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lukereg posted on the thread Driving in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

The advice I was given when I first started riding in Jakarta was:

1. Stick to a channel, one that is not directly behind anything else so that when the thing in front stops suddenly you can swerve round it
2. Don't race anything, stick to a sensible speed and let the world pass you by
3. Try not to turn into traffic unless at lights and it is really safe to do so
4. Never be in a hurry
5. Wear a helmet
6. Learn to ride at night as it is moderately safer than in the day time (as in less idiots riding about from school or the market and mainly people riding home but not in too much of a hurry to die, unlike the school or market runs or weekend racers)
7. IF you can do those things then take a taxi

Sound advice I think

lukereg posted on the thread Pulsa for Internet usage on the Jakarta forum

Bolts getting expensive and less attractive at the moment, I hope that it will become more competitive once 3G is far more consistent across the nations capital and then 4G for many start to work, if they have 4G compatible phones.

lukereg posted on the thread Driving in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

A colleague of mine was recently hit by or hit a car riding home. He ended up with plates in his leg after surgery. He has gone back to England to rest up for a while and tells me he will return.
Happily for him he was wearing a full face helmet which is now scratched and dented and without it I doubt he would have had his chin left or worse.
So if you are riding, wear that full face makes your hair wet with sweat helmet, it looks better on your head than carried on your arm.

lukereg posted on the thread 6.000 Foreigners Deported - No Work Permit on the Indonesia forum

Between January and June apparently but as normal the JP does not reveal all in its news. And is it real news or just filling up the inches in their paper?
What the story does not include is how Indonesia identifies the people being deported. Were they illegal fishermen minus their sunken boat or unwanted refugees or all working in plazas across the country?

End of moan (for now)

lukereg posted on the thread Jokowi - no more KITAS ?? on the Indonesia forum

Sadly Fred, no party time yet as I am far too cynical to just believe that the kitas issue will go away and everything becomes simple out here. It is a great step forward however Mr President has back tracked on things he has said before and nothing came of them. (Removing the fuel subsidy, use of hotels by government, new cars for all) etc. So I am all let's wait and see.
I think most expats out here just want a quick simple process that works as would new people coming here.
Let's hope he sees this through and he sticks to his guns.

lukereg posted on the thread JIS teachers face 15 years prison on the Indonesia forum

Hi Roy, Jeremy is 2 years and 3 months and is just a complete handful. He does not look like a 2 year old and certainly has more developed skills than many children I see. He is fully trained in the use of my Tab and seems to have learnt how to delete email from it. He knows countless words and can sing almost by heart 3 songs and all the dance moves to the wheels on the bus. Its a life changer.

The story with the legalities for teachers with work permits still exists. 6 month Kitas regardless of whether the person has all the current requirements or not. Private language teachers come under a different part of the education system so the rules are more stringent than high schools (in Jakarta so I am told).

The visa thing still is not any easier for other expats. If consultants come here now to work with businesses they need a business visa and then supporting documents if they are planning to work outside the office as well as the entry visa. This applies to 1 day visitors as well. If on a multiple entry visa it is easier, however the paperwork that needs to be submitted is huge.

lukereg posted on the thread Driving in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

I enjoy expats moaning about the traffic here like complaining about it will change anything.
It's bad. It was bad before we got here and it will be the same after we leave. Odd no one complains about the quality of the tap water which is equally likely to cause you serious harm if drank or indulged in, yet we use it everyday.

lukereg posted on the thread JIS teachers face 15 years prison on the Indonesia forum

I am sure the police will defend their actions but I can't see it going back to trial due to the amount of pressure applied by persons unknown. Everyone needs to move on from this and hopefully the law can be revised to prevent another circus from cropping up again .

lukereg posted on the thread JIS teachers face 15 years prison on the Indonesia forum

The cleaners I am sure will be next. The mother is apparently back in Europe hiding and hopefully feeling ashamed.
Makes you wonder who was pulling the strings to get the teachers released.

lukereg posted on the thread Urgent help needed from Germans on the Jakarta forum

A few questions, have you tried on the Singapore Forum as the market there is more western than here? Also have you tried to call Danone in Indonesia to see if they can help?

Milupa is present in Indonesia through through different brand names

Groupe Danone Indonesia

Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera : +62 21 2996 1234
Nutricia Medical Nutrition : +62 21 2996 1234

and maybe they could help further. also seems to have a Milupa or Aptamil as does 21foods … =Singapore … t=milupa++

But how you get that here that bit I dont know.

lukereg posted on the thread Hello moderators on the Indonesia forum

Hi Julien

I am using wifi connections as most of the time I am using a mobile device to access the site. It only started happening recently and I have no idea why, unless its something to do with Chrome and Android (hence the need for an app!).

I have just checked this through my phone and issues so far.

Thank you for replying


lukereg posted on the thread Driving in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

BigAl what makes it worse in Bali, the locals on the island or the tourists thinking that they can ride like the Balinese? I have ridden a lot over Bali and found that the tourists are worse especially with surfboards strapped to the bike and drinking beer as they go. I prefer riding with Indonesians more than surrounded by tourists.

lukereg posted on the thread Bullet Train in Indonesia? on the Jakarta forum

The biggest issue with this project is the land acquisition and the time it takes to sort that out. If they can get past that and the amount of bribes and red tape then I will look forward to riding it. But like the highly publicised Airport train, I think it will just keep getting derailed due to unnecessary paperwork.

lukereg posted on the thread Things that you must Try in Jakarta on the Jakarta forum

Take the tour bus either in the afternoon. They run from 12 and its a limited tour around the city. They are used as normal buses as well. Sunday afternoons are pretty good. But getting a set upstairs can be a challenge.