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Should I start with volunteer program?

Hey guys, need some advise here.

I've been planning to do a volunteer program to get closer with the Maldivian culture. Helping the people especially kids, it would be a new adventure for me. However, due to my financial restrictions I need to be on budget and apparently the program that the organization has been offered is not cheap. I wonder will it be wiser for me to still go on with the program (still pending some extra info and deposit from me) or find a budgeted guesthouse, travel and see Maldives on my own but with a shorter length of stay.

Will get to different island a problem and how about the cost? How is the safety in Capital? Like would it be a problem for a lady walking alone at evening/night? Is there a place that you mustn't visit etc?

I want to explore Maldives as I would like to start my photography life there. I am still a bit terrified with the idea to move to Maldives and become an expat though, but I certainly that I want to do this.

Any advise would be so helpful, thank you!
*Admin, I am not sure if I'm in a right topic category.

Arymoore created a new thread on the Maldives forum

Greetings =)

I'm Chinese Malaysian who loves music and photography. I'm a hobbyist photographer for almost 6 years and currently working in IT field for more than 4 years now. Meanwhile, am looking forward to work, be a volunteer and seek for any good opportunity especially in Maldives! Best if I could do what I'm good at as I am computer literate and fluent in English, Chinese, Malay language. Additional knowledge in photography is a plus I guess which I can't wait to photograph all the scenic in Maldives~ :)

I'm glad there's such blog for me to learn about life in other country tho! Cheers!