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lukereg posted on the thread Internet speeds on the Indonesia forum

I cant get full 3g where I live. Its a bolt blackspot and first media no go area so speeds here are based not on mbps but pwps (pidgeon wing beats per second).
At work if its not rainy, cloudy, not to sunny, not too hot, no floods and the like then the speeds are almost fast.

I dream of good internet but then I dream of many things. First world problems are a drag.

lukereg posted on the thread Thousand Islands on the Medan forum

Yep know all that and you stayed there a week? A day is enough. Better take the short flight to Bangka or Belitung where the beaches and waters are amazing.

lukereg posted on the thread End year party on the Jakarta forum

I will partying it out with a 19 month old toddler and an exhausted wife who had to work all day. The fun never stops.

lukereg posted on the thread English Teacher on the Medan forum

Simply be from one of the 5 recognised countries where English is the first language spoken hence the need for native teachers, search on google for teaching jobs in Indonesia and see what's available, try your luck with schools and push your CV out to those schools.

But the market is slowing and the rules tightening so ensure you have options.

lukereg posted on the thread Mobile phone with internet on the Indonesia forum

Network 3 is great if the coverage is there, little sms spam and the internet is very fast. 1.25gb for 50k. I have been using it for years and have none of those issues.

lukereg posted on the thread BBM or price subsidized fuel rise up on the Indonesia forum

Roy is correct. Everything is different and so much more of a challenge both financially and personally the further away from cities you go. Whilst the fuel price increase will in the long term help everyone it won't help the people as much as we believe in the more remote places. That does not mean it should not have happened but it means those who are affected by it most should be supported quicker, not those who cry the loudest or strike the most.
Don't forget the food fish water etc comes from the people in the villages and so as Roy said everything will become harder now. People who live on cities can choose what transport to take. In the middle of nowhere there often is no choice.

lukereg posted on the thread BBM or price subsidized fuel rise up on the Indonesia forum

I think it had to be done and there were warnings it was coming from the day he was elected. If he had announced when, then we could have expected the usual round of riots and strikes and protests which would be fruitless and show the world how the workforce misunderstands things.
I use Shell mainly because I dont have to queue and therefore its quick. I think that if the money is put to use as promised then its all for the good. I dont like the cheap fuel. I never have.
I see the problem lying not with the poorer people for whom the subsidy was for and will take what has happened well but those who can afford 1 or 2 expensive cars and the put the cheapest fuel into them which makes no real sense to me.

Dont forget in Jakarta, the minimum wage rises to 2.7 million soon and the free health care cards are reaching all citizens so there is some good as well. My son can now receive free medical and medicine which is helpful.

I expect there will a knock on in the price of food and things but that has been happening regardless and before we all tearing strips from the president, not everything has been explained regarding the rise in the past 10 hours. The president has said he wants to protect the fishermen etc on the islands and I am sure he will be doing something about that as well.

Interestingly no one rioted when the price of cigarettes went up? Yet it is the poor people who smoke them and for 16000 for a packet these are the same price as 2 litres of fuel.... Why was that? Maybe because they just went up in price and it was not announced. Everytime the government announces something will change, out come the flags, the demonstrations, riots and the costs of clearing the mess up and it still changes.  I think the president took a daring and bold step and will reap the rewards in the near future, not yet but he will.

lukereg posted on the thread Looking for friends in Jakarta! on the Jakarta forum

Asif, your details list you in China and it is very dangerous and unwise for anyone to give out numbers in a public forum especially for women. I am sure you know that.

It would politer to introduce yourself and ask the person if you could PM for more information, that way you may make more friends here. Its all about etiquette and correct behaviour thats all.

Have a good day

lukereg posted on the thread Garuda golf centre on the Indonesia forum

Golf was devised by the scots. Still at least their ability for good liquor is better than their sports.

Scotland - Mars bars in Batter, Rain, Loch Ness, Men in skirts, Rab C Nesbit and Trainspotting.....

But to make it even.

Avi from Snatch said this about London  "Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary ******* Poppins... LONDON" - Which is also true

lukereg posted on the thread Garuda golf centre on the Indonesia forum

I would be happy to ensure the 19th hole is well looked after. I do a good passed out by the bar impression free of charge if someone buys the drinks...

lukereg posted on the thread Risks of working without a visa on the Jakarta forum

Sort of like the same people who carry drugs into countries which openly declare the penalty for bringing drugs into their country being death thinking 'it will never happen to me'.

You know, the stupid ones