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I think understanding the consequences of this historical election is vital for all expats living here and perhaps the moderators should appreciate the concerns and value it creates being able to discuss the potential outcomes because it may directly effect our lives, families and situation. We are not directly inferring political party rhetoric or trying to create argument but merely expressing a voice about what ifs in the largest democratic Islamic country in the world.
Or you can continue to block it which would merely suggest that expat blog is not aware of its users concerns.

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Doesn't Prabowo own a farm? Perhaps the geniuses at the Jakarta post and globe .misunderstood the term coup. Perhaps he is buying a new chicken coup. 4 legs bad, 2 legs good.

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Have you looked at trip advisor or agoda? Because I am pretty sure most of the hotels on Kuta Beach are 4 star and 35 metres from the beach which are both outside of your requirements.
Jakarta is  all fun and food so choose something central. Depends what kind of pleasure you seek.

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I think the finding a job part of the move will be the biggest hurdle for you. Whilst everything else can sorted out fairly easily, finding work is another issue. I would imagine any multinational companies in Bali would be staffed predominantly by Indonesians with a scattering of expats who may or may not be based in Bali.
Visiting Bali, networking and linking with people there would be key. Using the information already provided will also help. The thing to do is perhaps look at which large multinational companies are in Indonesia and go from there. Flight times from Jakarta to Bali are 1.5 hours so maybe ideal for the weekend if you were based in Jakarta.
I guess the concern from Ubudian and most of us is that there are so many people who consider living and working in Bali as their dream life and job who go there and leave disappointed or with an expectation that you are welcome with open arms because they are western that when this does not happen they can't understand why.  The days of 'backpacking work' and cheap labour is over here, (I am not implying that for you) however many people who try to work in Bali still think thats a viable option and are sorely mistaken.

The job market for expats throughout Indonesia is limited and not the most open and so it is through large companies or organisations that people can come to Indonesia and then maybe if lucky work in places like Bali.

I hope you can find what it is you need.

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Hailey has a point though, it just depends how you describe a war zone or the damage being done to people when you fly over it.
Thailand, Burma, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, turkey, Serbia Bosnia, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Basque region Spain, northern Ireland all have some form of military conflict going on beit small or large. The fact is most of those countries don't point very large surface to air missiles into the sky and fire them when they see planes. Flying east to west you have to fly over some place of conflict.

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Just rode from Tebet to Puri Indah in less than 35 minutes. There was no police, no traffic, nothing on the toll like the normal Tuesday mess. Either the city is holding its breath or many people are taking advantage of the 'security issue' and enjoying a day off or puland mudik.

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After the morning I have had with my son my house looks like the aftermath of a riot. However I will be riding across the city very soon. I might see something outside the government buildings but that will be all. Mind if I see a lot buses on the tollway from the east that could cause trouble later.

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I think expat blog should automatically select from random a picture for us. All pictures should be based on victorian clothing. This would mean all mean in big  hats and all women in formal gowns.
Or from an all you can eat menu from New York. Do you think Julien would go with this?