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lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

No offence taken. The market has always been open to interpretation of the law and how use it to get what was needed. The sudden crack down is not an ideal situation for so many people who come here to work from backpackers to company directors as everyone is receiving the same treatment albeit with differing outcomes. Currently I can't see any end to this kitas issue and I see how it is beginning to impact on people who came here and settled because back then they could and now they are not so sure about what is next. The standards set now by the Indonesian government are very very strict and with a one size fits all it will prevent nearly of all people to come here to work especially when South Korea or Taiwan are easier to gain entry into.
There is still a feeling of hope that this situation will change as this issue has happened before although not for such a long period of time. Personally I have no intention of returning home without exhausting every option but just sometimes it does get become a major worry and the nonsense I have to resolve because of it completely unwarranted or needed.
I can only hope a brighter future for Indonesia results in a more flexible approach to those that want to remain here but are not from here.

lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Its just one big annoying stressful mess. The Indonesian language test is too vague, the rules are contradictory but the country still wants things to go the same for them. The government is reducing the number of countries which need to buy a visa to enter Indonesia as long as this is reciprocal in the welcomed countries. I can't see the UK dropping the visa requirements for Indonesia due to this nor the USA and the fact that Australia is not on the list speak volumes. Clearly there are too many cooks spoiling the soup and far too many mixed messages. To be honest with all this visa restriction, lack of clarity and hard work to get anything sorted here at the moment I am getting to the stage where if it was not for the family I have here I would pack up and go.

lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Sadly no one is in any hurry to sort this out once and for all so I guess we will just keep waiting and holding our breath until something good or bad happens to us all. I know the powers to be are being lobbied to review policies and directives but so far not much can be said to have changed.

lukereg posted on the thread KITAS Processing time... on the Indonesia forum

Toms right. The headache is massive. Even main board directors of leading Japanese companies had to wait 3 months for a kitas being issued even though they were approved by the government of Indonesia.

Strange times

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My pals are here are used by an awful lot of schools in and around Jakarta so parents may ask why they will use the same books. Just an idea, the students I teach and I teach a lot of children under 11 need reading exposure and to practice writing to support their school work better. Why not look at a range of books that encourage reading and the basics of writing?

lukereg posted on the thread KITAS Processing time... on the Indonesia forum

Well currently in a lot of employment sectors Kitas are not being Issued. I would ask your company what is happening and when they think you will recieve the telext to be able to go to an Embassy outside of Indonesia and get the stamp. Even then the Kitas process could take longer than the stamp date. Hopefully this wont happen to you but it has been happening for almost a year on and off.

lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

Thats everything said Fred. The concern is for those that are here already wtih families where the kitas has been stopped or delayed therefore people are working while waiting for kitas renewal. The education industry could end over night of immigration or manpower want to raid schools where they employ expats I guess.
But this lack of movement in processing paperwork is effecting every sector where there are expats working.
As far as I am aware kitas renewal is not happening in Surabaya or very slowly, the whole of Jakarta, tangerang and Bogor for certain classes of individual employees or really very slowly.
Whilst people will decry the working illegal and if get caught serves you right thing, what are people supposed to do when they have been here for years to discover the government has changed or tightened up the rules so much that getting the correct paperwork is almost impossible? Should they just walk away from their obligations?
The new insistence of the rules with previous experience necessary of at least 5 years for terms and conditions which fall far short of South Korea, China or Malaysia will not inspire many people to come and work here. New teachers won't want to come as the requirements are too high, the salary offered to justifiy coming too low and being legal far too uncertain. Exisiting teachers will see out contracts and go and slowly but surely I am seeing and hearing of schools desperately searching or looking to find teachers for international level schools as well as the language schools.
Wall street no longer recruits or advertises expats on billboards as they have all gone. IBT has shrunk and I have heard but can't quantify that some EFs in the country are expat free.
For me,I have to wait and see. Its been a year already since visas stopped being issued and I have technically 4 months left before life gets really hard here for me and my family.

