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All in the pipeline for clubs and bars. But who knows, common sense may prevail. But....

Kitas 8 weeks and waiting, Not ideal for you but i understand. Just keep waiting and having faith in your employer. All you can do.

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Pretty certain that I said focus just on Lombok  rather than Ball.  Time to stop helping.

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Go to Bali, hug Ubudian then get on a boat or plane and go straight to Lombok. That way you have experienced the best of Bali and one of the nicest islands here and if you can skip the Gilis and just explore the island itself even better.

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Just a side point but equally in my view totally relevant. The article in the Jalarta Post mentions tourists which I hope people here appreciate means a visitor either foriegn or domestic and as its the thousand islands 85 to 90% are domestic who pay for the boat ride and 6 to 8 hours bobbing about in boats and maybe sleeping in losmen 12 to a room as its a cheap weekend away from Jakarta.
The domestic tourists who look for drugs in those islands know where they are. The western ones might know but probably dont.
If a westerner wants to get drugs in the city there are plenty of places to go if he or she knows where to go and its really far too simple.
I would have to sadly disagree with Mas Fred regarding drugs being a small problem in the country. I would actually say its a big problem affecting a small but growing amount of individuals but the problem is increasing amongst certain groups hence the amount being pushed into Indonesia.
I like Mas Fred have first hand experience with this in various forms and have nothing but hard cheese to give to anyone caught dealing, carrying, buying this stuff.
Shoot them, lock them up do what ever it takes to stop it spreading but dont forget to educate those most at risk with more than a roadside banner saying say no to drugs.

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If the government says its OK and people are brought here to work legally and spend then their money and this thing actually gets built then who should complain? These people are elected into power by those that complain about them and if those that complain about them refuse to remove them from power why are they getting all concerned?

Easy enough to say they are stealing peoples jobs but maybe it would be more clearer to say that foreign workers are taking jobs others dont want to take, assuming that this is the case which currently can only be speculated.

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Depends what you want to do.

There is as much to do and see as there is in Malaysia but more complicated to navigate.
Beaches, mountains, jungles, grasslands, surfing, hiking, historic sites, cultural activities aplenty.

Give us a clue to as your interest and maybe more replies will come.

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Happily for me I am left handed which causes many people to stop when they see me do things. I also chew pens, talk to myself and always like to shake hands with new people I  meet.
All of which often causes debate and uncomfortableness especially Muslim female Indonesians, but makes me smile.
When challenged over my talking and pen chewing when I teach, I like to explain that the students need to calm down afterall pen chewing is as weird to them as washing up in cold water is to me.

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That junction is a bad one in west Jakarta, it makes sense to continue to the junction further up and turn around there and go back and join the toll, its more a hassle but there are no police trying catch you out.

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Christmas is quiet and pretty nice. New Year is full to bursting but a great experience. It depends where you are. I have spent a few years celebrating both there as a tourist. For those here that live there, then you will get a different response because its different.

I have spent Christmas at Lovina and Christmas was the quietest affair ever as was New Year although the food was pretty good. Kuta was mad on NYE (250,000 people on the beach each armed with as many fireworks as they could handle) and Christmas was really like any other day except with tinsel.

If you are planning to go there for Christmas, book ahead as prices go up fast and hotels book up faster.

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We have another one now. Her aunt is a friend  of my mother in law and she lives around the corner so the housekeeper  is safe and has family close by. Hopefully she will stay and enjoy her time with us but housekeepers are fickle so you never know.
As Mas Fred has said local is better and word of mouth brings better normally.

Wish you luck

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The basis of the British helping the Dutch take back its colony was for that simple reason. It was still under their laws and rule. The British being part of the allies were obliged to secure Indonesia through accepting the surrender of Japanese forces which they did, however due to the uprising and change in politics realised that could not control the country while waiting for the dutch to return so rearmed the Japanese to help police the islands. The British were reluctant to enter into another war or conflict although they did mainly due to a succession of incidents which eventually led to the British withdrawing and allowing the Dutch to take over.
One of the reasons the Dutch finally gave up Indonesia was due to the Americans demanding they did so and the threat of not help financially rebuild Holland through the dollar helped force the Dutch's hand. So  interestingly enough the Americans were hoping that they would turn to them rather than to the soviet block and China, which they ultimately did.
And the rest is history...

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The advice I was given when I first started riding in Jakarta was:

1. Stick to a channel, one that is not directly behind anything else so that when the thing in front stops suddenly you can swerve round it
2. Don't race anything, stick to a sensible speed and let the world pass you by
3. Try not to turn into traffic unless at lights and it is really safe to do so
4. Never be in a hurry
5. Wear a helmet
6. Learn to ride at night as it is moderately safer than in the day time (as in less idiots riding about from school or the market and mainly people riding home but not in too much of a hurry to die, unlike the school or market runs or weekend racers)
7. IF you can do those things then take a taxi

Sound advice I think

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Bolts getting expensive and less attractive at the moment, I hope that it will become more competitive once 3G is far more consistent across the nations capital and then 4G for many start to work, if they have 4G compatible phones.