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lukereg posted on the thread Raids on expatriates homes on the Jakarta forum

Tom, best not go to Jaksa. It's a dump to start with. Immigration won't be visiting Gandaria anytime soon so I will drink there! But a great read.

lukereg posted on the thread Driving in Indonesia on the Indonesia forum

I ride  a motorbike daily through Jakarta and its not really an issue any more for me but thats after 6 years of it.

I agree those that complain should move out of Jakarta and lessen the load here.

I ride with people going to work or working not schools kids or parents on school runs or families on their daily trip to the market so I see a different style of riding  One which is more organised and focused and fairly organised. Cars tend to be very cautious and taxis overall the same. I don't ride with buses too much or Angkots due to my routes I take so its not full of near death experiences however when I do then I slow down and keep a very sharp eye out for everything.

Sometimes the police do a good job and control the traffic but its sporadic and not consistent. They only patrol the roads which are main throughways and so the standard of driving gets worse the further away from main roads you get.

As for accidents, in 6 years I have had one minor bump  and that's it. I have seen fewer than 20 accidents while out and about in the same time but that again is down to the routes I take.

Saying all that, I do feel riding in Jakarta is like being in a big video game where everyone is out to get you. With more clowns behind the wheel than a circus car convention and a if God wants me to die today mentality  taking charge of any vehicle in Jakarta has to be done knowing the risk and the dangers that are out there.

But if I could, then I would be more happy to sit in the back of something and let someone else do the driving.

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I do live in Jakarta and agree with KFH opinions but its my choice so I get on with it and enjoy it. Coming from a small town in the middle of the English countryside, I do miss the silence and not the lack of things to do hence why I prefer Jakarta. I do miss the silence but sometimes when the bikes aren't roaring there is peace and its great.
when the time is right I will move the family out of the city to somewhere less. But thats not today or sometime soon.

As for Phuket, been there, done it. Compare it to Bali. Yes. Both have there beauty but offer different things. Bali mainly shuts after 10 at night which helps keep it less a party island where as Thailand's islands and coastal towns keep on going. If I had to choose then I would choose neither as there are better places in both countries. I prefer the north of Thailand, Chang Mai and Chang Rai than the south and there are so many other places in Indonesia other than Bali that are just as exotic beautiful and worth exploring but I have had great times on Bali and my kids have enjoyed it there too so I will no doubt keep going back.

lukereg posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum

Jakarta has some great bars and clubs and in my opinion better than the ones I experienced in Bangkok and Singapore. There is a huge night scene in the city (if you know where to go) and lots of places to visit after dark.
It is however hard work getting round it and somedays being here but after Bangkok and KL its not that much different really. Bad air, lots of people, lots of street food and traffic just no MRT or integrated public transport. Out of the 3, I would choose here (for my livers sake I think more than anything else)

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If there is someone looking after the property then have them ask the neighbours, I am sure they will be able to recommend someone who can fix any problems

lukereg posted on the thread jakarta life on the Jakarta forum


I dont have time to be more specific so here are some very good sites to explore about Jakarta

lukereg posted on the thread Buying property when we emigrate. on the Bali forum

Whatever happens with housing,  still need to shrewd enough to send in the wife to do the deals before the additional white face tax is applied. As for Alcohol, where there's a will there's  a way. Now where is that mouthwash, I could do with a drink!

lukereg posted on the thread How to find work in bali on the Bali forum

I think we are all looking at this wrong. Finding work in Bali is like Where's Wally. Last time I was there I met someone called Walk but when I asked if  Work was easy to find, Walk told me that Work had left earlier and wouldn't be back for a while.

So my guess is that this question about finding work in Bali is actually about a person who lives there. So Work is in Bali but not easy to find as Work is often away being busy working. I am sure those that have found Work in Bali enjoyed or are enjoying the experience of being around Work and what Work is like when in Bali, also I am sure finding Work is just as hard elsewhere in the country as Work is known to make things hard for those seeking Work.

If you are seeking a Job or Job. The above is the same if you swap Work with Job.

God, I am so bored....

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You should choose court and demand a receipt for anything you hand the police. Especially if its cash. They don't like that. The court option really annoys them as they think the threat of  it is enough to scare people into handing over cash
And of course don't speak indonesian and cry and shriek in your native language but do it outside the car so people can see. If that fails then take the court option.

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When you see locals walking down the street carrying machetes and chain at 2am clearly they are not off to collect firewood, that's not a good time to be seen. Bars are dangerous but only through drunken fighting amongst the patrons.
The worst kind of fear spreading anti happy behaviour is by those with closed minds and open mouths and for now Indonesia seems to be nurturing that in too many places.

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In the 7 years I have lived here I have been pickpocketed on a bus, seen friends attacked in the street, had motorbike helmets stolen from secure parking, watched bags snatched from unsuspecting passengers on motorbikes, offered girls, boys, drugs while on holiday. All of which is petty low level stuff, however it annoys. I also have had my house broken into and everything I held dear stolen including wedding rings, clothes and other things we had got ready (this was a month or so before I got married) to which the police were of no help nor tried to be.
However, despite the amount of crime going on around me I have never felt unsafe in the streets or at night and I have been to some places I should have not been too and dark places they were too and did not feel threatened but not welcome.
I feel Indonesia is a safe place to be as there is less alcohol driven crime and less aggravated crime in the streets which is good but I don't believe that this is from good policing rather well controlled neighbourhoods and communities.
Like everywhere else there are terrorists and haters of all things different to what they know however I know at 11.30pm on a Friday night I could walk through the city and not have to deal with any conflict or aggressive people like back home.
Last time I was in Ubud I was chased by some ducks for being near a rice field. Not sure if the ducks were acting as security or wanted to steal my egg sandwich but that field was left undisturbed that day.

lukereg posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

The last time I came into Jakarta on a VOA it was 470,000 Rupiah and I was given change from 500k. Which then afforded me the 2 bottles of Mizone from  a cheap warung in the car park!!! so instead of being ripped off by immigration, the food stalls now do that out side. Hooray for Indomaret tucked away in the corner.....

lukereg posted on the thread Living in Bali on the Bali forum

Both Islands are idea for a young family. But why Kuta where its just concrete hotels, tourists and t-shirts. There far more interesting places and calmer, less congested places on Bali.

lukereg posted on the thread How to find work in bali on the Bali forum

Fly to Bali. Ask someone a job. Take the job. Work and live in Bali. Get caught by the Police and Immigration. Go to Jail. Pay a lot of money not to be in jail and to be deported. Go back to your home country probably without a reference.

Sounds simple enough.

I would suggest visiting Indonesia as a tourist before upping sticks and moving over. Whilst the Expat areas are all very familiar and dull once outside of those comfort zones, then prepare yourself for a real different way of life and a whole range of new experiences.

See the place as a traveller before you see it as a place to work and I am certain that it will be a far more amazing experience. And really, do you need to visit Bali because its easy? Try Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumatra, Belitung, Sulawesi and everywhere else as well, its worth it.