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Just another great example of what is wrong in this country. However, I cant see Aqua ceasing production just yet. Clearly its another way to reduce foreign investment in the country through some less than future thinking rich people who obviously do not drink water or any solution containing treated H20 fit for human consumption and therefore assume no one else needs to drink it either.

lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum


The HIV rule has been around for years but like so so many other rules never enforced. I have had many teachers pass through the doors here and I have only seen 2 medical certificates. But now it seems a necessity.
Interestingly enough my company was already in the process of background checks for all Western and Indonesian staff (teachers to office boys) before the JIS fiasco began and we are still the only ones insisting this to be done. I am now a 'verified employee'. Which sounds nice.

lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

I don't understand the requirement to be HIV free as it is a nonsense rule and was dropped in China as people challenged the morale and human rights issues. And before anyone starts saying it should not be welcome here either, I can't think anyone unlucky enough to be a carrier would want to come here to work anyway.
I guess it is there because the image of teachers in language mills are the historical drunken backpackers who couldn't careless whereas now the western teachers I know and see whilst are settling down with partners and see indonesia as a long term investment.
I have 4 western teachers not including myself and they all have nearly 100% disposable income which is spent in the local community but their time is running out if the kitas process and the strict laws are allowed to remain and not reviewed.
I hope it is sorted out quickly before my options run out as well.

lukereg posted on the thread Changes in Kitas regulations on the Jakarta forum

If its teaching then Degree in English, over 25 years old. 5 years teaching experience and HIV free. Also only from one of indonesias recognised countries that speak English, of which Ireland has been added but not approved.
So if you dont have that then officially you won't get hired. If you are in country and teaching then dont expect a kitas renewal any time soon.

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There are 5 people in our house. We spend 2.4 million on food,  280k on water, up to 600k on Electricity and 300 on cable TV a month.  No Internet connection,  no telephone.  Use bolt but that often won't connect but that is 100k a month.
No car so we use a bike,  the bus or taxi.  Spend around 500k a month on taxis.  2 million on health care.
Eat out every weekend as there is only so much rice I can eat.

My haircut costs less than 20k.  I have a bakso seller, fried chicken sellers, nasi goreng man, tempe ,  tofu, nasi padang seller less than 20 meters away from the gate. There is a coconut store, bike repair shop and a small mini market opposite me. 

If I walk to indomaret then I have access to Atms, airline tickets and beer. The Sari Roti man rides by frequently as does everyone else selling things so I am never hungry, never bored and never in silence.

The security are the neighbours and ojek men at the either end of the street. The street is closed at midnight and the patrol smokes cigarettes and wanders around until 4 am. For that I pay 20k a month. Rubbish collected 3x a week for 10 a month and we give money to street head whenever we are asked.

I am 5 minutes from a Transjakarta bus stop and there are sadly 8 very large malls max 20 minutes away as is Kemang and Kuninghan. I work on the other side of the city and that takes up 40 minutes to get there and 55 to get home. Thats my choice as the wifes family are so close i can almost see their house but it helps with everything else as well and free food.

I couldn't agree more. The over privileged kids I teach often no concept of any form of manual or skilled work and shudder if the concept is mentioned
Vocational skills are often looked down on because the students believe they are above that. I for one dont like that. I also know my son will be given the best education I can provide and I will help to learn more practical skills so he can be more useful than a degree holder in media studies or hospitality.
Most English families I know in England understand the usefulness of academic qualification as well as practical hands on skills. Part time work at college or university helps ground young adults althougg due to the Alphard culture here that just won't happen.
Interestingly enough my company takes on university students who are still studying and we have a great range of individuals who work with us. And once they graduate some remain and there skills, the vocational life ones become very strong.
But I will always maintain the family must direct the child's education and the teachers must support them not the other way round. Hopefully people agree with that sentiment.

Its very hard to reeducate those who went through the Indonesian education system and then had children who were not pushed supported or maybe even taught at school. The issue should always be how to support today's teachers to make today's students stronger. Having those in the class now especially the young ones see how education with benefit can only improve the future.