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Lots of apartments in kelapa Fading and expats too. Lots of malls lots of food, lots of cars, lots of floods, lots of hot and I am not a fan as there are not lots of trees but I am sure you will find something there.

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Sure that there is a need to fill this forum up with the same questions before looking for answers. FYI I also offer advice on how to eat with cutlery and also why looking where you are going is a good idea. Tom, what can you teach those who search for advice?

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I echo Roys thoughts, there is nothing to be gained by doing random acts of terrorism towards anyone in Indonesia by ISIS. The UK, USA, anywhere in Europe and Australia sadly would be more likely targets and for ISIS more significant targets.

Indonesia also seems to deal with such threats far more effectively and deliberately than most of the west, without worrying about any fall out and that is a good thing. Terrorists deserve no human rights when they themselves take them from others, so shooting them on the spot seems a very sensible approach and Indonesia does seem to take that approach a lot and I am more than happy with that.

lukereg posted on the thread Jakarta Salary on the Jakarta forum

Yep under the thumb, under a pile of washing, under a pile of nappies, family life seems to get right in the way of wasting 50,000k a beer these days. So glad Indomaret sells the same for 25k

lukereg posted on the thread ISIS Presence in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

Well lets not all get panicky over this. ISIS may have a presence in Indonesia but targeting foriegners here is unlikely as there is nothing to gain from doing that here.
Like Kelly said, these are silly people and however barbaric they have turned, they stand alone in their own belief system and view point, which is not the view of the rest of the Islamic world, the christian world and disney world.

lukereg posted on the thread Jakarta Salary on the Jakarta forum

Wish you luck with getting the job. Let us know when you do and we can steer you in the right direction for refreshment beverages and the like.

10 million before rent. I don't know. If your employer is not paying for housing then its very hard to say. Prices are high for accomdation on that part of the city so perhaps a boarding house may suit you better.
Perhaps you need to come over a week before your contract starts to sort all that out.l and have your employer help you further.

lukereg posted on the thread Jakarta Salary on the Jakarta forum

Ah those weekend weddings and Mondays in guardian begging for the 5 day treatment......

Such happy times so my friends tell me

lukereg posted on the thread Jakarta Salary on the Jakarta forum

Which part of the city are you staying in? I used to be single but the charms and delights of Indonesian soon changed that.  :lol:

I dont know the answers, you should know how much your future employer is paying vs the market salary. You above lifestyle is again for me too complicated to answer because you want exact amounts and that is not how it works. If you tell us you are on 20 million a month then we can realistically give some advice but we dont know your salary. If you are off boozing now and then you can spend all your money in a night and I know some places and people that will encourage you to do that.

You should look through the forum for advice similar to that of which you are asking and also ask your new employer for more details about costs etc.

But thats just my opinion

lukereg posted on the thread Jakarta Salary on the Jakarta forum

Beer from 26,000 a bottle. Cigarettes from 12,000.  A meal in a standard restaurant 60-80k. Movies 100k on the weekend, half price in the week. Spirits and wine are highly taxed so expensive but can be found fairly simply. Taxis cheap and the Premier Footy free in most bars so you can live well on your salary. If the girls get involved then wallets can tend to empty rather quickly, so be wary....

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Hi Roy,

All buying and selling and stuff on the island of the gods seems never ending. However a question if I may. Lets assume, an Australian leases land off a local person and agrees a fixed date of use and it is agreed that the land can be used for whatever purpose as long as the renter and rentee both agree legally and have it notarised with all the necessary paperwork that would ensue. If that person then builds a property and the owner of the land dies and the land is passed onto a family member who wants the land back, evicts the rentee and then demolishes the place before it is settled in court then what?

This has nothing to do with me its just one of those things in my mind that happens to be floating by?

I believe he is stating you can work on this type of visa as manpower are not interested in any kind of issue unless it is a commercial one. Therefore his advice is technically wrong. Manpower are very interested in who is working and on what kind of visa. Back to your post about it being a grey zone. But as the poster keeps mentioning corruption in his posts I am sure there are ways to grease the wheels to make people blind to what they see. Unless the KPK is involved and then you are stuck.

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And that's why they all want to live and work in Bali and turn that into a mini Australia and then they will complain about that too.