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lukereg posted on the thread On the path to discovery on the Jakarta forum

Start slowly. Do the tourist things get on the free double decker bus and see some sights. Do visit the malls to help feel safer here
Travel by blue bird taxi or grab car, visit as many restaurants at the top of the many tall buildings here, eat everything and try to visit the old city when you can.
Escape to nearly by Bogor and Bandung and in good weather spend time on the Thousand Islands.
Visit as many other islands as possible, trying not to fall in love with Bali but somewhere less over developed. Use the Italian embassy as a way of networking with people from your country and just enjoy it here.
For the next few months it will rain and hard and that will slow everything down but its still fun.

lukereg posted on the thread Heavy Traffic in Indonesia - Peak Hours on the Jakarta forum

Every day. All day. Everywhere.
If like me you are in Jakarta then it can take me around 35 minutes to go 16km in the morning to work and just short of hour on the way home. This is on a motor bike.
For a car add 10 minutes to get to work and at least 30 minutes return
In rain then double the return time.

Major road building in and around Pluit, PiK, Kuninghan, All of Sudirman, from Blok M to Ciledug, Permata Hijau, then I think there are still road projects in east of the city but I never go there and the north.
There are over 400 known major traffic jams areas in the city on a dry and good day and the average speed is around 14km on normal roads.

That's all I have to say about that.

lukereg posted on the thread Someone said... on the Jakarta forum

I have hidden the knives and poison as my wife often tries to kill me. If fact its like living with Cato somedays without the broken furniture.
A free meal and the chance to play always sounds good.
As for being rude, better to be polite far more of a mind game going on...

lukereg posted on the thread Things to do in Jakarta during the weekends on the Jakarta forum

Car free day has become far too much like hard work. There are too many organised fun runs and nearly as many cyclists as people walking who have much skill as high school kids on motorbikes so for me I have given up with it.
I prefer to stay away from crowded events here as  everytime someone tries to touch my sons cheek I want to punch them as it is not very nice. Even worse is when they ask for photos of him. I have once or twice asked for photos of them in return but in underwear. Soon wipes the smile off their face.

lukereg posted on the thread Someone said... on the Jakarta forum

Ha ha ha ha

How little  they know you. The difference  between rude and honest is often blurred , anyhow there are far too many serious people on here and far too many serious posts. So if you are hanging around for a while fill the forum with some well needed laughter.

lukereg posted on the thread Karma on the Indonesia forum

Most of my posts go off topic. I have had countless removed. This one will be next!

lukereg posted on the thread Karma on the Indonesia forum

Roy is Fred's 3rd cousin twice removed who used the name Ubudian which really means Ubud Ian so if you call him Ian he will understand.
Ian by the way is the name of the sheep's father in his avatar.
Or I could be wrong.

lukereg posted on the thread Karma on the Indonesia forum

Dita, leave Fred with his sheep. Trust me, you will never get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding why it's there.
Many have tried and failed.

I currently work with senior management at the Jakarta Airport and they are starting to get tough with smokers. They have have been challenged by the Ministry of Transport to make all airports 'greener', but the problem is that due to the way society is all the young people hired to work in cafes and restaurants etc are not brave enough to tell older people not to smoke and so on. Even    security guards won't do that unless in numbers so they are having trouble making the rule stick and be enforced.
The ironic thing is that once it is sorted and the rule is maintained it is something that can be easily controlled.
I have suggested that the first thing the Airport does is stop selling cigarettes as that would help and make sure the smoking rooms are always accessible. As for malls, removing ashtrays and putting smoking rooms in would help no end.
The Dunkin Doughnuts at Pancoran is still a smoking restaurant and no one bats an eyelid at this.
Better still patrons of the malls should be encouraged and rewarded for reporting the establishments where smoking is allowed so that it is stopped through the population and enforced by the law.

lukereg posted on the thread Karma on the Indonesia forum

This forum wouldn't be the same without the bouncing sheep.
I really must get out more!

lukereg posted on the thread TELEX procedure on the Indonesia forum

Yes Inna, that sounds about right. Normally companies ask for 12 months, but ultimately its immigration that decide. I have had 12, 11, 10 month visas. Never really knew why. Never wanted too!

