in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Hmm! How could someone stated 'Buy or rent the house/ condo is the same as US.' 
1. In Myanmar, you need to pay yearly advance payment for rental.
2. In US, you pay one month security deposit and pay monthly rent.

3. Majority Myanmar property owners don't have mortgages and transaction take place in cash usually pay up within 6 months to 2 years. That's including high end property cost $20 mil, 30 mil or more.
4. In US, you get mortage from Banks and pay up for your home within 15 to 30 years is norm.

So please tell me where is the similarity between Myanmar and US when it's come to real estate.
It is important to provide accurate info to someone who need help. If you don't know the subject, it's better to say nothing.

Winston Paing posted on the thread Rent a flat or a house in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Hi Chitou,
I was in San Fran for 14 years and real estate broker. Now back in Myanmar 15months ago and started my own real estate firm to cater expats. Please check my profiles. Let me know if we can assist you in anyway.

Winston Paing posted on the thread OPEN A TRAVEL AGENCY IN MYANMAR on the Myanmar forum

Diethelm Travel Myanmar has set up their business in Myanmar for a few years already. Look into it. I don't know how true that you need local partner to set up your business here. Time has chaned dramatically and Myanmar government encourage foreign investor to come here and set up their own business with or without local partner.  There are many small, medium and large foreign companies have already set up the offices independently in Myanmar in various sectors.
if I have a chance to find out for you, I will.

Winston Paing.

Winston Paing posted on the thread Cost/Where to Give birth in Yangon? on the Myanmar forum

Hi Alicia,
Victoria Hospital is the best Yangon thus far and Pan Hlaing hospital is very far. I would recommend Dr May Thu Myo Nyunt( OBGYN). She speaks fluent English. She is the most sought after OBGYN in Yangon. If you send your email to me To  winston[at] I will give you her mobile ph #. Just make an appointment to see her and discuss your situation. The best of luck to u.
Best regards,

Winston Paing posted on the thread Pharmay Business opportunities on the Myanmar forum

Hi Madhu,
I run services business in Yangon, Myanmar. We do due deligence and business consultancy. We can provide sound advice on Pharmacy and related business. If you are interested, pls email to me   winston[at]
Best regards,
Winston Paing

Winston Paing posted on the thread Labour Law in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Hi Tony,
I'm not sure of tenure service by duration of employment. If I have to guess, it will be 3 to 6 months of probation period before getting a permanent position in the company.

Mutual respect is imperative. A very few expats are  arrogant. If they fail to learn the culture and the ppl of the country they are in, they will bound to have problems sooner or later. Myanmar ppl are nice and helpful by nature but neither stupid nor naive. Make no mistake about it. Someone without proper attitude will not go far in life. That's apply to anyone, anywhere in the world, not just in Myanmar.

Winston Paing posted on the thread Labor and Business Partner in Myanmar on the Myanmar forum

Pay attention ppl! Pls read the original post carefully. Terryjuly looking for partner who is living in Myanmar as partner. Some ppl claim himself or herself this and that. Are you really? If someone trying pull the fast one, you should be ashamed of yourself.
If you fail to read simple two sentence post, do you think you have what is take to succeed in business...even in Myanmar. Think again pal!

Winston Paing posted on the thread Rent or Buy apartment in Yangon on the Myanmar forum

Hi bmwf1kin,
Renting the house or condo, normal practice is charging one month rent as service fees by government register real estate companies and general services companies to the renters. But there are street brokers(SB),  part time brokers(PTB) out there willing to do it for free. So they charge the home owners one month rent and cut 50:50 deal on any addition make on top of original asking rent. That means you will end up paying more.
For instance,
Owners Asking Rent: $2000 (* off course! This figure don't exists for you)
Your rented for: $2500 (* this figure is what your brokers say is fair rental price)
SB or PTB get: $2000
                         $$2000+$3000= $5000
Owner get: $2000X12= $24000
Bonus.         $250X12= $3000

This is Win Win situation for home owner and (SB, PTB) but you.

Being a real estate agent is not just finding the right place but also being able negotiate the rent, knowledgable( understanding the cureent market and trend, enable to  logically predict future market ), making sure with owners documents are legit, etc..
Now the decision is yours and choose your agent carefully and wisely.
Best regards,
Winston Paing.