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If you wish to teach English in Indonesia you need to make sure that you have the necessary teaching qualifications as a minimum and have somewhere offering you a job with sponsorship and happy to pay all the legal fees.
Teachers of English should come from countries where English is the first language and whilst its not impossible for you to get a job it won't be easy. You need to search for ESL teaching jobs Medan in Google or another search engine.

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I have heard now that the kitas issuing has begun again in Tangerang and the rumour is by November it should as it was. Press your husband's employer/agent for information and timelines. It will happen soon now. There seems to be some hope.

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Yep the Kitas issue is far too incomprehensible to understand. I have heard rumours, that the process is starting up again soon but rumours-Indonesia-government-decision-go round in circles-hit head against wall-rumours etc

Hi Lanny, I think the moderators can do this for you, you need to ask them. With so many people looking to 'Aussie' to study/live and work then I think it would be appropriate.

Now I have been told and shown that you can get a working visa in Australia if you are Indonesian with a PBT toefl score. I laughed but it was there in black and white.

Do you know the actual entry level requirement for TOEFL IBT and then whether the law was changed to allow a TOEFL score to be accepted by immigaration ow?

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Kentucky, I am sure the girls would love to meet you in Bali for a meal and drinks and fun if you are paying and at the end of the evening bid them goodnight and pay their taxi fare home, otherwise forget trying to meet anyone here as the ladies on this site are far more savvy and alert to hidden requests than you think.

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Jakarta can make you feel like that but give it time and you will start to settle. Once you have been to a few places and met some people it wony feel so lost to you.
Take it day by day and see how it goes.

Goo luck

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Well my day today started at 5am when my son woke up for food and nappy changing. Then by 6.30 my wife had gone to work and so I spent the next 3 hours with my son, making sure he was fed and washed and having fun.
After dropping him off at the mother in laws I then went to work by bike which took about 40 minutes.
I started work around 11. I planned lessons for my classes today and also held training on teaching younger learners.
I will finish at 9pm due to the nature of my job and the once home. I will eat, read and eventually pass out around midnight.

I am staying in the Mulia over the weekend so that's something to look forward to before getting back at it again next week.

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Lots of apartments in kelapa Fading and expats too. Lots of malls lots of food, lots of cars, lots of floods, lots of hot and I am not a fan as there are not lots of trees but I am sure you will find something there.

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Sure that there is a need to fill this forum up with the same questions before looking for answers. FYI I also offer advice on how to eat with cutlery and also why looking where you are going is a good idea. Tom, what can you teach those who search for advice?

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I echo Roys thoughts, there is nothing to be gained by doing random acts of terrorism towards anyone in Indonesia by ISIS. The UK, USA, anywhere in Europe and Australia sadly would be more likely targets and for ISIS more significant targets.

Indonesia also seems to deal with such threats far more effectively and deliberately than most of the west, without worrying about any fall out and that is a good thing. Terrorists deserve no human rights when they themselves take them from others, so shooting them on the spot seems a very sensible approach and Indonesia does seem to take that approach a lot and I am more than happy with that.