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The last time I came into Jakarta on a VOA it was 470,000 Rupiah and I was given change from 500k. Which then afforded me the 2 bottles of Mizone from  a cheap warung in the car park!!! so instead of being ripped off by immigration, the food stalls now do that out side. Hooray for Indomaret tucked away in the corner.....

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Both Islands are idea for a young family. But why Kuta where its just concrete hotels, tourists and t-shirts. There far more interesting places and calmer, less congested places on Bali.

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Fly to Bali. Ask someone a job. Take the job. Work and live in Bali. Get caught by the Police and Immigration. Go to Jail. Pay a lot of money not to be in jail and to be deported. Go back to your home country probably without a reference.

Sounds simple enough.

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I would suggest visiting Indonesia as a tourist before upping sticks and moving over. Whilst the Expat areas are all very familiar and dull once outside of those comfort zones, then prepare yourself for a real different way of life and a whole range of new experiences.

See the place as a traveller before you see it as a place to work and I am certain that it will be a far more amazing experience. And really, do you need to visit Bali because its easy? Try Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumatra, Belitung, Sulawesi and everywhere else as well, its worth it.

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They have been doing raids forever regardless of where but its all of sudden news. Jacksa is always an easy target and immigration camping out in foyers of Apartments again is nothing new but clearly the newspapers have nothing else to report about Indonesia so that must mean all is well everywhere else.

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Nothing like a good witch hunt and shifting the attention away from Indonesia's real problems by always reporting immigration raids or stories about expats. Surely the press has something better to report, not just sensationalised limited stories with limited news content.

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Thats the joy of travelling. Just make sure you have the first nights accommodation booked and go from there. Exploring Indonesia in itself will be an amazing experience. If you want to do it even cheaper then join couch surfing and go and stay with the locals all over the country. Enjoy

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Where are you reading this post?

Hello everyone,

Something a little less intense than normal and absolutely no reference to visas or cost of living (yet).

So where are you now while you are reading or writing posts on this forum?

I am sat in Dunkin Doughnuts at The Post Office next to the Istiqlal mosque in central Jakarta.

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Roy, does that make you munchkin or the tin man?  I think I would be a good scarecrow.
Mental health? Lives in Jakarta? Theres a paradox if ever one existed.

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No beer in mini markets from this week.

Forget visa issues. This is more depressing. As from some point this week mini markets etc are banned from selling beer. Cigarettes can of course be sold legally to anyone and it's still ok to take a 10 year old to any movie you like. But bless those dear lawmakers for banning bintang and anker from the local indomaret.

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Tom, this is happening all over the place. As I put previously "Getting the telext and stamp in the passport is one thing but getting Immigration to make your Kitas is another."

There are hold ups all over the place. I have now been told I have to have a medical check up as part of the kitas process but no one knows why, where or when or what kind. But this is at the start of the process for me, not even got to the telext stage yet. I am in deep trouble over the health check, what being in two minds over things, often heartless and have a tendency to turn a blind eye as well my funny bone losing its sense of humour. I will tell them I was bitten by a werewolf but I'm alright noooowl  :D

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Yep pretty much. The rain currently in Jakarta comes and goes but it has been raining for a bit every day for the last week or so but its all gone by 2. As for the rest of Java, not too sure but we are supposed to be entering the drier season.