312 visas (again I don't know what that means, buts its the one on my stamps) are the ones for a Kitas but I am sure someone will give a more precise answer.

So have you finished in Indonesia now?

lukereg posted on the thread Women of Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

Apart from not being from Yorkshire and therefore a little more diplomatic, Fred is spot on. So I can spend my afternoon at the mall drooling and dribbling when I see the pretty ladies and blame my age. I often get home dehydrated from this activity and have to then spend the evening being attentive to my wife so she does not suspect anything but stupid bule syndrome.

lukereg posted on the thread Buying an apartment in Jakarta on the Jakarta forum

There are so many tower blocks here popping up it would be wise to shop about as all are offering different deals and prices but all are next to a toll and only 20 minutes from the airport which is fantastic news.

lukereg posted on the thread Women of Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

I am looking forward to Mas Fred's new book how to woo and keep a woman. 1001 techniques that have always worked for me.

Good stufff

lukereg posted on the thread TELEX procedure on the Indonesia forum

If they are going to pay everything back what is the concern? But have you asked them for a breakdown of the costs they will cover and to help you find an agent? Perhaps you should ask them to help you with that bit. The fact you have a Telex is the most important and happy news for you. The visa process takes a day in Singapore but again you should really discuss all this with your employer to be and have them explain it rather than us because they are the ones you need to build relations with.

lukereg posted on the thread Women of Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

My wife works 12 hours a day and then come home and sorts her family out. She is tireless in that respect. Always tries her hardest. Mind, she can't cook. She could burn water. She dresses up for work but that's a work thing which is also a company culture but at the weekend she does as she pleases. Life is hard enough somedays for her to be with me in the city due to the narrow mindedness of some people but she has a @*:! you approach to that which I fully support.
She happily spends my money but normally in this order; the kids, her, me and it causes me no grief so I am happy.

lukereg posted on the thread Women of Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

I meet all sorts of women from all sorts of backgrounds every day; From the super rich to the super poor and from the hardworking to the financially looked after by hubby. All have nice smiles. All offer me food and a hello. If they want to totter about in the mall growing the economy who cares and if they want to wander about in Hero in pyjamas who cares. It doesn't bother me one bit. If I could afford for my wife to do that and spend her time looking after the family while I work then I would, and I am sure my wife would like that too.
I also quite like the idea of women wanting to look good for themselves not that most need to here, although the mutton dressed in lamb in the mall is always fun to watch.
The western women I know have always been fascinated with Indonesian womens hair and skin and vice versa and the only complaint they make is about timekeeping, but thats universal.
Indonesia for all its faults and there are a lot of them, has empowered women and supports that here really well in my opinion. From a President of Indonesia to CEOs of companies and everything in between. Its not perfect. Where is?
Peoples behaviours in malls are often appalling and I refuse to go to many as a result but as this will get me off topic and in trouble through discriminating against certain body types, facial types and age groups I won't but thats about their family values nothing more.

Finally, in regards to common sense. As I work with many Indonesians, mostly all females, I know a few who would be considered 'blonde' in a country where hair colour is more than very dark brown due to their lack of common sense which again is not a bad thing but a fun thing and being the gentleman that I am, once I have stopped face palming and laughing I help them.

lukereg posted on the thread Keeping busy. on the Jakarta forum

Sounds like you are not enjoying it here. What Roy is trying to tell you is that it is really unwise to seek work without the correct visas and paperwork and that you should seek out charities and organisations that are officially licensed so that you can support them without too much hassle from people.
Sadly not everyone who comes here understands the rules and how the rules can affect them and so they willingly work illegally do whatever they came here to do and that has led them into trouble and deportation. That is not a scare story, that is a fact and the advice given is to make you aware of that. To help.
But saying all that, if you feel that the advice and information offered up is not too your liking then why post and complain about the replies?The message I am reading in your post is that you are angry and not too impressed with Jakarta and or expat/local women. That's their lifestyle and that what they like; so live and let live and if this city is too much then perhaps not being here would help.