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Yep, Who is Andi and how do you know he sells plastic pipes?

Oh I understand it all now. Inspector Fred of the Yard has rumbled another scallywag and the comments are migrating here.

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Carrefour at ITC Ambassador, The offy next to Kemp chick at Kemang, The food hall at Citos, Carrefour Pluit so I am told, Vin+ whereever you find one all have a great range of imported wines and whilst a little pricey its still nice to have. In Bali should you have contacts, try the food hall or whatever it is called under the Matahari in Kuta Square they have a great selection of wine and a good prices as well.

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Sounds a great idea. I am sure everyone will like it except as Mas Fred said a few idiots. With all the other weird and wonderful statues and monuments in this country a huge Jesus will fit in nicely. Just as long as he is opened arms and not face palming!

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Plant the tooth in some soil and it will grow into a teeth tree. Harvest the fruit and sell the teeth to the little children whose teeth have been dissolved by candy and a lack of toothpaste.

Sounds as credilbe as buying chinese buses.

If the guy has money and power I am sure he will just do what most rich people do here and do what they like regardless. It's a selfish world some days.
The police just need to deal with it and fine him etc rather than turn this like everything else into the 3 ring circus it likes to show.
However for fear of being reported by someone to the police for complaining they are often inept, inconsistent, gutless bullies and unhelpful I would say that the police will as normal complete the investigation in a timely and professional manner and ensure that the letter of the law is upheld and justice if it can be, will be served.

Responsible global companies recognise the value of the country and the people that will make up the workforce. I don't disagree investment is needed but the manner in which it is done should be with complete focus on bettering the people it employs and that the people working are given access to a higher quality of life. This in turn increases the persons standard of living and spending power therefore stimulating the economy further. Taxation and government command won't necessarily do that as the money the investor pays goes to a central find rather than the local one.
The cheap clothing mills of Bangladesh and the recent tragedies there highlighted the exploitation of a workforce where the investing company just paid government taxes.
Investment in Indonesia should be long term, community work force based, profitable for all parties and a way to help secure better futures for families and the environment

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As long as they do because immigration is being very slow to stop issuing kitas at the moment. The company will sponsor your husband to work here but its immigration and manpower that issue all paperwork. Have him check and ask how long it will take and if they can guarantee it.

Foreign investment should always be considered if the investors are actually supporting the area they are going to invest. There should be if not already strict regulations on how the foreign business treats their local employees in terms of employment standards (wages, benefits, health care etc) but also in regards to supporting the communities it has to interact with in terms of assisting schools hospitals social needs which in turn will support them. However simply welcoming foreign investment and shutting out the people who live and work the land being taken is not a useful or sensible approach. Once foreign investors are allowed to do as they please as long as the government is happy then the social and economic problems that create will in the long term damage the communities and the country overall.
The problems arise when the foreign investor leaves creating an employment and welfare problem behind which cannot be filled.

If that is a great way to attract new investment then I must have missed something. Honda UK threatening to pull out of Swindon in England. Panasonic pulling out of Wales, Tata steel closing plants in the UK have created more problems than solving them. This foreign investment can affect any nation and supporting governments are aware of this.

However long term investors like BP  in Indonesia who provide community support employment and real skills training for local Indonesians are seeing the benefits of doing so. Such as increased productivity, less social disruption and better working relations.

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If you are in Jakarta, then you should ask about for a Kost (boarding house) because there are some very good places around there which might be little less expensive. Happy Hours suggestion is definately worth a look as well.

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You have no idea about how immigration rattle people who are leaving and make genuine mistakes especially as tourists. I agree they should pay if they overstay but they way they dealt with is never nice. Have you been taken into the office at the airport and spoken too and asked for money? Have you been made to wait at immigration while they discuss whether they will let you in? Have you been asked to produce all your employees sponsorship documents to prove you were allowed to be here for a year when you are leaving, because I have and I can tell you it is alll not very nice.

I have no objection to the rules and the rules of the land but the manner in which people are treated especially on the way out is not necessary and makes people less likely to recommend coming here or returning.

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Komang, schools will not recruit teachers on Bali unless they have the correct teaching qualifications, are from an English speaking country and as Anna is French I think that information you have provided is misleading. Of course Anna may well be teacher from France and there may be a chance that a school needs a French teacher to teach French but I doubt it.

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Its not surprising it happened thats for sure. As for it being published, well the paper has to fill itself with something to read. But as with most things nothing will come of it.
As coming into the country as tourists, 30 days is not explained at all. So if you arrive on the 1st to a tourist the 30 days would probably end on the 31st not the 30th. But as we know if immigration can extort money through fear and misunderstanding then they will do so.

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That will depend on what is written in the contract and what the penalty clauses are for breaking contract. As the employer spends a lot of money to get you here, sponsor you and support you they will expect you to complete the agree duration or repay all or sum of the money they have spent.
Make sure the contract is in English and that you can have some one explain it in detail to you and record that when they do.
Just make sure you are happy with the offer before you commit to 2 years here and all the wondrous things both good and bad Indonesia will throw at you.

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Hi Jane, if you mean BSD then Mas Fred is the man to ask. Taxis from there to the city are not cheap that's for sure. As for push bikes (yep I am English) buy new. Easier and better carrefour or hypermart or the local store will do you.

If you are working with Indonesians there will always be someone willing to help you if you help them with English. Just need to ask about.

I have been in Jakarta for the last 7 years and love it here. The mess, noise, chaos, weather, people and everything else is just so much more intruiging fun and enjoyable than compared to how life was for me back on England. What are you and your husband doing in Indonesia?

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Molasses try ranch market or food hall. For used bikes they are everywhere. My advice is buy a matic and have an Indonesian go with you but beware. They see you the price will increase. Make sure the person who goes with you knows bikes. If the plate number is less than 15 then the price needs to be less and also for the stnk depending on how many months left on it as well. You must also get a sim c if you plan to ride in the city otherwise if you are stopped by the police you may find the bike impounded.
Finally if you get a bike before you set off down gatot subroto or somewhere full of madness learn how to ride it and take your time with it. Then do all you can never to ride across traffic, don't weave and keep your wits about you.

Good luck with the riding and hopefully you won't be stuck finding molasses.